Symbol of the Mystical Journey

Your Life Can Be a Beautiful Symbol of the Mystical Journey

What is a mystical journey?  Does this type of quest seem interesting? It’s what Joseph Campbell calls The Hero’s Journey.  Are you ready to begin?

A quest is the search for something valuable. The inner quest is the search to find answers to the most important questions about life.  Our psyche is the ultimate frontier of exploration. Many ancient traditions sought ways to venture the depths of consciousness. Joseph Campbell found a pattern for this quest in many ancient cultures. He calls this adventure the Hero’s Journey.

What is a Mystical Journey?

Mr. Campbell discovered that the pattern (1) of this inner quest begins with following the voice of your intuition, prompting you to seek something beyond the ordinary.  Many sages tell us this is the first sign of awakening from being spiritually asleep.

“The hero’s journey always begins with the call.” ― Joseph Campbell

It is a cyclical process, starting with an awakening to the call to begin this inward journey.  As we embark on this quest and awaken, we begin the transformation process.  We open our spiritual gifts.  These inner gifts inspire us to share and help others.  We awaken a little more, and the process starts over again.

This cycle involves every aspect of our mind, body, and spirit.  That’s it! That’s when your life becomes a beautiful symbol of the mystical journey.

We use the above quote from Joseph Campbell to start every new group. We encourage you to use this quote, and it is the spark igniting this journey for many spiritual explorers.  No one can tell you what this mystical path holds for you. You’ll need to travel this journey to find out for yourself.

Mystics tell us the purpose of life is to create your own path, your mystical quest or journey. The problem is, religion confuses this quest with dogma. Organized Religion use myth to replace the authentic spiritual journey.  But the mystical quest is really about exploring consciousness. It has nothing to do with following a religion.

Your Mystical Journey Begins

What is a Mystical Journey Your Mystical Journey


The Hero’s Journey is a pattern at the heart of many spiritual traditions.  They may have different characters but contain many of the same core elements.  It resonates with us because we are born to seek the unknown.

This pattern is not a religion.  It’s the common structure of the spiritual path that takes us on an adventure to realize our full potential.

We are explorers at heart.  This inner journey reflects our nature—this is the call of your mystical journey.

There are three phases to this universal pattern.  We’ll also find this cyclical pattern in our own lives if we look.  Knowing where you are in this process is helpful. It’s a way of pinpointing the right actions to get you to the next phase in the cycle.  This pattern cycles repeat over and over, again and again.  If you use a spiritual journal, you’ll find this pattern etched in the history of your life.

“The inner quest is the call of the Universe whispering, seek me, let me show you the way.” ― Guru Tua

This story has three main phases that intertwine and overlap. If we are perceptive, we can see these phases in our own lives.  Again, these three phases are awakening, transforming, and inspiring:

  • We awaken by using tools to explore awareness.  Learning the basics is the platform for many similar processes and advanced techniques.
  • Our Transformation and personal illumination come as we overcome the obstacles on the path.  Hence, we better understand ourselves and the Universe as we employ more powerful tools. We enrich our learning as we walk alongside and help others.
  • Inspiring others is a natural part of personal growth.  Therefore, we become teachers of others and ourselves.  As we learn more, we can assist others.  We gain confidence in our path as we overcome obstacles or find ways around them.  When we are inspired, it leads to greater awareness and awakening.  So, the cycle begins again.

Your Mystical Journey is the Hero’s Journey

Many people are curious about the unknown.  They seek answers about who and what they are.  Why are we here?  These questions are the impetus for the exploration of our consciousness.   And that brings us to the inner quest.

Teachers can provide you with tools, but you must find your own answers.  The structure of our journey may have similar elements, but the obstacles on the path are different for everyone.

This brings us back to one of our original questions.

  • What is a mystical journey, and what does it mean to you?
  • Is this quest only philosophical and theoretical or is as tangible and real?
  • Do you see this journey as an adventure, or do you have reservations about it?
  • Is your interest based on the need to fulfill religious obligations, or is it curiosity?
  • Do you have some type of plan for your spiritual practice?
  • Do you have friends who have the same interests?

Religion Usurps the Symbol of the Mystical Journey

Do you don’t need to join a religion, or believe in an imaginary friend to use processes?  All you need to do is follow the steps in the procedure and you get results.  Organized religion likes to assimilate everything that has a spiritual connotation.  It is the same thing here with the terms journey and quest.

Fact is, organized religion is not a mystical or spiritual quest.  It is belief in myths and superstition.  The inner quest is about exploring consciousness, not pretending in the existence of an imaginary friend.  So, those who follow a religion are not a symbol of the mystical journey, but of religious hypnosis.

Let’s look at the three phases of the process which involve this quest.

The Three Phases of the Journey

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms ― A Choice of Paths

The Awakening

The first step of the inner quest is to awaken.  It helps provide answers to many of the questions about this quest.   To do this, we begin with establishing a platform of mutual trust and communication. We use several individual and group exercises.

Awakening is all about learning to use the tools for investigating our consciousness.  The tools are the common threads which build communities.  Our path may be unique, but that doesn’t mean we need to walk alone.  Sharing and learning from others is an essential part of growth and will provide experience to help you answer the question, what is a mystical journey?

The Enneagram is one of the primary tools which teaches us about personality and instinct.  It helps us to understand these are necessary tools of the Ego which connect consciousness to our bodies.

We learn practical tactics and shortcuts.  For example, we show how to implement many best practices, such as using a journal or book of shadows to record experience, since incremental growth is challenging to spot.  Also, teach practical techniques about using smartphone reminders to create positive habits.  We learn how to apply logical reasoning and our intuition in our quest.

This phase’s core includes the fundamentals of seated and moving meditation progressions.  These are awakening processes that expand awareness.  Sound and vibration play an essential element in the experiential side.  Here we use the singing bowl and drum. These exercises unveil our innate gifts and unique qualities, enabling participants to become co-facilitators and ready to co-facilitate the next phase.

Awakening is a continual process of the hero’s journey.  As long as you learn and grow, there will always be more to know. Awakening is the authentic symbol of the mystical journey.


become a beautiful butterfly the lesson of the butterfly story becoming a butterfly

In the second phase, participants co-facilitate a deep-dive learning experience.  It includes several powerful consciousness-expanding and mind-body integration tools. A weekend retreat is an ideal format for this phase, but virtual weekends also work.

We hold these weekend retreats at many resorts.  Getting away from the everyday routines and distractions gives us time to focus provides the best learning outcomes.  Participants need time to practice what they learn and make these tools their own.

We can also duplicate the weekend’s separation experience through day-long virtual learning camps.  It has the benefit of including participants from other regions or even countries. We began using this format in early 2017.  With the pandemic, this has been the standard format.

Each technology in the learning sequence builds upon one another. The synergistic effect of learning these technologies back to back provides an extraordinary experience on several levels.

These spiritual technologies include advanced practices and elements of the eightfold path of Yoga, such as elements of Dhyana, Pratyahara, Pranayama, Asana, and Japa Meditation. Other moving methods include Qigong, Tai Chi, and Tai Kek.

Natural healing modalities like Reiki and Pejut are probably the hardest to teach with the virtual experience.  If there are at least two participants at the location, we can make it work.  Otherwise, they can do some techniques with a roller or Yoga block.

Preparation for Kundalini and third eye activation are also a part of this phase.  The community-building aspect of the weekend event is a powerful experience, and it also provides the foundation for the next stage.  Learning these technologies and building community are transforming.  When you are experiencing positive growth, this too as a symbol of the mystical journey.


The last phase is the inspiration of yourself and others. It is a natural evolution in the growth process.   When we help and inspire others, we also grow.  If we run into roadblocks, others will help and inspire us to break through them.

By this point, we have gained practical knowledge and experienced some level of transformation.  Now it is time to shift our focus to other people.  To grow their knowledge, participants meet to share and help one another.

They learn spiritual practices can bring up obstacles preventing their growth, providing learning and sharing opportunities for everyone.  By inspiring and transforming others, they also learn a lot about themselves.  It reveals new gifts.  They learn to seek help and help to develop their unique routines based on their special life situations.  And this leads to further awakening as we discover other aspects of our infinite nature.


We encourage you to embark on your own Hero’s Journey.  Your life is a mystical journey, and the inner quest will fulfill the need that religion cannot.  You will walk your path, but you don’t always need to walk alone.  You can join others in a diverse community spread across the globe.   If this call resonates with you, find the proper sources to give you the tools described above.


(1) Joseph Campbell’s book:

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