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Does the Empath Definition Fit You? — An Empath Test

Psychologists say that one in five identifies as someone that senses the emotional state of others. We’ve put together answers to the common questions about this subject.  Find out if you are one and what you can do to make life easier with this gift.

We’ll start by defining the terms and asking the most asked questions. We want to see how they are similar and how they differ.  Will we answer some most asked questions about an Empath test?

What Is A Empath?

Empath Definition

Empaths are sensitive to the feelings and vibrational energy of others.  Some also feel the magnetic fields of places and objects. They have such a deep connection with others that they feel emotional and physical pain.  The sensitivity of vibrational energy is a function of awareness.   People from many backgrounds can have this gift.

You have a one in five chance of having some sensitivity level that would fit the Empath Definition.  If this is you, you will want to handle this awareness.  It is natural to be curious about how it works.

You’ll want to know if you can increase your abilities.  You will also want to know how to shield yourself from unwanted sensitivity.  Being able to shut it off is just as important as improving the bandwidth.  Your curiosity about this ability is what draws you to things like an Empath Test.


It is both a feeling and a way of expressing compassion.  For instance, feelings of loss or pain might prompt you to act concerned for others’ wellbeing.  Similarly, positive emotions like love, harmony, or agreement may also spark your good deeds.


Empathy is being able to relate to the emotions of others.  You can have Empathetic feelings for one person.  Or, they can expand to include groups, places, or things. The Eastern idea of Oneness is empathy felt for everyone and everything.  It is one reason cultivating compassion is so important.  We need people who care about others. Global problems need people who care enough to find solutions. Empathy is the key to maintaining healthy relationships.

So, even if you don’t identify with the Empath Definition, you will probably relate to this feeling.  Everyone with a healthy sense of compassion and social awareness empathizes with those who suffer. Those with narcissistic personality disorders are unsympathetic to the pain of other living things. Healthy people will have sympathy and empathy for people and the planet.  It differs from those who feel the emotions and physical pain of others.

The Empaths Frequently Asked Questions

If you identify with that one in five who have the gift of energy sensitivity, you probably have questions about what it is and how to deal with it.  Awareness is an exciting thing.  It is hard to explain emotional sensitivity parameters to those who don’t have them.  And it is mysterious to those who have it.  It comes in varying degrees. Above all, this gift or ability makes life interesting.

Are Empath abilities Paranormal or Supernatural?

Are these abilities supernatural or paranormal?  The short answer is that it depends on how you define paranormal.  However, our society uses these labels to make this gift undesirable, attempting to demonize it.  It wants to make these emotional skills socially unacceptable.  Doing so prevents people from exploring them.

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The fact is, our empathetic ability grows as we expand our awareness.  The growth of our consciousness is a beautiful thing.  As we become more aware, we use common sense and logic.  Use these, and you will see the inconsistencies and fallacies in our culture.  Then you’ll start questioning the cultural narrative.  The dominant culture does not want us to be inquisitive; they want us to be compliant.

The principal force in our society comes from Western organized religion. Even if you aren’t a follower, you feel the effects of its control of the culture.  The principal concern of Western organized religion is profit.  It sells the afterlife, health, and prosperity.  But, the afterlife is by far their most lucrative scam.  There are no customer complaints about this product.   It is an effective war-proof strategy.

For this reason, the culture doesn’t want people to be awake and aware.  Awareness leads to more empathy.  And, this leads to more kindness and compassion.  These traits break down the barriers it works so hard to create.  So, it wants to make the abilities of empathy off-limits. So, that’s why it projects the message that these abilities are supernatural or paranormal.

Is There an Accurate Empath Test?

No, sorry, we have not found a valid test for determining this energy awareness form. It is essential to realize that these empathic abilities are functions of awareness, which fluctuate during the day.   If you have the emotional sensitivity that fits the empath definition, you know emotional energy is erratic.  It changes based on our mood and the mood of others.

A test would only measure your awareness at a specific date and time.  So, making an accurate test is nearly impossible.  Several factors affect our awareness. For instance, drugs can alter it, or when we don’t get enough sleep, thinking is foggy. That’s why people drink coffee or other things. Similarly, mental and physical health are significant factors affecting cognition.

However, if you are still interested in an Empath test, you’ll find several online.   We have found that these are just lists of generalized traits.  These traits apply to almost everyone.

They have not developed an accurate test that would identify this partition of awareness as far as we know.  By all means, don’t pay to take a quiz.  Some ask you to choose pictures.  These tests may be fun, but they are not accurate.

Can You Learn or Increase Empath Abilities?

Our empathetic ability will increase or decrease in direct relation to awareness.  So, yes, there are tools to enhance this natural ability.

Our DNA holds these gifts.  Accessing these gifts is a central focus of many ancient cultures.  And so, we can benefit from generations of their research. These methods for expanding awareness are what we call spiritual exploration.  We use them in our blended learning process.

Also, these tools stand up to the test of science. They are repeatable processes that allow us to reach higher states.  We can measure the unique physiological properties of these states. They differ from our default settings of waking, sleeping, and dreaming. For the most part, these tools come from Eastern cultures because they focus on developing human potential.

Are Empaths likely to be a specific personality type?

Are some personality types more likely to be considered an Empath?  No, this does not appear to be the case.   People of all personality types may exhibit these qualities.   These findings come from over 20 years of research gathering data with the Enneagram.

We use the Enneagram of Personality in our workshops and research. It’s the best tool for learning about our Ego.  Even among the feeling Tri-types, you’d expect there to be a more significant number of Empaths.  However, this is not the case here either.  They appear in the same numbers across all aspects of personality and instinct.  So, this sensitivity gift is not an element of our Ego.  Where could this sensitivity reside?  Ever hear of our sixth sense?

Is the sixth sense the same as being an Empath?

The sixth sense is the ability to perceive beyond the five senses of hearing, taste, sight, smell, and touch.  It is also known as extrasensory perception (ESP). We’ve already discussed energy sensitivity as a special kind of perception.  Feeling someone or something is watching is perhaps an extension of this ability?

The sixth sense is not uncommon; many other creatures share this same ability. It’s a proven fact those who have significant visual impairments are aware of people observing them. They sense someone or something is watching them even though it is physically impossible. It’s something science can’t yet explain.  So, perhaps ESP is simply a different channel of energy sensitivity?

Some scientists think this sixth sense is part of our autonomic nervous system’s hard-wiring.  Our fight, flight, or freeze reaction; is our instinctual response to danger.  Animals also share the abilities of an Empath.  After all, we train dogs to be emotional support partners.  They sense when the owner needs help before there are any outward signs.  Therefore, it is clear many animals share this gift. That’s how they can expect predators.

Are Empaths Also Introverts?

People assume that Empaths must also be introverts.  However, this isn’t the case.  People with empathetic sensitivity are just as likely to be extroverts.  Some people use an Empath label as an excuse to isolate or act unsociably.  These are signs of mental health issues like depression.  Therefore, you should not confuse anti-social personality disorders with emotional sensitivity.

Are Empaths Loners?

Do Empaths need more time alone than others who are not?  No, not necessarily. The fact is, everyone needs time alone.  Even the most aggressive personality types who are not Empaths need time alone.  Our modern world is hectic and chaotic. It’s easy to let this become overwhelming.  Our very nature requires time alone to recharge, contemplate, and normalize. It’s important to meditate. We’ll talk more about this in a moment.

How does being an Empath impact my identity?

If you identify with this name or term, ask yourself these questions. Why does this term resonate so profoundly with me?  Does this label make me feel special?  Is it a significant part of my identity?  Do I use it as an excuse to isolate or avoid addressing other problems?  Or is it merely another part of my spiritual toolbox?

The above questions deal with how we see and relate to our sense of self-worth.  We live in a culture bombarding us with messages.  They tell us we are inadequate unless we buy their product or idea.  We achieve a false sense of self through belonging to a group or buying a product.

Our genuine sense of self-worth is not something we can purchase.  Nor should we link it to anything which will change or diminish over time.  However, we can cultivate it through self-compassion.  It will help us achieve optimal health and wellness, starting with self-compassion. Don’t confuse self-compassion with counterfeit self-esteem. These terms sound similar but are different. Learn why.

Do Empaths have a better connection with intuition?

Being an Empath does not mean they have a higher sense of intuition.  We can receive energy from someone or something but not understand the source.  We must learn to interpret the energy, and this takes a fundamental understanding of our worldview, personality, and instincts.  Intuition is the ability to understand without the need for conscious reasoning.  So, intuition has nothing to do with feeling external stimuli.

Are All Empaths Targets for Energy Vampires?

Some people believe Empaths are more susceptible to energy vampires.  Everyone who comes into their sights is a target. Energy, emotional and financial vampires seek anyone willing to give what they desire.  Emotionally vulnerable people can be easier to persuade if they don’t know how to guard their emotional center.  So, we’ll discuss the process to make yourself less of a target in a moment.

The bottom line, vulnerability, and sensitivity are not the problems.  The problem is that some people will attempt to prey on those who are cheerful and generous.  You can learn to be kind and still protect yourself.

Do Empaths have greater emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is a new catch-phrase in popular business culture. It’s the rebranding of psychological manipulation, a set of skills for masking emotional “affect” while reading others’ nonverbal communications.  It teaches people to be less than forthcoming and authentic.  It enables people to take advantage of communications and relationships for their own goals. It’s not something we recommend you learn.  Instead, learn to be authentic and honest.

Are Empaths sensitive to places and locations?

Locations like people can give off negative energy.  For instance, many people find walking in a garden or forest to help them feel calm and peaceful.  Some people get the same relaxed feeling when walking in a cemetery or other sacred sites. After all, these are places that receive an outpouring of love.  However, everyone has locations that help them feel calm and centered.

Some places give off negative energy.  Some sites are unwelcome and menacing.  Again, your sixth sense will tell you something is wrong. We’ll explain the coping strategies for dealing with negative people and places later.

Dealing with Life as an Empath

What An Empath Needs To Know

Vulnerability is a healthy part of life. But, constantly feeling vulnerable is not. If you live a courageous life, you risk yourself.  You choose to be vulnerable.  Those with a high level of emotional sensitivity have difficulty learning to control unwanted vulnerability.   Learning the proper coping skills will allow you to function in this hyper, emotionally charged culture.

If you are an Empath, you must learn to shield your emotions.  Learning how to protect unwanted sensory input will give you more freedom and autonomy.  Many with emotional sensitivity struggle because they haven’t learned the proper coping skills.  As a result, they go through life feeling like a target for energy vampires.  They even have problems going to sleep when their angry neighbor comes home.

Let’s face it.  If you are a sensitive and caring person, you will attract needy people. You need to learn the proper skills to spot and cope with emotional vampires. If you use the correct technique to create healthy boundaries, you’ll have more freedom and less stress. Also, some people are sensitive to the negative energy of certain places.  The same coping skills will help with these as well.

First, Learn to Ground Yourself

Above all, it’s essential to learn how to become grounded and centeredGrounding helps you be aware of your physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries.  Also, grounding and centering will keep your analytical mind online.  In this way, you make better decisions using reason, logic, and common sense.  As a result, you’ll be able to avoid people or places that are energy, emotional and material vampires.

One of the best and simplest ways to become grounded is mindfulness meditation; it has two seated and moving forms.  By all means, everyone needs to learn and use these techniques. So, use your smartphone.  Set a reminder at least four times a day.  Take the time to use mindfulness meditation to become grounded and maintain this state throughout the day.

Two, Learn to Spot and Deal with Energy Vampires

Learn to spot energy vampires by living grounded. Be proactive in sensing energy at a distance. Become aware of the energy signatures of people before they enter your personal space.  However, even if one slips inside your radar, you’ll remain in control of your emotional center. It’s essential to practice some phrases enabling you to disengage.  Excusing yourself to go to the restroom is a favorite.

So trust your gut.  It is that sixth sense we talked about earlier.  This trigger is telling you that something is not correct.  Listen to it.  When you identify someone who violates your healthy space, stop and take a break.  Find a way to make some physical space.  When you do this, chances are, they will know they see through their mask.

Three, Protecting Your Soul Center

We have a window of consciousness we call our spirit or soul, which defines us as a single entity. We view reality through this window of perception. Some refer to it as the center of our Being, soul, or spirit. It doesn’t matter what you call it.

You can tell it when something or someone violates this sacred space of awareness. So, when this happens, it’s time for proactive measures.  So, we recommend using an internal mantra to project a positive shield.  Using a mantra will enable you to keep your emotional equilibrium by blocking the intrusion of unwanted energy.  You can use this as a proactive measure to stop an intrusion.

The mantra we recommend will break the hold of the energy vampire.   A mantra is a vibrational formula that creates a specific result.  The proper mantra will shield you from attempts to drain your emotional center.  As a result, you remain calm, enabling you to think more rationally.   Now, you can find the best way to remove yourself from the source.  You can also practice techniques to raise your vibration.  We call this the practice of spiritual exploration.

It pays to become familiar with this mantra and its use.  First, memorize it, so it’s ready when you need it.  If you encounter an energy vampire, then start saying this mantra internally.  The Mantra is:

“Om Kshraum Naraismhaya Namaha,”

Literal translation: “I salute AND manifest energy that destroys the seemingly indestructible.”


So everyone has these qualities to some extent. Even if you don’t fit the textbook Empath definition, you probably have some latent sixth sense ability.  Some people just have a greater sensitivity than most others.

If you desire, you can enhance these skills. It’s a skill set that depends on your self-awareness and mental health. It’s possible to increase your empathetic abilities by expanding your awareness.  You can do this by applying ancient spiritual techniques we call the path of spiritual exploration.  Thankfully, you don’t need an Empath test to tell if you are sensitive.  If you are, then you already know it.

If you have questions about being an empath please contact us.


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