Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind A Soul Connection

Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind — Sign of A Soul Connection

People, places, and events from our past inhabit the recesses of our awareness.  They are out of sight but not out of mind. So what is our subconscious trying to tell us?

One common experience is living with the constant awareness or memory of people, places, or things not immediately present.  Sometimes they are significant people, places, or events, but not always.

In the course of serious group inner work, you’ll find that memories of certain things seem to bubble just below the surface almost indefinitely.  Curiosity prompts us to investigate patterns, themes, or meaning.  See if the following resonates with you.

What’s A Soul Connection or Soul Link?

The first thing that comes up is a connection with the spirit or soul. It’s the feeling that you are linked to another person or place in some extraordinary way.  Some people experience a sense of Deja vu, like you’ve been there before or somehow already know them.  Some believe this relates to a past life experience.  It is why people or places may be out of sight but not out of mind.

Have you ever met someone that resonates with you?  Or perhaps you visit someplace only to find it feels like home?  These are everyday experiences that relate to the concept of spirit connection. So don’t be afraid; it’s a good thing.

We classify this kind of link as spiritual.  It should not be confused with physical attraction or romantic interest.  It is beyond the nature of our instincts, sexual, social, and self-preservation.  So, it’s essential to distinguish between physical desire and an intrinsic spiritual link.  As we describe some of the related forms of the soul link, you’ll begin to see the difference.

Many people, places, events, and things can have significant intrinsic meaning rather than superficial or temporary attraction.  When thoughts from the past invade our present, it is a message, a sign that we may be dealing with a soul link.   The information could be coming from the subconscious mind.  Some sages tell us our ancestors or even the Universe itself trying to reach us through exposing synchronistic connections.

Anytime there is a powerful soul bond, time does not erase the tie.  So, lost loves are at the top of this list, and not just the love of another person.  We can love places and events as well.   Shamanism tells us that to extend the bonds of emotion to anything is like creating a rope from the heart a soul connection.  The more aware you are, the more likely you encounter these sublime synchronicities.

So, here is where it is a bit confusing.  You can have an emotional attachment because of the soul link.   If you sense the bond immediately when you see the person or place, it’s more likely to be a soul link. On the other hand, if you “feel” a physical attraction first, it’s more than likely sexual instinct driving the interest.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? That’s a tricky question.  The same applies to determining if a connection is instinctual or spiritual. If you have a physical relationship with someone, you create an emotional bond. When you share your DNA, you also share part of your heart and soul. So a heart connection can feel the same as a soul bond.

If you are skeptical or puzzled by the connection with someone or someplace, you are more than likely experiencing a soul connection.  If you don’t know why you connect with someone or someplace, then it is more than likely the soul link at work.  Your doubts about the connection are worthy of investigation.

We associate many labels with this interesting experiential phenomenon, such as soul mate and twin flame. We’ll examine some of these to see how they all come back to one source.

Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind

Many people can relate to the heart-wrenching experience of loss. However, everyone must find their way to deal with this grief and loss. It’s not something you “get over.” Instead, it’s something you can learn to reframe.

There is a range of coping strategies to deal with loss, from healthy to unhealthy.  The healthy way starts with understanding change itself and how you process it because loss is change.

The loss of a loved one is something out of sight but certainly not out of mind.

There are five common reactions to loss and grief;  denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance.  We can facilitate the process of healing by reframing our memories.  Sometimes they follow the above sequence, but they can come simultaneously and change unexpectedly.  So, reframing our memories gives us more control no matter what we feel.

We have an article with the details of reframing our memories.  Reframing is learning to increase the volume on the positive aspects while tuning down the negative. For example, the people, places, and things may be “out of sight but not out of mind.” Learning to reframe these memories gives them a positive rather than negative impact.

A subset of a soul connection is what people refer to as a “soul mate.” This kind of connection distinguishes itself from others.  It is an immediate recognition of a deep link.  In this case, you recognize the connection upon first seeing the person, place, or thing.

With regards to people, it’s often a mutual eureka moment.  Both people immediately sense the connection.  Some believe this relates to the “past life connection.”  It’s where we think we’re connected through reincarnation to relive some relationship lesson.

In any case, one way to tell if you are dealing with a soul link is that it brings you a sense of peace.  The link should not bring up negative emotions.  If it does, then it’s a sign you need to engage in some inner work to help with past trauma.

Common Experience

People who work together develop ties.  They may not be people we socialize with, but they still connect with us.  The more emotionally intense the work environment, the stronger these emotional bonds will tend to be.

For example, people who serve in active duty and the military, firefighters, police, and medical staff often develop close ties. Sharing emotionally charged experiences creates bonds. In addition, life-changing experiences often create bonds, mainly where people help each other overcome adversity.

Ancestral Connection

Our ancestors are the link in the chain of people that sacrificed to provide us the opportunity to live.  In some cases, we can trace our lineage back generations.  Other people don’t know anything about their ancestral links. Yet, they are a soul connection back to the roots of our existence.

Our ancestors may be out of sight but not out of mind.  Many cultures routinely celebrate and give honor to the line of their descendants.  Even if we don’t know our lineage, we can benefit from honoring the line of our descendants.  When we give gratitude, it always pays dividends. Don’t discount the power of creating a place of reverence.  It doesn’t need to be elaborate, and just a picture is all you need to remind you of the sacrifices and trails others insured to give you life.

The ancestral connection should give you peace and remind you of a loving relationship. However, if you experience negative emotions, it deserves to be investigated further.

Sacred Ground

The term sacred ground is a reference to our most closely held beliefs.  In this case, we refer to a physical location with special significance.  Still, it can be part of other connections like our ancestral home.

It is often a place unspoiled by man’s hand, a place in nature that resonates deeply.  Your memory of the site should bring you a sense of happiness, even if the land no longer resembles your memory.

Past Life Relationship

We mentioned this one upfront but want to dig a little deeper into this concept.  Past life experiences can be an immediate eureka event.  Or, you can also use hypnosis for past life regression.  Unfortunately, the subconscious is open to suggestions and imagination when utilizing hypnosis.  The combination of these two elements can end up manufacturing things.

Out of Body Experience

Our consciousness is more versatile than we realize; we can perceive from a perspective outside our body. It’s what some call astral projection.  We can use meditation techniques to facilitate this change of perception.

Those who practice the Sidhis of Patanjali know that combining two of these sutras enables one’s awareness to move beyond the confines of the body.  So, they can bring things that are out of sight into palpable perception.

Significant traumas can also cause an uncontrolled “out of body experience.” These types of temporary shifts in perception are closely associated with the near-death experience.

Energy Connection with the Universe

Some believe there is an energy force that is more prominent than our connection with people and the planet.  Many ancient traditions tell us the Universe is conscious.  It is the storehouse of the most ancient knowledge and wisdom.  To be out of mind is to swim in the pure consciousness of the Universe.

Dreamlife Occurance

If something repeatedly appears in our dreams, it signifies either an instinctual and emotional bond or a soul connection.  It can be hard to tell which because there are several factors involved.  These factors include the frequency of the person or place, the pattern of events in the dream, the clarity of your senses, and the emotions it brings up.

Does their occurrence in the dream mirror past events, or are they fictional?  Does the presence of the person or place linger with you throughout the day?  The best way to tell is to view the dream in the context of other occurrences such as “feeling” their presence when they are not there, getting a glimpse of the person or place that appears in the corner of your vision.

The examples above are hallucinatory apparitions that could be a sign of mental illness.  Or, they could again be messages from the subconscious mind prompting us to deal with past emotional trauma.  Or, they could be a paranormal or supernatural occurrence.  Sorting out depends on your mental health, experience with other awareness expansion techniques, and your involvement with religious programming.

In Conclusion

A soul connection is a link that lasts and gives you a sense of peace and comfort.  If it brings to the surface any negative emotions, it’s a sign you need to do some inner work.

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