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The Key to Spiritual Growth and Development

Your consciousness is the foundation of who and what you are.  You’ll need to learn the key to spiritual growth and development to maximize your potential.   Want to see how consciousness and your spiritual development are connected?

How to Develop Your Consciousness

The concept of the Eastern mind helps us understand the processes which increase the bandwidth of consciousness.  The Eastern mind includes the machine of the brain, and the curious element which observes our experience.  Many traditions call this aspect of awareness the observer, the spirit, or the soul.  It’s the instrument which connects the physical brain to the observer is consciousness.  The tools used for developing our potential are spiritual technologies.

“In the history of the collective as in the history of the individual, everything depends on the development of consciousness.” — Carl Jung

The analogy of the computer and the internet explains the relationship of consciousness and the mind.  You can have a fast computer but you won’t be able to access the information available if your internet connection is slow.  It’s a fast internet connection that maximizes the potential of both your computer and the information available.  Your consciousness is the internet connection of the mind.

So, we want to know how to develop our consciousness.  This will enable us to maximize our full potential.  Consciousness has some interesting properties.  We can measure consciousness to some extent.  We can use an electroencephalogram (EEG)(1) to measure electrical activity in your brain.  Electrical activity is the way we can measure consciousness.

We create specific brainwave patterns depending on the state of consciousness.  Sleeping, dreaming, and waking consciousness each have a particular brainwave signature.  These are our default states of awareness.

We can also measure other states of consciousness with EEG.  The 4th state of consciousness some call the transcendent state of consciousness.  It also creates a unique brainwave signature.  It produces a high level of brainwave coherence, which indicates healthy brain functioning.  This coherence effect lasts after leaving the transcendent state.   It’s one of the benefits of meditation.  The transcendental state also creates other measurable physiological results, including lower heart rate and respiration than the sleep partition.

The Key to Spiritual Growth and Development

If we learn how to develop our consciousness, we are growing spiritually.  Here’s how we believe it works based on our experience and research.

Consciousness isn’t a separate entity from our mind and the observer.   As we increase the bandwidth of consciousness, we are strengthening the link between the brain and the observer.  The observer of our experience is our spiritual essence and identity.

For example, the more we meditate and reach the transcendent, the more we bring this calm resonance into our other default states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping.  It puts us in touch with our intuition and other latent spiritual gifts.  It increases our ability to “think rationally and logically.”

Our consciousness is engineered and designed to access higher states of consciousness.  All we need are the tools to develop the bandwidth of consciousness.

“The growth of the mind is the widening of the range of consciousness, and…each step forward has been a most painful and laborious achievement.” — Carl Jung

Many ancient cultures invested considerable resources in exploring consciousness to find answers to the unknown.   We see similar techniques developed by cultures around the globe.  Joseph Campbell (2) was a prolific writer, professor and spiritual explorer.  He outlined the pattern found at the heart of many philosophies, religions, and popular stories and he referred to this spiritual path as the Hero’s journey.

“I prefer the gradual path My feeling is that mythic forms reveal themselves gradually in the course of your life if you know what they are and how to pay attention to their emergence. My own initiation into the mythic depths of the unconscious has been through the mind, through the books that surround me in this library. I have recognized in my quest all the stages of the hero’s journey. I had my calls to adventure, my guides, demons, and illuminations.” — Joseph Campbell

We call these methods “spiritual technologies;”  they represent generations of research and development.  These methods are the key to spiritual growth and development.

Everyone has some spiritual gifts sleeping in their DNA.  The process of awakening them will change your life.  It sets your spiritual walk into motion.  It opens our minds to new ideas and expands our awareness.  If you want to know how to develop your consciousness, you are in the right place.  We have some tools for you.

Tools to Develop Consciousness — Spiritual Technologies

how to develop your consciousness

We have been researching since the early 1970s and have compiled the safest and most effective methods of developing consciousness.

You don’t need to join a religion to use them.  To use these methods, you follow a process.    These processes are vital ingredients to your spiritual growth and development.  You can group these developmental tools into four categories.  You can follow the links to articles with deeper content:

Consciousness Growth Tool Examples

Analytical Tools

Most people wonder why we emphasize analytical tools in our workshops.  But, once you see how important they are, it makes you wonder why these tools aren’t more common.  These tools help us make better decisions, which is an essential skill set.

The core tools for enhancing our analytical thinking include:

Logical Reasoning and Rational thinking 

This category includes three modules.  The first tool we call Logical reasoning.  It summarizes critical thinking and explains the primary tactics used to sell us everything, from deodorant to ideologies.  The second module is ten common logical fallacies.  This module provides practical examples of the most common fallacies in politics and religion.  The third module, the truth-seekers axioms, ties everything together.  It helps us see how science and mythology differ in presenting ideas and supporting evidence.

Comparative Analysis

It’s a simple but powerful tool to research and compare topics.  It’s a structured form of comparative religious study.  It’s a to approach your sacred ground by identifying similar ideas in other systems.

The Enneagram of Personality

The Enneagram has a rich history that illuminates the mechanisms of instinct and personality.  It unmasks the thought processes that run our minds.  Once we can see behind the mask of the Ego, we have the power to make positive changes.

These three primary analytical tools set the foundation for a healthy spiritual practice.


Meditation is our natural reset button.  There are many forms of meditation.  Some are so easy children as young as two can learn it.  We recommend learning as many forms of sitting and moving meditation as you can.  Meditation has a wide range of health benefits and includes the basic processes we can use to connect with the transcendent.

Awareness Tools and Techniques

This group of methods has a range of processes, from lucid dreaming techniques to strategies for improving memory.

Shamanic Journey

There is compelling evidence that this process is one humankind’s first spiritual technologies.  It’s a method you’ll find in many indigenous cultures.  It is evidence of the importance of the inner quest to ancient civilizations.

There are many variations with the same primary formal using rhythm and guided imagery to venture into the inner world of the subconscious mind.  This formula provides a vivid lucid journey.

Today, the Shamanic Journey has undergone rebranding to make it more marketable.  You will see it marketed as “guided meditation” or “creative visualization.”

Healing Modality

Healing is an ongoing process in the body, mind, and spirit.  Methods like Riki from Japan and Pejut from Indonesia facilitate modern treatments.

All the above methods facilitate your spiritual growth and development.

Frequently Asked  Questions

— How will developing my consciousness help me in other areas of my life?  Yes, absolutely.  You will see positive changes in your overall emotional state of being.  You will engage your analytical thinking and intuition in equal measure.  These improvements will positively impact everything from relationships to your ability to learn.

— Is it lonely to walk your own path?  No.  The universe will put like-minded people in your path.  You may walk your own path, but that doesn’t mean you will always walk alone.  You’ll also learn that being alone is different from being lonely.

— Is it hard to get started?  No.  It is easy.  Here are two examples.  You can start by learning a simple two-step beginning meditation technique, purchasing an inexpensive journal, and recording your dreams.  If you do simple things like this, you’ll discover how easy spiritual growth and development can be.

— Can I follow a religion and embark on my “own” spiritual journey?  In most cases, yes, you can, unless your religion forbids it.  In which case, we think it’s time to reassess the boundaries your religion is placing upon personal development.

— Is spiritual faith the same as the “journey exploring spirituality?” No, it is not.  Faith is a concept describing the belief in religious dogmaThe word spiritual is reframed to fit within the religion’s mythology.  Exploring your spirituality is about investigating consciousness; it has nothing to do with religious doctrine or faith.

Final Thoughts

We give thanks to all the ancient cultures that make these methods possible.  They are the pioneers of exploring our inner world and spirituality.  You don’t need religion.  These are the tools that show you how to develop your consciousness.

“I believe it is essential for our planetary future to develop tools that can change the consciousness which has created the crisis that we are in.” — Stanislav Grof

These are the tools that unlock the spiritual gifts from our ancestors.  Spiritual technologies are the tools that enable us to reach our full potential.


(1) Electroencephalogram: https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/eeg/about/pac-20393875
(2) Joseph Campbell’s book:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hero_with_a_Thousand_Faces

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