Are You Seeing Shadow People in the Corner of Your Eye

So, Are You Seeing Shadow People in the Corner of Your Eye?

More people are having the experience of shadow-like figures appearing in their peripheral vision.  What does it mean?  Are you being haunted or warned?

How do you know if you are being haunted?

If you can relate to this odd experience, you aren’t alone.  Naturally, we want to know what is causing this type of event.  Is it a psychological issue, hallucination, or a glimpse of some other-world entity?  Are you being haunted, hunted, or stalked?  Is something trying to warn you?

Are You Seeing Shadow People in the Corner of Your Eye?

Because of the increase in these sightings, we ask about these as part of our learning assessment.  We were somewhat surprised at how many have experienced this phenomenon.   In addition to asking people about this before entering our workshops, we also surveyed past participants.

There are some interesting correlations between these types of events which involve several factors.  When we investigate these instances, we find the following:

1) Spiritually Aware

Those who experience these events tend to be those who consider themselves gifted or an Empath.  Several others are associated with Witchcraft and Shamanism.   Seeing shadow people in the corner of your eye is also common for those with near-death experiences.  A large percentage will have recently lost a loved one.

However, a small percentage of people who encounter them are not involved in spiritual practice.   Perhaps one in ten falls into this category.

In Shamanism, these entities are guardians.  When most people think of guardian spirits, the Angel of Western theology comes to mind.  This typology is a recent development stolen from the early symbolism of the fairy with its butterfly wings.   The guardian of the Shaman takes many forms.  One of these is a dark foreboding shape.  They are there to protect the spiritual traveler’s soul.  Their job is to keep you from going where you should not venture.   So, they appear to warn you are not ready or should not try to do something.  Most often, this relates to the misuse of the journey for selfish gain.

In Witcraft, this shadow creature is another sorcerer.  We see this outlined in Carlos Castaneda’s stories and his apprenticeship under don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Indian nagual.  Today many believe Juan Matus was a composite of several teachers he met.  Nevertheless, he explains how sorcerers use psychotropics to breach time and reality.  Walking through these portals, one may appear as a shadow from another dimension. 

2) After Awakening From Sleep

Another exciting element is that these occurrences tend to happen shortly after awakening from sleep.  In some cases, people reported having vivid dreams before awakening, but these nightmares did not involve these shadowy figures.

3) Environment and Time of Day

Most have these sightings in either the early morning or just after sunset.  Perhaps the lighting makes them easier to see.   Also, most see them when they are at home.  About half the time, they are indoors.

4) The Appearance of the Apparation

The appearance of the shadow also has some exciting characteristics.  At least half of those surveyed say that the shadow was wearing a wide-brim hat.  And about half the time, the shadowy figure had eyes that shined some color, usually red or white.

In some cultures, if the apparition has eyes that glow, it means they are a demon. So, seeing shadow people in the corner of your eye means they are after your soul.  Or, could they, as we mentioned before, trying to save you from harm.

Shadow People with hat and red eyes

Those who see them say the shadow is darker than a normal shadow, eerily dark in fact. It is one reason you can see the outline of the shadow even when it is very dark.  The darkness of the shadow seems more like a black projection than a shadow.

In some cases, the shadow is irregular but still very dense.  These apparitions are more likely to move from the peripheral view out in plain sight.

5) Sighting Duration

The length of the sighting is often less than one second.  Once you recognize the entity, it usually disappears.  Some report that by maintaining peripheral vision and looking straight ahead, it’s possible to keep the apparition within sight.  The longer you can keep the phantom in your peripheral vision, the greater the likelihood you can see it move.  Then, as they move, they always keep watching you.

6) Emotional Impact

Because the sightings are often so fleeting, some people don’t have time to react emotionally. Most people who do see them say that the experience leaves them unsettled even frightened.  Some report that they thought the apparition had ill intent, especially those who encounter those with an irregular outline that moves from their peripheral vision into plain sight.

Questions and Answers

So, Are You Seeing Shadow People in the Corner of Your Eye? If you are, please let us know and give us as much detail as possible about your background with spiritual practices, when and where it occurred, what you saw, and for how long.  Also, let us know how many times it has happened and how it makes you feel.

Are they a hallucination?  It’s a possibility, especially if you see other apparitions such as angels, demons, or aliens.  Several other shadow-like creatures are more common in indigenous cultures.  It includes shadow dogs, and birds, etc.  The truth is no one knows precisely what these types of sightings mean.  It isn’t clear if these experiences are becoming more common or if people are just more comfortable reporting them.  How do you know if you are being haunted, hunted, or warned?

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