unlocking the secrets the origins of spiritual exploration 2022

Unlocking the Secrets of Spiritual Exploration 2022

Learn about the origins of spiritual exploration 2022 and what we call spiritual technologies.  It’s the 21st Century, so you need to know this stuff.

If you think about it, the term spiritual relates to consciousness because our spirit is consciousness.  Many ancient traditions use the terms spirit and soul interchangeably.

Exploration is one of the primary drivers of human nature.  Even when we sleep, we are investigating our awareness.  Our dreams are an exploration of our subconscious mind.

Most people don’t automatically associate the concept of exploration with consciousness.  But, much of the early pioneers of the inner quest activities are ways of investigating and exploring.    Combining the idea of investigation with the soul gives you spiritual investigation or exploration.

So you put the term spiritual together with the term exploration, and there you have a practical way of explaining the authentic spiritual practice.  That’s where we get our name.

Unlocking the Secrets

The processes we use to explore consciousness come from sources from all around the globe.  We call these methods technologies of the spirit or spiritual technologies.

We started investigating these processes in the early 19870s and selected the most efficient and effective for our use.  We discovered many of the best methods share the same preparatory steps.  So, we can combine the learning of several processes quickly.  It became the genesis of our blended learning model.

Many forms of exploring awareness and consciousness come from Eastern tradition and Western paradigms.

Enneagram Personality Profile has links to both Eastern and Western traditions.  This process is still a relatively new system that is still undergoing refinement.  Another excellent tool we use in our blended learning process is Comparative Analysis.  It is a scientific method for comparative religious studies.  This latter method is a recent development from Western science.

The Origins of Spiritual Exploration 2022

Shamanic Journey is an example of a process developed by the pioneers of consciousness exploration.  Many indigenous cultures independently developed the same methods to delve into awareness.   They learned to combine rhythm and creative visualization to open a separate doorway of consciousness.  There are clever and curious people all over the globe.

Wow, it’s the 21st Century, and we are still trying to unravel the differences between religion and spirituality.  We’ll get back to this issue later.  For now, let’s talk about two layers of spirituality related to the exploration of consciousness.

First, the layer is the “historical background” of the processes for exploring our spiritual nature.  The second layer is “how we use” these processes in our blended learning model.

The origins of spiritual exploration 2022 go back to indigenous cultures around the globe.  We want to keep the original historical context intact, so we use standard terms and explain how and why we use them much the way we are doing with this article.  These processes comprise a substantial body of work from many cultures.  For instance, some of these processes date back before recorded time, the Shamanic Journey.

How We Define The Terms

The organization, Seeker Project 4 Spiritual Exploration, was born out of necessity.  We began as a group of explorers in the 1970s who came together to collaborate and share research on self-development.  Our focus is on sharing these tools of consciousness exploration.  It’s all about unlocking the secrets of the mind.

No one person could investigate all the mind-expanding techniques available.  So we divided up the research.  Afterward, we met to discuss, share, analyze our research findings.  We began by identifying effective methods.  We then used scientific methods to test them.  We identified similarities between many systems.  We used modern training theory to develop the most effective ways to train others.

We discovered many similarities in their preparatory steps and learning benchmarks by comparing these ancient training methods.  It enabled us to create a blended learning model.  This model allows us to teach several processes simultaneously with the best learning outcomes.  This strategy is behind the origins of spiritual exploration 2022.

The result is the blended learning model of spiritual technologies.  We did not change any methods.  We found that many of the preparatory exercises and benchmarks were similar.  So, we combined the elements in a progression.  By combining elements, we can teach several methods simultaneously.  It provides the besting learning outcomes in the shortest amount of time.

The Elements of Spiritual Exploration 2022

When we use the terms spiritual and exploration, we talk about these ancient processes.  These are techniques for expanding awareness.  We call them spiritual technologies because they enable us to investigate our spiritual nature.  Let’s define the key terms we use to describe what we do.  It will clarify how we use the words.

There is no doubt; the word spiritual has a broad meaning.  Spiritual and spirituality relate to all subjects concerning the spirit, the soul, and nature.  People use spiritual language because it gives them authority.

We use this word spiritual for two significant reasons.  First, to honor the pioneers of awareness exploration.  Many ancient cultures focused on exploring awareness and consciousness.  These early researchers used “spiritual language” to describe these tools.

Second, we use the word spiritual to keep the training pure in its original form.  It is practical to keep the teachings intact using the original terminology.  Keeping the original form of the language maintains the integrity of the processes.  Besides, there is no need to change what already works.

The word exploration is much easier to define.  Exploration is the act of traveling and learning about unexplored territory.  I think you’d agree exploring the thread of consciousness is an exciting opportunity.  It is probably the least explored territory for “modern man.” Many people feel the desire for the inner quest.  It is the realm of the spirit.

Exploring Consciousness and Expanding Awareness

The term expanding is relatively straightforward.  It means to increase something.  When we talk about awareness, it generally refers to an increase in our ability to perceive or learn.  We can experience the expansion of awareness in quantum leaps or small increments.

For example, a quantum leap is the eureka moment we have when we grasp how a mathematical formula works.  An Incremental expansion would be when we recognize we can remember more of our dreams when we sleep.

Awareness is a word synonymous with consciousness.  It is the capacity to know or our ability to perceive.  Consciousness is also synonymous with spirit.

We use terms like expanding awareness and exploring consciousness to describe this system’s processes.  These methods enable us to examine the depth of our consciousness.  You could refer to these methods in several ways.  For instance, you could call it researching awareness or tactics for investigating our potential.  Other people call it a survey of the parameters’ perception.  Or you could call it methods of studying cognition.

We think expanding awareness is an excellent way to describe the growth of perception using these processes.  Exploring consciousness is a perfect way to describe almost every type of meditative process.  We’ve covered how we use the terms.  Now let’s look at the specific techniques that make up this exciting body of knowledge.

Spiritual Technologies Unlocking the Secrets

spiritual technologies

The core mission of our organization is to share the knowledge of these technologies that allow us to open our spiritual gifts and develop our potential.

We divide the processes into four categories, but some could fit in more than one.

Meditation is the first category.  When people think of spiritual practice, meditation is often the first thing that comes to mind.  There is a continuum of meditation processes which includes methods for use while sitting and moving.  The spectrum starts with the simple two-step method and progresses through mindfulness eventually to the Siddhis.

The second category of techniques is the analytical processes.  We start with these in our blended learning process because they provide a foundation of critical thinking and decision-making.  We use three tools, Logic and Rational Thinking Skills, 10 Common Logical Fallacies, and the Spiritual Axioms.

We also include Comparative Analysis, a structured form of comparative religious study, and The Enneagram Personality Profile system.

The awareness-expanding processes are the third category of techniques.  This group contains a variety of methods from the emotional check-in process, which we use in conjunction with many other inner work techniques.  It also includes humankind’s first consciousness exploring approach, the Shamanic Journey today known by several names such as guided meditation and creative visualization.

The fourth category of techniques is Healing Modalities.  This group includes Pejut, Reiki, and other Ayurvedic healing techniques.

In Conclusion

We hope this clarifies the origins of spiritual exploration 2022.  We hope you practice at least one of these spiritual technologies.  There are links on this page that will help you discover many processes that you can use to develop your path.

We like your comments and questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us.   While you are here, learn about our mission and answers to our frequently asked questions.

Are you ready to learn these spiritual technologies?  We can create a virtual learning event for any experience level, from beginner to experienced spiritual travels.  We use our blended learning model, which reflects what Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey (1).

Please help us continue spreading the knowledge of these powerful techniques.


(1) Joseph Campbell & Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero’s Journey, Wikipedia

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