See How Religious Beliefs Oppose Your Growth

See How Religious Beliefs Oppose Your Growth

Your personal and spiritual growth depends on tools of consciousness development.  That’s all you need to walk your own path.  See how this differs from religious belief. 

Religious Beliefs Oppose Your Growth

Religion is a system of artificial boundaries.  The most popular religions are systems of self hypnosis that is based on a collection of fables, myths, and superstitions.  They depend upon faith and belief in “divine agency” for the source of their authority.  Superstition gives weight to their cultural programming.

This describes the Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.  These religions are not new. They are the rebranding of the ancient Persia, Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, and Greek mythologies.

Abrahamic religious beliefs oppose your growth by creating boundaries designed to make and keep you a customer while protecting the cash-flow system. It elicits negative emotional reactions to any threat. That’s how they keep you a customer. And the programming of these systems can have very harmful effects on you and everyone in your circle of influence.

Religions, like the Abrahamic traditions, contain a variety of negative social biases and prejudice.  They provide “believers” justification to hate. Anyone or anything that doesn’t support their skewed worldview is an enemy.

The superstitions and prejudices of these systems result in harmful social outcomes. It is responsible for everything from genocide and burning people to death to genital mutilation.  It’s a history they would like people to overlook, but they rely on it for the basis of current forms of prejudice.

Religious people claim that it’s just the fundamentalists of each religion that cause problems. But, there’s got to be something wrong with the religion itself if those who strictly adhere to its most fundamental principles are violent bigots and sexists. — David G. McAfee

They oppose your growth and the growth of humanity by denying science.  Abrahamic religious beliefs oppose your spiritual growth by demonizing other paths, especially those from which they borrow shamelessly.  They are systems of opposition which create division.

Since its inception, Western theology has morphed into more than 5,000 mutually exclusive hierarchies.  Each one picks from a variety of teachings and sacred texts.  The programming centers on creation myths, eschatology, and prophecy.  All of this is superstition. Group hypnosis or groupthink manipulation tactics make religious beliefs impervious to any evidence.  They oppose any tools of consciousness development.

The goal of superstition is to control thought, values, and behavior. This tactic isn’t new.  It’s the creation of Hammurabi, the sixth King of the First Babylonian Dynasty circa 1790 BCE.  Western religion uses his method of indoctrinating the most vulnerable in the culture.  This begins with children but has tendrils to adopt anyone in an emotional or financial crisis.

None of the beliefs in imaginary friends will help you on your spiritual journey.  Religious beliefs oppose all other approaches to spirituality.  Western organized religion is designed to make and keep you a customer.  That’s it.  It’s spiritual junk food with no substance.  There is a much better way.

Walk Your Own Path

How Religious Beliefs Differ from the Tools of Consciousness walk your own path

Creating a path is easier than you’ve been led to believe. All you need are the proper tools of consciousness development. The dominant cultural narrative controlled by the Abrahamic religions wants you to think this is hard.  They want to keep you a paying customer; they do everythig they can oppose your growth.

Part of human nature is our desire to explore.  Exploration is all about finding new territory.  So, human consciousness is the ultimate territory to explore.  Consciousness exploration is something that many ancient civilizations took interest in pursuing.  Indigenous people were the first to develop repeatable ways to alter and change consciousness.

One of the earliest methods found around the world is what some call guided meditation or creative visualization.  This is the rebranding of the Shamanic Journey.  They also explored the use of different forms of meditation.  Mantras and sutras were discovered that enabled people to enter higher states of consciousness.

We call these repeatable methods “spiritual technologies”. You can use them to develop and walk your own path. They represent eons of research by cultures around the globe.  The focus of these tools is consciousness development, not the belief in mythologies.

Tools of Consciousness Development

The dimensions of time and space are not barriers for our consciousness.  We do not exist between our ears, the real you, the person you talk to inside your head, has no limits.  Our consciousness has a foundation of pure awareness which enables us to access to higher states of consciousness.  All we need are the keys to open our awareness, and these tools exist.  We call these tools spiritual technologies.

Everyone has their own way of awakening their spiritual gifts sleeping in their DNA.  Awakening is a process.  When we open them, it sets our spiritual walk into motion.  It opens our minds to new potentials.

The research of consciousness and learning to access these spiritual gifts was the central goal of many ancient cultures.  The investigation of consciousness is something many ancient cultures thought was important, and we enjoy the benefits of generations of research.  These early pioneers give us several tools for exploring consciousness.

We call the processes of these early explorers, spiritual technologies.  These processes stand up to the test of science, they are repeatable and produce unique physiological changes. These tools enable us to reach higher states of awareness that differ from waking, sleeping, and dreaming.

We use a blended learning model incorporating those processes which are safe and reliable.  We are not the first to use this eclectic approach.  For example, Gurdjieff’s approach was to adopt techniques proven to be effective.  The research of these early pioneers stands the test of time.

In Conclusion

It should be obvious that Western religion differs from the tools of consciousness development.  This is especially true of the superstitions in the Abrahamic traditions. The question is, are you going to follow a mythology, our seek tools to expand your awareness? It’s a choice between two paths, fact based exploration or following fiction.   You can learn to walk your own path.  Don’t let religious beliefs oppose your development.

This topic also dovetails with the difference between spiritual exploration and religion.

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