Seven Levels of Consciousness And The Best Tools For Personal Growth

Seven Levels of Consciousness And The Best Tools For Personal Growth

Are you committed to spiritual and personal growth?  Your ability to succeed depends upon your level of consciousness and awareness.  We have collected the best tools for personal growth and spiritual development.  Use these tools to create or augment your personal development plan.

If you want to grow as a person, you need goals and tools for self-development. Intellectual and spiritual development go hand in hand. Let’s look at the most effective tools for enhancing awareness and consciousness. We call these methods “spiritual technologies.”  We’ll explain these and show you the best tools for personal growth.

The Keys to Spiritual Growth

One way to measure consciousness is by the level of awareness.

“In the history of the collective as in the history of the individual, everything depends on the development of consciousness.” — Carl Jung

The analogy of the computer is one way to explain how awareness relates to consciousness.  Our awareness is the computer, and consciousness is the internet connection.   The internet is our spirit or soul.

You can have a fast computer but cannot access information on the Internet if your internet connection is slow. A fast internet connection maximizes the computer’s potential. So, being aware depends on higher states of consciousness.

The Seven Levels of Consciousness

Consciousness is not like a light switch, which is either on or off.  If consciousness is off, you are no longer alive.  Instead, consciousness is a wavelength of energy that can increase and decrease.  This wavelength of energy determines our level of awareness.  We can have consciousness but not be aware of our bodies.  Consciousness is not confined to the body, which means our awareness is also not confined to the body.

Dreaming is an example of awareness and consciousness apart from the physical body.  The bottom line is that the seven levels of consciousness and awareness are not static.  A number of things can cause a shift in levels of awareness.

1.  The First Level — Chemically Induced Coma or Suspended Animation

The first level of consciousness is a coma. Physicians use compounds that lower our level of consciousness. Anesthetics make it possible for them to operate without our awareness of pain. You can achieve a state of suspended animation by injecting ice-cold saline, which will reduce life signs. With this method, heart rate and respiration can be reduced to almost zero.

2.  The Second Level — Controlling Body Function with the Mind

The second level is consciousness altered by the mind using forms of meditation.  One example is Japa Meditation, which enables us to reach the 4th state of pure consciousness.  In this state, heart rate and respiration can be nearly zero.  It is accomplished with full awareness and control, unlike chemically induced states.

3.  The Third Level — Distorted Awareness

Consciousness and awareness can be distorted, which reduces the ability to reason.  The use of alcohol and drugs is a popular way to distort consciousness in a pleasurable way.  Consciousness can be distorted by hypnosis or magical thinking.  Both of these methods can alter the programming of our values and beliefs.  Here, greed and selfishness dominate thinking.  Magical thinking has a detrimental effect on spiritual growth and personal development.  We see this distorted thinking in extremist ideologies based on prejudice and bias.  Propaganda is another mind-changing stimulus that results in distorted thinking.

4.  The Fourth Level — Awakening

Awakening is the opposite of distorted awareness.  When we begin the awakening process, we become aware of the value of others and other things.  It is the state where we start to see we are part of the whole.  It is the fourth of the seven levels of consciousness and awareness.  It’s the key to perception.  The fourth level helps us see through the distortions of the cultural narrative.

5.  The Fifth Level — Integration 

The next step is the integration of the Observer into our default states.  It’s one of the essential keys to spiritual growth and personal development.  It is not a philosophical but a physiological change.  Here, the bandwidth or wavelength of consciousness is more balanced and less chaotic.  One experiences the “self” as a separate but integrated part of our consciousness.  This fifth level is the first of the higher states of consciousness.  Some see this as self-actualization when you realize the potential of awareness.

6.  The Sixth Level — Moving Beyond Self

Selflessness is the state in which you value the needs of others above your own.  It is the point at which self-awareness expands to social awareness.  Many people we call activists operate with this mindset.

7.  The Seventh Level — Enlightenment

We term enlightened the second phase of the higher states of awareness.  To be enlightened is to have the knowledge and understanding of self and reality.  It is the ability to move beyond harmful social constructs.  Religion and commercialism are unmasked and no longer necessary.  Here, integration is complete.  The individual possesses the nine virtues of the spirit.

Enlightenment is like standing on a mountain and seeing the landscape of life in all its beauty.  The last of the seven levels of consciousness is the ability to move to different states at will.

The Best Tools For Personal Growth and Development

consciousness and awareness keys to spiritual growth

Tools for personal development are what we call spiritual technologies.  They are processes that open the doors of consciousness and awareness.  Using a process does not require adopting religious beliefs or joining a religion.   These methods are the keys to spiritual growth and personal development.

For a process to be valid, it must fulfill certain characteristics.

— The process or method must be repeatable.
— Produce consistent results for many people.
— Results produce physiological changes that can be measured.

We place these methods into four groups:

— Rational Thinking Methods.
— Seated and Moving Meditation.
— Techniques to Expand Awareness.
— Natural Healing Modalities

Analytical Thinking Tools and Methods

Are you tired of getting lost in a maze of conflicting information and beliefs?  Fear not!  We have just the right tools to equip the spiritual explorer.  These are the analytical tools you need to navigate through the modern world.

The first tool we recommend all spiritual explorers learn is critical thinking skills.  Investment in enhancing your analytical abilities will pay huge dividends.  Analytical thinking skills in spirituality may seem out of place, but these tools are the keys to personal growth.

The clarity of our thinking depends upon our ability to weigh the facts.  These analytical tools are a must.  They are the foundation of intellectual development.  It helps you choose your pathway instead of becoming a follower.

Logical Thinking

Logic is a way of thinking which uses guidelines to ensure the highest degree of validity.  In short, it is common sense.   Logic is a tool you will use every day.   They are a necessity for those involved in spiritual practice.  They are the keys to spiritual growth and the seven levels of consciousness and awareness.

Logical and Rational Thinking Skills

Rational thinking is a method of approaching a subject with reason and logic.  Rational and logical thinking is the counterpoint to irrational thinking.  Irrational thinking is inconsistent and is not supported by facts.  Learning how to spot irrational arguments is an asset in our modern world.  You won’t fall for false or unsupported claims.

The Spiritual Axioms

A spiritual axiom is a premise or formula that helps us reveal the truth.  These are some of the best tools for personal growth because they help you avoid deception.  They are essentially logical parables.  With these tools, you can reveal the hidden motives behind spiritual schemes.

There are twelve spiritual axioms to help you avoid deception.  Use them as a theme for each month of the year, which keeps them fresh.  You’ll be surprised how often one of these will come in handy.

Tools For Spotting Logical Fallacies

This module lists the most commonly used fallacies used by con artists.  Sadly, these fallacies show up more and more.  They are especially popular for cult leaders in religion and politics.   It shows how they twist logic to promote false ideas.  Spotting these false arguments protects your levels of consciousness and awareness from contamination.

Comparative Analysis — Comparative Religious Study

Comparative Analysis is a step-by-step method of comparative religious study.  This tool for personal growth helps us understand the roots of our beliefs.  It shows us the similarities of most beliefs in many cultures.

You can compare your worldview and core beliefs to gain perspective.  Using these tools enables you to develop a map of your core values.  You can use this process alone or in a group setting.  We highly recommend you go to the public library, where you can access a wide variety of resources.

The Enneagram Profile System

The Enneagram is a powerful psychological tool.  It has a rich history that pre-dates modern psychology.  It is a psychometric tool which uses a questionnaire to gather information.  Then, the system can render profiles for personality and instinct.  Understanding your default personality is one of the keys to spiritual growth.  Your intellectual development depends on understanding how your mind works.

The questionnaire is only the beginning of the system.  The Enneagram describes why we think what we think based on the script of our personality.   It reveals the psychic structures of the mind, which helps us to decipher the mechanisms of the Ego.  This system uses “easy-to-understand language.”  So, you don’t need to be a mental health professional to understand it.

Modern psychology uses many of the concepts found in the Enneagram tradition.  The pioneers of psychology use it as a source of their understanding of the psyche.  Freud and Jung refer to the Enneagram in their work, either directly or indirectly.  Clinicians use this tool to help people with issues such as addiction.  Many spiritual teachers consider it one of the best tools for personal growth.

We see the philosophy and structure used in Jungian psychology.  It mirrors the structure of the nine personality types of the Enneagram.  Jung calls them the nine processes of consciousness.

Forms of Seated and Moving Meditation

When you mention spiritual practice, most people think about sitting in meditation.  If you ask, what are spiritual technologies?  They will tell you it’s some form of meditation.

Meditation is an ancient group of processes that direct the focus of the mind.  There are seated and moving forms of meditation.  These basic tools of the mind may use mantras, sutras, and affirmations.  The benefits of meditation are well documented.  Some forms are easy enough for a five-year-old child to learn.

Seated Forms of Meditation

For many people, seated meditation is the heart of their health and spiritual practice.  There are well over one hundred different kinds of meditation.  You can start meditating today.  There is a simple two-step form to the very complex using mantras and sutras together.  There’s a form of meditation for every level.   Other more advanced techniques are built on this foundation.  These include Mindfulness Meditation, Japa, or Transcendental Meditation (TM), the Siddhis.

Moving Forms of Meditation

Moving meditation is a way to bring the peace of the transcendent into motion.  It promotes self-awareness and the ability to expand awareness.  Here, you learn to hold the transcendent while also focusing outward.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony, Tai Chi, and Silat are forms of moving meditation.  Forms of the Shamanic Journey also involve moving and dancing to induce deeper trance states.

Moving meditation improves the mind-body connection.  Grounding is another aspect of moving meditation.  Grounding is a technique that helps us connect with our source and with nature.  You’ll find grounding is the basis of methods like Sun Gazing, Forest Bathing, and Tree Grounding.

Consciousness and Awareness Expanding Tools

Expanding awareness enhances many capabilities of the mind.  It increases analytical thinking, memory, and perception.  These tools will take your spiritual growth and development to the next level.

Third-Eye Awakening Process

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the veil of reality?  The third-eye awakening technique holds the key!  With this tool, we delve into the realm of chakra energy.  We use visualization and sound to connect with our inner eye.  This ancient method will enhance your intuition and perception.

The Automatic Handwriting Method

Imagine tapping into an infinite well of knowledge residing within you.  Automatic writing allows us to do just that!  In this technique, we learn how to connect with our subconscious mind and let it guide our pen.  Unleash your creativity and discover the profound wisdom that lies within your being.

Methods for Delving Into Memory

Our memories shape who we are, but what if we could enhance them?  Delve into the processes for exploring memory.  Learn how to turn down the emotional volume on traumatic experiences and improve your recall abilities.

Learning How to Learn

Have you ever struggled to retain information?  Fear no more!  The Memory Palace technique, also known as the Method of Loci, is a unique way to improve your memory.  This ancient Greek technique will revolutionize the way you absorb knowledge.

The Wild Lucid Dreaming Technique

Have you ever wanted to control your dreams and actively participate in them?  Lucid dreaming provides a gateway to the world of boundless imagination and self-discovery.  Awaken the power to control your dreams.  Learn how to tap into your subconscious mind like never before.  You increase the bandwidth of awareness while you sleep.

The Ancient Shamanic Journey

Step into the shoes of our ancient ancestors.  The shamanic journey allows us to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness.  Discover the rituals, drumming techniques, and visualization exercises that change awareness.  Connect with spirit guides, access higher realms, and awaken our inner wisdom.  It’s one of the most practiced methods on the planet.  Many believe it is one of the essential keys to spiritual growth.

It’s a process found in all corners of the indigenous world.  It creates an altered state in an imaginary landscape, revealing typologies of your psyche.  Each culture has a unique version that uses rhythm and creative visualization.  For example, the Aboriginal Dreamtime is one of the most unique forms.  Some claim it is one of the ancient ways of astral projection and time travel.

The Shamanic Journey Script has become mainstream.  Modern versions of this tool strip it of its cultural heritage, which can reduce the effectiveness of the process.  The heritage contains keys to the symbolism of the mind and the different levels of consciousness and awareness.  These symbols and typologies are instrumental in helping us overcome obstacles.

Natural Healing Techniques and Modalities

Healing is one of the first social practices of humankind.  Natural healing methods are the basis of modern medicine and pharmacology.

Healing by Touch

Are you familiar with the Japanese healing technique known as Reiki?  What about the earlier Indonesian form, Petjut?  These tools use massage to transfer healing energy.  By channeling energy, these massage methods restore balance.  They promote relaxation and support overall physical and emotional healing.

Aroma Therapy

Have you ever experienced a sudden surge of happiness when smelling a delightful fragrance?  Aromatherapy taps into the power of scents to promote emotional and physical well-being.  Essential oils extracted from plants can alleviate stress, enhance focus, and relieve headaches.  They can even boost your immune system.

Music and Sound for Healing

Can you feel the vibration of music resonating deep within your soul?  Sound therapy utilizes various frequencies to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.  From calming nature sounds to harmonic tones, sound is a tool used in many settings to produce a calming environment.  Crystal bowls and other sound therapies restore emotional balance and relieve anxiety.  It is a tool to enhance meditation and other spiritual practices like Yoga.

The Origins of Pharasecutals

Herbs have long been used for their medicinal and healing properties.  Herbalism involves using plants and their extracts to enhance overall well-being.  Explore the wonders of herbal remedies and incorporate them into your daily routine for optimal health.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine.  It focuses on achieving optimal health by balancing the mind, body, and spirit.  Ayurveda addresses the root cause of ailments.  It uses diet, herbal remedies, and lifestyle practices.  It promotes wellness and a holistic approach to healing.

Being Committed to Spiritual Growth and Development

As we increase the capacity of consciousness, we increase awareness.  We are strengthening the link between the brain and the Observer.  The Observer of our experience is our spiritual essence and identity.

The more we meditate regularly, the more we bring the power of silence into our awareness.  It puts us in touch with our intuition and other latent spiritual gifts.  It increases our ability to use common sense and rational thinking.  Our consciousness is engineered and designed to access higher states of consciousness.  All we need are the tools to develop the bandwidth of consciousness.

“The growth of the mind is the widening of the range of consciousness, and… each step forward has been a most painful and laborious achievement.” — Carl Jung

You can find similar processes for exploring consciousness around the world.   They use similar themes to describe this spiritual journey.   Joseph Campbell (1) identified this pattern at the heart of many religions.  This pattern is present in many popular contemporary stories like Star Wars and Avatar.  He calls this pattern the Hero’s Journey.

Everyone has some spiritual gifts sleeping in their DNA.  The process of awakening them will change your life.  It sets your spiritual walk into motion.  It opens our minds to new ideas and expands our awareness.  You are in the right place if you want to know how to develop your consciousness.  We have some tools for you.

Conclusion on the Seven Levels of Consciousness and Awareness

The list of tools in this article are excellent methods for exploring consciousness.  You can learn many of them by following the links in this article.  They each have a way of opening your spiritual gifts.

If you are beginning your journey, start with the two-step meditation.  Critical thinking and creating a memory palace are also essential.  Don’t get stuck in a religion.  Instead, create your own path using tools to expand awareness.  Making your own path is the key to spiritual growth.


(1) Joseph Campbell’s book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Wikipedia