picturing life beautiful learn how to create a vision board notebook

Picturing Life Beautiful Create a Vision Board Notebook

A vision board or vision notebook is a way to focus on achieving a goal.  This formula is the essence of everything from practical business plans to the law of attraction.  Visualizing helps keep you on track.

Create a Vision Board Notebook

Create an image in your mind, picture the life you want, document it, speak positive words, then allow the Universe to do its thing.  It’s a simple formula, but if you get it right, you achieve your goal.  (1)

The mind responds equally to either positive or negative thoughts.   So, when we give the mind something positive to reach, we engage both the conscious and subconscious mind.  “Picturing life beautiful,” whatever that means to you, is the main ingredient.

“Creative visualization may be described as an extended meditation session reaching beyond passive contemplation and achieves transformative action.” — Aberjhani

This process can make our dreams come true, but only if we have a clear image of the goal.   It’s proven that if you document your goal and keep it in your daily thoughts, you are much more likely to reach that goal.  So, keeping a positive picture of what you want is extremely important.

Unfortunately, we often do just the opposite.  We picture life at its worst.  Then we wonder why we have all the troubles we were expecting.  In times of crisis, this is a natural reaction.  We know we find the best solutions when we hold a positive attitude, which underscores the need to maintain a positive image of the desired result.

Doubt is most often the source of our powerlessness. To doubt is to be faithless, to be without hope or belief. When we doubt, our self-talk sounds like this: I don’t think I can.  I don’t think I will. To doubt is to have faith in the worst possible outcome. It is to believe in the perverseness of the universe.  That even if I do well, something I don’t know about will get in the way, sabotage me, or get me in the end.” — Elaine Lee Pardoe

“Picturing life beautiful is the first step.  Create a vision board notebook and support it with positive affirmations.  Then let the Universe work out the details and do your part.  The formula for success is not to overlook any opportunity that arises because the path to your dreams has different routes.” ― Guru Tua

Does it always work how we want it to in the time we want it to?  No.  There are a lot of variables involved in any plan.  Ask anyone in any industry, and they’ll tell you that unexpected things happen no matter how well you plan and execute.

Picturing Life Beautiful

Law of Attraction Scripting with Positive Affirmations

Most people have some idea of a better future, but if we sharpen the details of our dreams, we are more likely to reach them.  We can make this vision a reality if we follow the proper steps.  These steps are simple, but implementing them can be difficult.  It takes persistence and a positive attitude.  It’s vital that you not skip steps.  Each step depends on completing the previous one.

1) Establish the Goal

We first need to establish the goal—the more tangible the objective, the better.  Create a picture of life beautiful in your mind.   What does this picture contain?

Spend time finding the right images that most closely represent what you want your life to become.  Make sure the image of your future is positive.  Your dreams should not be harmful to you or others.  Keep that positive mental picture alive, refer to the goal often, and see it in your mind’s eye.  Hear the sounds and smells.  Fill the image with positive feelings.

“Picturing life beautiful” is the first and most critical step.  You can’t reach it without a clear picture of what you want.

“Success isn’t something you have, it’s something you do. Don’t be fooled into taking shortcuts, they always lead to a dead-end. Instead, establish a goal, make a plan, and take purposeful action.  Those who experience success are those who live it; those who earn it.” — Steve Maraboli

We need to replace all negative images of the future with positive ones.  But this isn’t easy to do.  That’s because we live in a time and culture that thrives on negativity.  But if we dwell on negative images, we invite them into our lives and reinforce negative thinking.  Dwelling on the negative ensures that negative things will manifest.

Being positive and living in the moment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for the future.  It means maintaining a realistic mindset while preparing for the best.

2) Create a Vision Board Notebook!

Creating a detailed vision board is the key to the process!  It helps us reinforce and remind ourselves of the goal.  Keeping our minds on the desired result is essential.  The Universe and our subconscious mind respond to persistence.  Keeping the image of what you want in your minds-eye will reinforce your goal.   You can create a collage of photos using your computer desktop.  Or some like the traditional bulletin board.  It doesn’t matter what you use as long as it works for you.

When “picturing life beautiful,” make it as detailed as possible.  For example, if your vision is about a house, describe it in as detail as possible.  Pick out the furnishings.  Finally, picture yourself there.

Create a Vision Board on Pinterest

Want to find pictures that align with your vision?  You can find some great images on Pinterest.  Start with our site and then use the search option to shop around.  Look at what other people have done and build upon their ideas.

If you already have several photos of your dream, it’s still a great idea to update or refresh the pictures in your vision.  Keeping things fresh makes sure we keep the images of our plan in mind.

Create a Vision Board Notebook Start Today!

Okay, so you can print off the pictures if you are inclined or create an online folder or notebook.  You can even turn your desktop into a vision board.  If you have a Mac, you can create your screen saver using pictures from your vision board.

3) Meditate

When we become grounded in pure consciousness, our positive desires make their way to our subconscious.  You don’t have to meditate on the goal.  You’ve already established it in your self-talk.  Learn and practice basic Mindfulness Meditation.  Being mindful will help you ground and center.  You will be more present, and “Presence” will make you more aware of your thought life.

4) Repair and Monitor Self-Talk

As you go through your daily tasks, monitor your self-talk for any negative thoughts.  Even if they don’t relate directly to your goal, they will still have a negative effect.  So it’s essential to root them out.

Enhance your observational skills, ensuring you aren’t missing harmful thought scripts or critical indicators.  Use the Enneagram to identify your personality and instinctual stack.  The Enneagram will identify the most common thought scripts for your personality and instinctual type.

5) Use Positive Affirmations

After identifying the harmful thought scripts, you can replace them with positive affirmations that align with the goal.  The vision board reminds us of the objective.  Then we can use affirmations to solidify it in our minds.

6) Let The Universe Work Out the Details

It takes courage to let the Universe work out the details.   We like to control our destiny, but we undermine the goal when we doubt and second-guess our work.

Let the Universe work out the details and bring you opportunities to reach your goal.  Don’t miss the cues the Universe is sending you.  The opportunities that arise may be exactly what you planned, so don’t overlook them.  Create a vision board notebook to keep your goals in your mind.  If you think about them, you communicate with the Universe and will do what you need to do to align with those goals.

But don’t forget to do your part as well.  The Universe may bring opportunities for you to act upon.  So, don’t overlook any options.

Other Points of View

Some believe this process originated with the book “The Secret,” by Rhonda Byrne (2).  However, these six steps existed long before it was appropriated by those who align them with the law of attraction.  People have been collecting photographs for over a generation.

Before photographs were invented, people used paintings or their memories.  The ability to have access to so many photographs makes creating a vision board much easier than it has ever been.


“Picturing life beautiful” is the key.  Create an image of the life you want.  Find pictures to match your goal; use positive affirmations to support it.  Allow the Universe to do its thing and bring you opportunities.  Do your part, and don’t overlook any avenue.  Here are the six steps.

1) It starts with a positive picture of the future.
2) Make the vision tangible; create a vision board.
3) Get grounded and practice mindfulness meditation.
4) Repair and monitor our self-talk and
5) Use positive affirmations
6) Have confidence in your plan and allow the Universe to fill in the details.


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