Seeing Your Life as Questions and Experiments

Life as Experimental Questions Ideas and Trials

Nietzsche says we should live life as an experiment.  Life is a series of experimental questions ideas and trials.  Success and failure are just results of the investigation.  What do you think?

Worldviews and The Problem of Evil Philosophy

The Problem of Evil Philosophy Infects Religion —

The dualistic godhead is the cornerstone concept for Western religion.  But, this kind of theology creates several issues that require circular logic and misdirection to compensate.  See if you can sort out the problem of evil philosophy in Abrahamic religions.

Spiritual Growth and Development Develop Your Consciousness w Spiritual Technologies

The Key to Spiritual Growth and Development

Your consciousness is the foundation of who and what you are.  You’ll need to learn the key to spiritual growth and development to maximize your potential.   Want to see how consciousness and your spiritual development are connected?

what is spiritual exploration

Is Spiritual Exploration in Your Future?

Many people are interested in spirituality, the mystical aspects of life.   There are two primary choices in this arena, following a religion or going on your own.   See why this latter approach we call spiritual exploration is better than joining a religion.