Learn How to Raise Your Vibration Spiritual Frequencies and Vibrations

How to Raise Your Vibration — Spiritual Frequencies and Vibrations

Would you like to increase your vibrational frequency? If so, we should learn how to raise your vibration. Come and see how.

The word vibration comes from the Latin’ vibrātiō,’ which means to shake. This concept comes from physics, which describes vibration as energy in motion. Energy creates a wave that you can measure, and every wave of energy has specific wavelengths we call frequency. The term spiritual refers to the soul, the spirit, which we equate today as consciousness, so vibration is one way to measure consciousness. Wow!

Spiritual Frequencies and Vibrations

We can apply the above understanding to all matter, since all matter has a vibrational signature, it means all matter is consciousness. It also means all matter is spiritual in nature. The universe is a diverse mix of spiritual frequencies and vibrations. Think about that for a moment.

We can see the frequency of light when it passes through a prism. These different frequencies appear as different colors. Another way we can see vibration and frequency change is by throwing a rock in a pond of water. The wave of energy radiates outward. As the wave moves away from the source, it loses power, and we can see the wavelength change and become longer.

We can use a common medical device, an EEG, to measure our vibrational signature. Some believe we can measure the energy field called the aura with Kirlian Photography (KP). KP is a method that captures a person’s energy outline, which is called a coronal electrical signature.

This method was discovered by accident in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian. He was repairing lab equipment when he saw a flash of light at a high frequency from an electrotherapy device.

Why Raise Your Vibration?

How to Raise Your Vibration Spiritual Frequencies and Vibrations

Spiritual frequencies and vibrations are the signs of life. If you want more life, you need to learn how to do it. Many things affect our vibrational signature. Top on the list is our physical and mental health. (1) Our environment impacts our mental and physical health, which also has a huge impact on our spiritual vibration frequency. Some equate this with attitude, but this is too superficial. Our attitude is a facade or effect that can conceal our true state of mind. We can tell when someone is faking a smile.

There are many ways to make lasting positive changes in awareness. Something as basic as the study of math will increase your analytical abilities. Most people can relate to the Eureka breakthrough experience when they learn to solve a math problem. This sparks the growth in analytical ability. Have you experienced this?

When we increase awareness, we also increase the overall ability of the mind, and we can see and measure these changes. These changes show up as an increase in memory recall and analytical and physical abilities.

These changes are concrete, not pretending or making-believe. Also, the use of methods that expand awareness raises the frequency of consciousness.

You can use various methods to raise your vibrational frequency. So, do something that will make a concrete, permanent change.

Pretending you are happy doesn’t really make you happy.   Putting on an attitude of superiority, using spiritual terms, and wearing religious clothing won’t change your vibration or make you a better person.   Most people can see this is fake. You can attempt to change your attitude by forcing yourself to smile, but this is only a temporary fix. What you need is a consistent day-to-day process that improves your mind, body, and spirit.

Everyone can learn and become healthier. It often takes inner work. Our minds reflect our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Don’t be afraid to start your spiritual journey. It is the path to a healthier you.

Learning How to Raise Your Vibration

Next, let’s discuss some of the practical spiritual methods you can use to increase or raise your vibrational frequency. Think of these processes like baking a cake. You need to put the right ingredients in the correct order. Follow the steps in the order given, and you’ll get results. These elements will help you align and increase your overall health and wellness.

Our design requires a particular environment to survive. Our planet has a specific vibrational signature, 7.83hz. Many ancient cultures knew about aligning with this energy, which makes a global pattern through what we call ley lines. When our planet is healthy, it is easier to be healthy. Aligning with the earth makes us feel better.

1. Assess Health and Determine Your Vibrational Frequency

Create a plan of action that’s right for you. You want to reach and maintain the optimum level of health, so we recommend a holistic goal, such as increasing your durability. Life is a long-distance event. The healthier you are, the more options you have in life. We recommend doing this assessment regularly. Make it a part of your spiritual practice.

Don’t skip this step. If you want to learn how to raise your vibration, you need to know what you need most. This assessment will reveal the things you need to stop and what you need to start. Now, you have a plan to raise your spiritual frequencies and vibrations!

your durability should be the whole health goal

2. Find the Right Mix of Health Elements

After you determine your vibrational frequency, you know the things you need to work on the most. Use the proper blend of the nine essential ingredients for a healthy spiritual practice. Each element affects others. So, you need to find the content and mix that’s right for you. Finding the right mix takes time, but the right balance is essential.

Let the information from your assessment be your blueprint. Many people find that making slight adjustments in these nine ingredients is the key. The simplest things can have an enormous impact.

For example, setting a specific time to sleep can stabilize your circadian rhythm, a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. This repeats roughly every 24 hours. When we stabilize this rhythm, we sleep better and are more refreshed.

3. Use The Enneagram of Personality Profile

Next is the Enneagram. It is a powerful tool of cognitive science. The system uses questionnaires to identify your personality and instinct types. But learning your type is only the beginning. It will help you reveal the hidden thought scripts that are hindering your growth. This system uses plain language, so it is easy for anyone to use. Yet, it is deep enough for clinicians.

4. Virtues of the Spirit

what are the virtues of the spirit your soul path cultivating spiritual virtues

Learning how to access the higher virtues of the spirit is how to raise your vibration and spiritual awareness simultaneously. Beware. They will open your eyes to several things, both internal and external. It will cause a shift in awareness and growth of conscience. The world needs more people living from this aspect of intent instead of out of habit.

A major shift in your awareness will change your spiritual frequencies and vibrations. These are the kinds of positive changes the world needs.

5. Learn to Meditate

If you don’t know why you should meditate, learn about its benefits. The simple two-step beginning meditation method is available to anyone. You can learn it now.

Then, learn and use the basic two-step meditation method. It will reduce stress, which is good for your overall health and wellness. The more you meditate, the more grounded you become, preparing you for advanced processes like the third eye activation method.

6. Enhance Your Critical Thinking Skills

Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising your body, maybe even more so. Enhancing your critical thinking skills will help you make better decisions. Studies show (2) that when you use common sense and reasoning, your awareness expands. Despite what some religions teach, thinking is good for you. Yes, the ability to reason with common sense is part of a healthy spiritual practice. If you learn to spot facts from fiction, you won’t get sidetracked into religion.

We’ve put together a suite of tools. Some think of them as short online books on critical thinking. These tools include Logical Reasoning, Spotting 10 Logical Fallacies, and the Spiritual Axioms.

Comparative Analysis is a systematic approach to comparative religious study based on the scientific model. It’s a method that compares ideas and beliefs from different worldviews. And, yes. It is a critical thinking skill that can change your entire outlook on life. Mark these articles in your favorites so you can return to them to refresh your skills.

7. Question The Cultural Programming

Next, assess the programming of your cultural narrative. It’s the negative bias and prejudice you find in organized religion. These harmful ideas color your perception and hinder a healthy mind. The programming from religious indoctrination will overcome all the positive work you do. Above all, learn to question the cultural narrative and avoid organized religion.

You can’t live anywhere on the planet and not be subject to this programming. It comes in a variety of forms of groupthink manipulation. It is prevalent in religions and politics that have extremist points of view.

Once you identify the negative programming, you can fit it. The first step is to remove the harmful scripts. Removing these habitual patterns isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

8. Reprogram Self-Talk

Finally, you are ready to reprogram and raise your thoughts and body frequency. Resist the urge to jump to this step before completing the previous work. Here again, the Enneagram of Personality system is an excellent tool. This process uses the “repeating question” technique. You can also use the repeating question method to find the programming that comes from our cultural narrative.

Then, we can reprogram negative self-talk and replace it with positive affirmations and healthy thinking scripts. There is a specific process for the operation of cosmic law. Reprograming negative self-talk is how to raise your vibration by removing negative obstacles.

Don’t use affirmations before you’ve corrected the underlying programming. Otherwise, they will be ineffective. It’s impossible to plant positive seeds in poor soil and expect them to bear fruit. Negative thoughts and beliefs will drown out any affirmation before they can grow.

In Conclusion

If you follow the steps above, it will open up a whole new perception level. Follow the steps in the eight best ways to raise your vibration. Don’t skip steps, and you’ll get there. You’ll find these steps are also a part of what we call spiritual exploration. You can do this!


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