Quiet Your Mind and Your Soul Will Speak

Learn to Quiet Your Mind and Your Soul Will Speak —

Learning to silence our self-talk is beneficial for our health. It reduces stress and puts us in touch with our inner wisdom.  Quiet your mind and your soul will speak.  Do you want to know how to do it?

Quieting our internal dialogue is a life skill of many great Sages and thinkers who use this simple technique.  Find out how you can do this.

Silencing the Active Mind

Many great Sages, thinkers, and philosophers talk about quieting the internal dialogue. Silencing the mind is a crucial life skill. Our inner dialogue is the chatter that drowns the voice of our intuition, the voice of your soul.

Why would you want to hear your soul talk?  Your soul is home to your DNA and generations of encoded knowledge.  When we access this source of wisdom, we call it connecting with our intuition.  Some also think it’s the source of our “gut instinct” that can warn us of danger we can’t perceive with our active senses.  So, hearing your soul is a good thing.

If we can learn to silence this hyper-activity, we can regain control of our minds.  Otherwise, we run on autopilot under the power of the Ego.  The Ego isn’t our enemy.  Ego is a necessary tool for connecting our consciousness to our bodies.  However, we need to learn to use it rather than allow it to control us. (1)

You can tell when the Ego is in control.  Our thoughts jump from subject to subject.  Time passes quickly.  When the Ego is in control, we can engage in activities without realizing what we are doing?  Have you ever driven your car to a routine destination, and you can’t remember driving the car?  That’s what Ego does to stay in control. (2)

What is needed for silencing the active mind?  We need to find ways, or tools to lead the mind to the source of pure awareness.  The tools that do this are sometimes called mind hacks.

What is a Mind Hack?

Your First Mind-Hack ― Silencing the Active Mind

Mind hacks are techniques or methods that access the hidden power of the mind.  Some use specific gifts of the mind, such as memory, intuition, wisdom, observational awareness, and various analytical abilities.  One of these is the power of silencing the hyper-active mind’s internal chatter.

Quiet Your Mind and Your Soul Will Speak

When you quiet the mind, it’s like pushing the reset button on a computer.  It provides us with internal space and peace.  Learning to do this is perhaps the first and most crucial mind hack that helps us use the full potential of the mind.

Any time you can ground and stabilize the mind, it will calm your thinking and emotions.  We live in a culture that bombards us with information. This programming fills the mind with thoughts, feelings, and harmful cultural bias and prejudice.  So, by reducing our self-talk, we gain control over the mind.  When we silence the internal chatter, it helps us engage both the mind’s analytical and intuitive powers.  Here is what some other teachers say about silencing the active mind.

“After meditating for some years, I began to see the patterns of my behavior. As you quiet your mind, you begin to see the nature of your own resistance more clearly, struggles, inner dialogues, the way in which you procrastinate and develop passive resistance against life. As you cultivate the witness, things change. You don’t have to change them. Things just change.”  — Ram Dass

“When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.” ― Stephen Richards

“Quiet your mind, and your soul will speak.” ― Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” ― Caroline Myss

“Silence is the language of god, all else is a poor translation.” ― Rumi

Silencing the active mind improves the quality of our thinking.  Our thinking happens on two levels: conscious and subconscious.  Our most powerful insights come from the subconscious level because this is where our “personal power” lives.   Calming the mind helps us access this valuable element of our being.   Regular use of this technique allows us to control the mind.  It jump-starts our observational skills and promotes critical thinking.

Tools to Quiet The Mind

quiet the mind silencing the internal dialogue silencing the active mind

The simplest things are often the most powerful.  The easiest way to silence the mind is with two simple steps.  All you need to do is sit comfortably and observe your body and breath.   Try this for just one minute and see for yourself.  For more details about this process, check out the link on beginning mediation.

It’s just two steps so children as young as two or three can learn it. How do you do it?  The first thing is sitting comfortably upright.  You don’t need to cross your legs.  The key is being comfortable.

Next, close your eyes and place your attention on your body and breathing.  Don’t interfere with your breathing, just observe.  Some people call this a “body scan” meditation because you are simply guiding your attention to your posture.  When you do this, it can quiet the internal dialogue.

Taming the Wild Horse

We use the analogy of the wild horse to understand the mind.  If you want to tame a wild horse, you have two options: break it or befriend it.  We prefer the latter way of befriending the active mind.

Befriending the active mind involves guiding it where you want it to go rather than forcing it.  When you try to force a wild horse, it will buck and resist.  When you use force, it only works when you keep the pressure on, when you release the tension, the horse will run away.  We want the horse, the active mind, to learn that it’s okay to be guided because we will lead it to places of peace and tranquility.  This will effectively neutralize the need for the Ego to always be in control.

As we learn to tame the psyche, we access many health benefits. There is wisdom in the silence of our minds. The voice of our intuition is an asset that is always on.  We need to find a way for us to quiet our self-talk.  If we can do this, then we gain access to the wisdom of our DNA. So quiet your mind and your soul will speak. Put yourself in touch with your intuition.  (3)

Silencing your internal dialogue is also a significant benefit for your overall health and wellness. What if I told you that silencing your internal dialogue would give you more happiness? Would it increase enjoyment more than fill time with some meaningless activity?  Silence is where your mind has the space to enjoy life.   Many of the answers you seek are awaiting the great wisdom contained within the silence of your essence.

Our hyper-connected world makes it more challenging to find time for contemplation.  Our modern culture keeps us busy.  We are to fill every idle moment with thoughts.  Silencing the active mind violates the unspoken rule; you must be fully engaged to succeed.  There are many opportunities for the hyperactive mind to be involved in some activity.

The dominant culture discourages us from quieting the internal dialogue.  Because if we do, it will affect the things they are trying to sell us.  They want us to believe we need their items to make us happy.  It also opens our eyes to the truth about how the cultural narrative uses us to support negative bias and prejudiceIncreased perception is not something the culture wants for us.  Hearing the voice of your intuition is bad for commercialism.

Calming our overactive thought processes is the essence of meditation.  It is a valuable life skill that you can take with you anywhere.  It is a simple way to improve your overall health and wellness.  Calming the mind gives is an immediate stress-reducing technique. Stress is the hidden killer.   It makes sense to add at least one of these to your daily routine.

Other Tools to Quiet The Mind

  • Seated meditation is the most direct way to enter the silence of the transcendent. There is a simple two-step beginning meditation practice everyone can enjoy.
  • Instrumental music is an option for some people, however, it can become distracting.
  • Shamanic Drum or cymbal is a fantastic option, especially if you follow proper instructions. The right mantra is the ultimate vibrational tool to achieve inner silence.  The best mantra is chosen specifically for you by a qualified teacher.   One-on-one learning is the most expensive but the most effective.  However, it is sometimes hard to find a qualified teacher.

In Conclusion

Use this mind hack to quiet the mind and silence the internal dialogue.  Learn how to quiet your mind and your soul will speak.  You’ll be more in touch with your intuition if you do this.  We can connect with our inner wisdom.   We benefit from this peaceful rest and helps us to be present.  So, silencing the internal dialogue is a vital life skill.  If you learn how to quiet the active mind, you access benefits for our mind, body, and spirit.


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