Harness the Strength of the Spiral Symbol

Harness the Strength of the Spiral Symbol

This is a pattern we find everywhere.  It’s a building block of nature and an ancient symbol used to convey powerful messages.  Learn about how you can use this in your path.

The Meaning of the Spiral Symbol

This shape is considered an Archetypal or universal typology, which has several meanings.  It often conveys energy and time.  Typologies evoke deep and sometimes unconscious responses.  These can be symbols, characters, images, and themes.  These are the icons that embody universal meaning.  Their prevalence in art and nature make them recognizable.  The cross, the circle, the triangle are other examples of these typologies.

The spiral is an archetypal symbol that represents cosmic force. ― Carl Jung

Many ancient traditions use this symbol.   The shape suggests a moving labyrinth.  The symmetric growth of the form leads to or from the Source.  Even as a solid form in rock, it appears to be moving.

People see this archetypal symbol when they close their eyes.  It becomes an important link to our cosmic connection with the Universe.  This symbol becomes a focal point for meditation, contemplation, and energy collection.

Harness Strength of The Spiral Symbol

This shape is a fundamental building block of nature.   We see it in flowers and the Nautilus Shell.  We can spot this symbol in the swirling energy vortex of storms and tornados.  These examples in nature help us to recognize the importance of this structure.   Could it be because we are on this tiny planet whirling around one of 100 billion suns in a spinning spiral galaxy?

1) Make it Your Own

Make this symbol your own.  Draw it, look for it.  See it when you close your eyes.   This marvelous corkscrew form is used in the art of almost all cultures, from ancient primitive rock carvings on all continents to today’s corporate logos. They show up in Celtic art, Native American petroglyphs, Nazca earthworks, Arabic architecture, Japanese rock gardens, Hindu spiritual texts, Australian aboriginal paintings, and African art.

The spiral symbol’s significance and meaning are in its simplicity and versatility.  Most importantly, it represents our spiritual journey.  We associate it with the cycles of life and time, the seasons, the cycles of birth, growth, death, and then rebirth.   This symbol represents nature’s creative power cascading from its center, expanding outward into infinity.

Surprisingly, no single religious or political group claims exclusive rights to the shape. Therefore, the meaning of the spiral symbol is diverse.  It is prolific in many ancient Shamanic practices to facilitate entrance into the dreamlike state of  Shamanic Consciousness.  Hypnotists use this form to induce a similar trance-like state.

Because this shape is prevalent remains nonsectarian, or maybe pan-sectarian. In this way, it belongs to everyone as our cosmic connection. Some consider this symbol of the ultimate spiritual journey. It also represents the evolutionary process of learning and growing. Life doesn’t proceed in a straight line but a spiral.

2) Create Your Own Meaning and Rituals

Create your own ritual to focus on the power of this symbol.  For example, walking in a labyrinth is a tradition in many cultures.  Create your spiral labyrinth with stones.  This exercise is found in many cultures.  It is part of a psycho-spiritual process for centering consciousness.

Create your own artwork using this archetypal symbol as a guiding pattern. Behold the power and mystery of the sacred spiral. Have a Reiki healing session.  You will see the healer use the spiral in several forms as part of the healing technique.  Learn more about the mathematical precision of this form.

Fibonacci Sequence & Golden Ratio

This form often follows the perfectly expanding proportions known in mathematics as the Fibonacci numbers, the Golden Ratio, and the recursion method used in computer science.  Some call this form an equiangular and geometrical spiral because of the angle at which a radius increases in geometrical progression as its polar angle increases arithmetical progression.

We can spot this progression and symmetry with the naked eye.  We can tell if it is in alignment.  This ability to identify with such precision speaks to our cosmic connection with this symbol.  Try it yourself.  Find a picture of a spiral.  See if it flows in a perfect progression.

Meaning of the Spiral Symbol ― Our Cosmic Connection

In Conclusion

The meaning of the spiral symbol can be whatever you infuse into it.  This is probably why it is prolific in many ancient cultures.  This is a powerful symbol.  But it is readily available and easy to create.  We can put it into motion with the turn of our hand.

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