Why We Need Time to Contemplate the Value

The Value of Solitude — Time to Contemplate

It is vital to take time to daydream, think, and contemplate. It gives our intuition time and space to speak to us. However, many modern cultures do not see the value of solitude.  See why it’s essential.

The Key to Inner Healing and Freedom

The Key to Inner Healing and Freedom

What’s more important, the source of healing or the result?  The pandemic brings clarity to the issue.  It also shows us the importance of both physical and spiritual healing.  Proper treatment is the key to inner healing and freedom.

Your Advanced Guide to Forest Bathing or forest bathing guide

Your Complete Forest Bathing Guide —

Forest bathing is a process that combines mindfulness meditation with nature.  It is an easy process to connect us with nature and unlock its healing properties.

Who Profits From The Creation of Evil and the Problem of Evil

Who Profits From The Creation of Evil?

An evil entity or devil is a cornerstone concept for belief systems with a dualistic framework.  It presents some theological issues that require circular logic and misdirection to compensate.  Examine the problems with the creation of an evil protagonist.