The inner quest is the application of methods for exploring, healing, and developing body, mind, and spirit.  It fulfills a deep inner desire to see what lies beyond the surface.

The Inner Quest

Are you curious about the limits of awareness?  Are you drawn to investigate the unknown?  Do you have the desire to explore the depths of consciousness, your essence, your spirituality?

If this inner quest resonates with you, then you’ve probably heard the call, too.  Joseph Campbell calls this path of inquiry The Hero’s Journey.   This journey begins with the desire to “know.” It is an inward journey.  It is a dive into the unknown waters of consciousness.   It’s the quest to know the unknown.

Mr. Campbell did extensive research on spiritual practices and paths of cultures around the globe.  He discovered a similar pattern of how a spiritual explorer, the hero, goes through the same trials in their journey.  You can spot this pattern in the life of many stories, from Buddha and Jesus of the New Testament to the movies like Avatar and Star Wars.  You can learn more about this pattern in his books, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, The Power of Myth, and The Inner Reaches of Outer Space.

We have all heard it, too.  And we will walk with you and help you develop your path. We invite you to learn more about using this typology in our blended learning process.  It’s a process that enables us to teach several technologies for exploring consciousness, and we can tailor it to any level of experience.  Check out our virtual learning options.