how to improve your spiritual health what affects your spiritual health the 7 vital keys

How to Improve Your Spiritual Health — 7 Vital Keys

Want to improve your overall wellness, then learn how to improve your spiritual health? Learn how to activate and harmonize these centers to enrich body, mind and spirit.  You can do this!

When our spiritual wellness is unhealthy and out of balance, it causes problems with our mental and physical health.  Many ancient cultures understood the connection among these three elements of self.  They understood the need to maintain the health and balance of all three aspects of the self.

What Affects Your Spiritual Health

Our spiritual, mental, and physical health are all intertwined. If you affect one, you affect the others.  We tend to overlook the spiritual aspect of wellness because our culture tells us our religious beliefs don’t matter.  This isn’t true.  What we believe affects our lives and everyone in our circle of influence.

When our spiritual wellness is unhealthy and out of balance, it causes problems with our mental and physical health.  Many ancient cultures understood the connection among these three elements of self.  They understood the need to maintain the health and balance of all three aspects of the self.

The link between mind, body, and spirit is a fact.  There are many scientific studies which show how one affects the others.  A chemical imbalance in the physiology can cause problems with mind and body.  When you hurt  the body, it affects the mind and spirit.  The health of our spiritual beliefs affects the mind and the body.  It’s why a holistic approach to health is important.

We are consciousness.  So what affects your physical and mental health?  What affects your spiritual health?  The answer is everything which affects consciousness.  One thing that we can do to have a positive effect immediately is to think positive thoughts.  (1) Positive thinking improves our mental state, physiology and even our spiritual mindset.

Positive thinking is good, but we need something that will affect permanent positive change in the system.  One way to influence long-term positive change is by improving the health of the main energy conduit running through the spine.  Traditional Indian medicine calls these centers chakras.  Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or circle.

Our spiritual well-being affects our physical and mental health.  Our spiritual mindset is the product of the programming which guides our thinking. If we change our programming, we change our thinking.  A positive change in our attitude makes all the difference in healing.   It’s the positive dynamic energy of our own mind which can facilitate healing of mind, body, and soul.

The first step in the healing process is to find out where the problems are and what needs attention.  You need to know what affects your spiritual health in order to know what to fix.  You can do this.

To diagnose the issues, we need to understand causes the problems with spiritual wellness.  Most people don’t know they are spiritually.  It’s because much of our culture glorifies and promotes an unhealthy mindset.  It isn’t an accident.  Unhealthy programming scripts create boundaries of thinking, allowing others to capitalize on these boundaries for profit.

Diagnosing Your Spiritual Health

diagnosing your spiritual health

We can measure the electric current of our bodies, and the main energy which conduit runs along the spine.

Harmful thought scripts are not that hard to spot.  Unhealthy thought scripts promote violence, sectarianism, racial, ethnic, gender, and discrimination.  If you eliminate these from your thinking, you will be on your way to spiritual freedom. When people ask how to improve your spiritual health, this is where you start.  Look for the influence of organized religion.  Break down the barriers that religion creates.  Remove harmful beliefs and replace with positive ones.

You may need to use specific mental tools to help you remove these harmful boundaries and thought scripts.  We won’t cover them here, but you can find these tools in other articles on our website.  Here are some methods you can check out; Comparative Analysis, which is a form of comparative religious study and help you see the source of religious beliefs.

The other tool is the Enneagram.  This tool will help you discover your personality type and instinctual stack.  Here you can see how harmful thought scripts manifest in your personality type.  These tools will have a positive effect on your spiritual energy.

You will find many spiritual methods use these energy points to affect change, either directly or indirectly.  Most spiritual practices start with grounding because, when you are grounded, you are calm, centered, and fully present. Grounding takes place when our energy is in alignment.

Therefore, it is practical to start with the center closest to the Earth and work our way up the spine. You can find this theory in almost every form of natural healing.   But it is also the practice with other technologies, such as Tai Chi and the Enneagram Personality Profile. Everything works better when it has a foundation. These chakra energy centers respond to the body’s needs, sending where needed.

Even if you are not engaging in advanced spiritual practices, you can still benefit. You can learn to activate them. This knowledge helps us to manage our overall health and wellness. But first, we need to realize our consciousness is spiritual energy.

Learn How to Improve Your Spiritual Health

We will start at the bottom and work our way up the spine.  Indian tradition associates each Chakra with a two-word theme, a color and description of what it affects.

1st Chakra Muladhara

Muladhara is the first energy center, which gives us presence,  it is also called the I am, chakra.  It is located on the lowest point of the spine, the perineum.  This chakra is often associated with red, and is the home of our instinct for self-preservation, survival, and stability.

This is the chakra that grounds ue.  It the starting point for many techniques. For example, many meditative practices are based grounding. It’s also the first step in studying philosophical approaches like The Enneagram. Think of Muladhara as the root of the tree.  All other chakras depend upon this one.

Many teachers believe this is the most important chakra energy centers precisely because it roots the body and the soul to the Earth. We are part of nature, and ultimately, we draw our energy from the Earth. It’s our connection to our physical vitality and endurance. For this reason, it’s also the key to our physical wellness.

Eastern health practitioners understand how to improve your spiritual health. They know many of our health problems are because of misalignment. Kundalini Yoga is a practice that helps to restore this alignment. It focuses on promoting the flow of energy up the spine. It begins with aligning and releasing the energy from this junction.

2nd Chakra Svadhisthana

This energy center is known as I feel, and is associated it with orange. It is located below the navel.  This chakra is the home of emotions and passions, our dreams, ambitions, and fantasies originate from this center.

This center is where we cultivate attachments, either positive or negative. For example, the attachment may be associated healthy relationships or unhealthy behaviors we call addictions. Sages teach that this center also controls your creative expression.

Many people confuse this bond with the heart. However, this is different. So, think of it more like the protective love instinct bees have for their queen bee. But this is also why this is one of the spiritual energy centers keys to the Shamanic Journey practice. Our imagination and dreams derive their power here.

3rd Chakra Manipura

The third center is associated with the term I do.  This chakra is the tender spot just below the rib cage’s junction, the solar plexus. If we strike you in this center from the front, it will deflate your lungs. Its color is yellow.   It houses our willpower, personal strength, learning, and comprehension. It is the center of our social instinct.

Of all the spiritual energy centers, this one is where we find our sense of self and awareness of others. It helps us recognize and set healthy personal boundaries and self-esteem. It is the source of our willpower. We need this kind of energy to achieve challenging objectives.

4th Chakra Anahata

The Fourth chakra is, I love. It’s the heart center associated with the color Green. This energy center is just above the physical heart and channels all our emotions. It channels anger, hate, vulnerability, anxiety, and dependency.  It can also channel love, compassion, friendliness, and healthy self-love. So, this center has a tremendous impact on your spiritual health.

The contrast between these feelings makes up the bandwidth of emotions.  This chakra is where the physical heart and the emotional center merge into one.  It’s amazing.

If the 5th and 6th centers are open and functioning, this center can connect everything: mind, heart, soul, and body. The heart center is the home of our empathy and connection for others.

5th Chakra Visuddha

Fifth, I Speak, Visuddha, is located behind the larynx in the throat. We associate this spiritual energy center with blue. As the gateway of communication, it handles all internal and external messages.

What we think and say is essential. Our thoughts are like seeds. So, we want to make sure our thoughts are not harmful to ourselves or others. When we speak, these vibrations go out into the Universe. Then, they bounce back as Karmic returns.

Some believe even the thoughts of the mind are filtered through this portal.  We think with the sound of our voice even when we don’t speak them.  It is also the voice that can make vehicles like Mantras and Sutras powerful.

6th Chakra Ajna

The Sixth chakra is associated with the third eye. This chakra, I See is the mental crossroads between ordinary and non-ordinary perception.  It is located in the center of the forehead. Indigo is its trademark color.  It may also be the key to what some call the sixth sense. It connects our higher mind functions of intuition and logical. It is the main center through we view the world.

Hence, we need to be mindful to clean this center regularly. It’s what protects us against subliminal social and cultural programming.

There are methods for opening the third eye of perception—however, these are not for the beginner. Be careful, once this center is activated, it can not be closed.

7th Chakra Sahasrara

Seventh Chakara is the crown, I understand.  It’s not part of our physical body. Instead, we find this chakra just above the head. Many believe it’s the place where we connect with the universal consciousness.  It is where we assimilate wisdom, sacredness, and wholeness.

Through this portal, we are connecting our soul to the Universe. So, it’s the gateway enabling the expression of higher states of consciousness. This portal is key to diagnosing your spiritual health. If you reach a plateau with your practice, it’s often because of a blockage with this chakra.

People associate the color white with the crown chakra. Because of this, it’s not surprising to see a halo of white light in pictures of great spiritual teachers. Of the spiritual energy centers, this is the one that connects us to the Universe.

This connection makes several things possible. First, it gives us energy, making many healing modalities powerful,  and it’s the gateway to higher states of consciousness. But, all the other chakra energy centers must open and function appropriately for these things to happen.

Integrative Medicine and Eastern Healing Practices

Research in the field of subtle energy medicine has been increasing the last decade.  Scientists are  trying to figure out how many of the Eastern healing traditions actually work. In 2005 (2), a book was published showing the scientific link of the mind-body connection. This field is known as psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). That’s a very long word of the study involving the interactions of the endocrine, immune and nervous systems.

This research explores how and why many ancient practices can move and direct the subtle energy to specific points in the body. It provides some interesting evidence on the power of the conscious mind to direct functions in these internal systems.

This research tells us that techniques like Kundalini Yoga do work. They open up energy that provides healing. It tells us Japa meditation or Transcendental Meditation makes long-term changes in our health. Methods like Holotropic breathing can help us reveal and overcome suppressed trauma.

In Conclusion

Most of the ancient processes for expanding awareness involve the health of our chakras. So, exploring consciousness not only fulfills our innate desire for the inner quest, but it also heals. Each aspect of our being affects the other.

We are mind, body, and spirit. You cannot ignore any of these if you want to improve your wellness.  We know that learning how to improve your spiritual health has a positive impact and will also improve your mental and physical health.

Learning one of the natural healing methods is a good strategy.  Many kinds of subtle energy practices are found in cultures around the world. They are often an essential part of the spiritual quest which Joseph Campbell describes in his work The Hero with a Thousand Faces. (3)

Do you want to learn more about these kinds of healing practices? We teach several integrative healing methods in our blended learning process. See how we can design a  virtual learning event for you. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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