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Tree Grounding Exercise — Connecting with Nature

Connect with a tree, and you connect to nature. Connect to nature, and you connect with your essence, your soul. Then stand there at one as one with creation.  This tree grounding exercise is easy to learn and beneficial to your health.

The Tree Grounding Philosophy

This tree grounding exercise might be considered a subset of the Japanese natural health practice known as “Forest Bathing“.   Additionally, to get the most out this or Forest Bathing one should also employ the basic mindfulness meditation techniques.  If you use all three together you’ll have a simple but powerful suite of basic meditation practices that will reduce stress and bring clarity of mind. Consequently, many this process simple, powerful and soothing.  You can create your own personal ritual around this exercise. It’s a perfect way to boost your attitude and immune system.  As a result, it good as a part of your normal health and wellness routine.

Your proximity to the tree and your intent are the most important elements.  So, you can use this tree grounding exercise while sitting, laying on the ground or standing.  Because we can do it while standing you can do it in almost any weather condition.  Some people find the Winter is one of the best times because snow also dampens any noise.  On the other hand, many like to do it in the Summer because they can also be barefoot.  No matter what the weather or climate nature is always reaching out to us, wanting to connect.  We are after all a part of nature.

The Tree Grounding Process

Start by finding a suitable tree.  If you have the luxury of walking in a forest or large garden take your time.  Find one that attracts you preferably one where you can get close to the trunk.

Start by looking closely at the tree, its branches, its leaves if they are still on the branches. Now, follow the trunk down to its roots.  You may be able to see some sticking up from the ground radiating outward.  Imagine how they extend into the earth.  If it’s possible you can sit or lay under the tree looking up through the branches.

Reach out and touch the tree. Some enjoy putting their arms around the trunk.  If you sitting or laying on the ground you can touch the roots and trunk.   If you can’t touch the tree, don’t worry.  Your close proximity and intent will be sufficient.  Envision yourself as part of the tree’s roots extending down into the earth.  Contemplate on the time it has taken for this tree to grow.  Think about all the weather it has endured.  You may see scars on the trunk or broken limbs.  These are symbolic of your own trials and tribulations.

Feel free to speak words are appropriate. Give thanks to the tree for providing shade and the very oxygen you breathe. Take your time. Stand straight like the tree, and take a few deep breaths. Visualize yourself tapping into the living energy that is part of the tree, part of the Earth, part of the Universe. Enjoy the moment. You are alive, in great part the tree and what it provides.  Lastly, just listen and spend some quiet time.  Breathe with the tree.

Preparation for The Shamanic Journey

Tree grounding is an excellent preparatory for the Shamanic Journey.  In fact, many indigenous cultures incorporate some type of tree grounding within their practice.  Sometimes it’s only with branches from a tree.  However, when a fire is used within the ritual it almost always includes honoring the living tree which provides the fuel.

In Conclusion

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