How to Avoid Group Hypnosis Sessions and a State of Hypnosis

Avoiding Unwanted Group Hypnosis Sessions and a State of Hypnosis

Are you living in a state of hypnosis under the power of hypnotic suggestion scripts?  These self-hypnosis scripts are used more commonly than you think.  Let’s find out.

A lot of people are taking part in group hypnosis sessions and don’t know it.  Religion is such a part of our cultural narrative that we don’t recognize the tools they are using to program thinking and manipulate people through their fears.  It’s all possible through the use of groupthink tactics.

What is Groupthink Theory?

This theory explains how groupthink tactics work.  This theory is the result of scientific study. It is the tool of modern advertising, which comes from a much older source — organized religion. It’s a well-proven theory. Group and self-hypnosis works. The power of these techniques is inescapable. The more exposure to propaganda, the more susceptible you become.  What is a state of hypnosis?

The hypnotic state has different levels of depth.  Most people are completely lucid while under hypnotic suggestion.   You can be hypnotized without being catatonic.  All a skilled hypnotist needs is your undivided attention.  Hypnosis is the insertion of self-hypnosis scripts at a subconscious level, which are activated by a trigger.  The Trigger can be a word, phrase, or action.

The hypnotic suggestion script is a covert way of controlling thoughts and behaviors and is the backbone of groupthink manipulation tactics.  These tools override our free will.  They can make us do things that violate our moral compass.

Groupthink is a tool to program beliefs and behaviors.  It uses herd or peer alignment.  The tendency is to follow the group when they respond to stimulus.  Powerful psychological techniques can get people to do almost anything.

What is Religious Hypnosis?

Religious Hypnosis Groupthink Theory Group Hypnosis Course with Self-Hypnosis Scripts

When you attend meetings at a church, synagogue, or ashram, you are subjecting yourself to group hypnosis scripts, whether or not you know it.  Religion moved online in the 1950s.  TV preachers are an example of overt manipulation.   A preacher will promise supernatural intervention for financial support.  They will flaunt their wealth, telling you they got rich by donating, so you can be wealthy too if you give them money.  They use emotionally charged language and repeat their request until people respond.  It starts a chain reaction.  When people see others doing it, they will follow.  It is called herd manipulation.

You are exposing yourself to religious hypnosis techniques if you follow one of the Abrahamic religions.  The tools they use date back to mystery religions circa 5000 BCE.  Assyria, Babylon, Persia, and Egypt are the birthplaces of modern religion and tools used to control people.  These methods work well today.

Group hypnosis sessions are where self-hypnosis scripts are installed. These tools create a state of hypnosis that overrides common sense. It blinds our natural sense of ethical behavior and places our thinking and behavior in the hands of those who control the programming.  Censorship and propaganda are used to craft the message and desired outcome.

Peer pressure or groupthink makes people susceptible.  So, they “go along” with the suggestion even if it goes against common sense or their morals.  Justification is part of the programming, so there isn’t any hesitation or guilt.

So, for example, someone with a gun goes into a family planning center and kills the doctor because they believe any abortion is killing.  They say it’s against my religion for you to choose or perform an abortion.  I am protecting the rights of an unborn child. My religion justifies killing those who violate my beliefs.

When you bring up a point their religion teaches, which states, thou shalt not kill?  They say that is a commandment.  However, the doctor was going to perform an abortion, so we killed them first.   This means they believe their religion gives them discretion to kill.

What is Political Hypnosis?

The political use of groupthink hypnosis runs parallel with religious hypnosis.  They use the same techniques.  The group leader can shape thinking and actions by linking and triggering reactions to fear or anger.   The essence of groupthink theory is manipulating and installing reactive thinking to achieve the desired response.  When directed to kill, they don’t think they act.  It uses both group and self-hypnosis scripts to gain control of your mind.

People make irrational decisions because they feel the pressure to conform.  They want to be accepted.  This type of pressure discourages critical thinking.

Groupthink blinds people to the responsibility of their actions in the mob.  They view the actions of the mob as separate from themselves.  It makes them think they are free from being held accountable for their participation with the herd.

When their herd commits violent acts, they believe they should be held blameless for their participation.  After all, they are only following along or following orders.

In ancient times, a leader would gather people around a bonfire to motivate people.  They would chant slogans, sing war songs, and burn effigies of their enemies.  This gives the mindset to kill others.

The Nazi Party rallies in the 1930s and 1940s featured a similar emotional setting.  This was mirrored in current times at the attempted insurrection of January 6, 2021.

If Hitler had survived to stand trial, he would have been tried for several things, including inciting people to commit crimes of violence for conspiracy to commit murder.  This is what the serial killer Charles Manson was given a life sentence for.  Donald Trump’s behavior is similar to both of these situations.

The Power of Group Hypnosis Sessions

Groupthink theory is simple.

  • Bring people together into a controlled space.  The TV screen is a good substitute.
  • Use a sales gimmick to garner attention, like prosperity, health, or eternal life.  Find a scapegoat on which to direct their anger.
  • Use language that triggers deep emotional reactions like fear, greed, or hate.
  • Program the desired response.

The group leader or speaker then uses peer pressure to reinforce hypnotic suggestion scripts. This creates a state of hypnosis.  The topics that work best for hypnosis are those which elicit powerful emotions.

Anything is possible if you believe in myths.  The Belief in talking snakes and zombies is just the beginning.

“You believe in a book that has talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks turning into snakes, burning bushes, food falling from the sky, people walking on water, and all sorts of magical, absurd and primitive stories, and you say that we are the ones that need help?” ― Mark Twain

Okay, it’s time to ask yourself the question.  Doesn’t your religion sound like a series of group hypnosis sessions?

How Do Hypnotic Suggestion Scripts Work?

hypnotic suggestion scripts

Yes, these techniques work very well.  They make people feel “special.” Their acceptance or inclusion gives them a sense of belonging.  People accept the values of the collective.  These characteristics are often different and more extreme than any individual in the group. However, peer pressure makes them go along with the actions of the group.

The person or persons who use propaganda to manipulate you are in charge of the programming of your values and beliefs.  Profit and control are always the hidden agendas behind these tactics.

Self-Hypnosis Scripts

People feel emotionally charged and stimulated. So, the feelings of belonging are addicting. These tactics are known as the group mind or the mob effect.  Even though you may be in a group, the script is something you internalize.

In the 1800s, French social psychologists identified this social programming technique. Jean-Gabriele de Tarde and Charles-Marie Gustave Le Bon (2) describe it as group mind, herd, or mob behavior. These researchers give us a way of identifying the effects of these types of psychological techniques. They prove that these hypnosis tactics work well because they compel the group members to submit to self-hypnosis scripts.

When you become a part of a group, you accept the identity of the group to some extent.  The more fixated with the cause of the group, the more group identity overrides your sense of individuality.  The group leader can exploit this vulnerability and insert their agenda as a part of the belief system.  You accept it willingly because you have lost your ability to weigh the facts.  It gives groupthink its power to motivate using emotionally charged discourse.  Fear or anger triggers in the language compel people to act without considering their actions or consequences.

Getting caught up in the emotions of a group is easy.  There is a heavy price for following along with the group. You can lose your sense of self.  It is natural to sync with the emotional level of the group.  If the emotions escalate to violent behavior, you will go along without considering the consequences.  The group can behave in ways you would not otherwise consider on your own.

These tactics often use a scapegoat on which to project negative emotions.  This focal point gives a charismatic leader an enemy to blame.  Hitler was an expert at these tactics.  Religion and politics are the two public spaces where this occurs most often.

We have seen how the celebration of a sporting event can turn violent.  High-energy social events are additive, which is what large sporting events thrive on.  But when people get lost in emotions, they can act out in unpredictable ways. The adverse effects of this type of this type of fixation are undisputed.  It is the same for highly emotional, religious, or political events.

“Religious people claim that it’s just the fundamentalists of each religion that cause problems. But there’s got to be something wrong with the religion itself if those who strictly adhere to its most fundamental principles are violent bigots and sexists.” — David G. McAfee

Christians and Muslims commit genocide against one another in the name of their holy God. These religions have splintered into thousands of separate sects.  Each sect believes they alone are right. And, because everyone else is wrong, this provides the basis to act, to protect their doctrine. If you belong to one of the Abrahamic traditions (3), the following list of tactics should be illuminating.

How to Spot Group Hypnosis Sessions

To free yourself from this kind of negative programming, you need to recognize the signs and remove yourself from the exposure.   Here are the characteristics of this programming:

Chosen-One Mentality

You are special! Membership in the group makes you unique, a chosen one. Membership in the group centers on the belief in an imaginary friend.  And membership empowers people to protect the dogma of the group.  They can justify any action necessary to defend their beliefs.

Everyone who is outside of the group becomes an enemy.  This gives them plenty of people on which to project their anger and hatred.

Illusions of Invulnerability

Since you are a chosen one, you are also invincible. This encourages people to engage in activities that would otherwise violate their morals. They engage in violent acts because their imaginary friend makes them invincible. They are acting on behalf of God. So, they do not accept responsibility for their actions. This is the tactic charismatic leaders often use to incite groups to violence.

Unquestionable Beliefs or Creeds

A creed is a statement of beliefs. The main elements required for membership are spelled out in the creed. It is a quality control mechanism that makes the membership more exclusive.
Some creeds are set up in a hierarchy with different levels of membership.  You are only given that part of the creed for your level within the sect.  Secret societies, religions, and gangs use specific phrases, hand signs, and handshakes to identify levels of membership.
Members must be able to recite or perform the elements of this sect to prove their acceptance of the creed.  Every sect of the Abrahamic religions has its creed of beliefs. You cannot question these elements.

Social integration

The concept is to integrate religion into as many social contacts as possible. Social integration acts like glue. You want people to restrict doing business within the group. You want their friends to be members of the group.  This cements the individual to the cult. Contacts with people outside the group are minimized. It increases the group leader’s control. The individual is far less likely to leave and far more likely to provide financial support.

Rationalizing Fiction and Bias

To rationalize is to make excuses for harmful actions.  This blocks common sense, compassion, and empathy.  The tools of this tactic are circular logic, scapegoats, and fallacies—these tools override our moral compass.

Members of the group can commit violent crimes without remorse. They are programmed to disregard the warning signs of manipulation. They disregard facts that contradict harmful intent. The group is a tool for the leader when they treat conspiracy theories as fact.


A stereotype is a tool used to identify people so that you can justify harmful actions. The ideals of the group can cause you to demonize people.  A stereotype provides a convenient scapegoat on which the group can focus anger and hate.


Self-censorship keeps people from entertaining thoughts that conflict with the group.  New ideas can cause people to doubt.  Doubt threatens the authority of the group.  So, leaders will talk openly about what it means to leave the group.

Self-censors are often small-group leaders.  They are trained to confront members who present views and ideas that stray from the views of the religion.  Potential troublemakers are reported to leadership.  If you are expelled from the group, one common punishment is social isolation.  You are cut off from all social and business connections.

If you are asked to leave the group, you become an outsider.  Outsiders are still considered believers, but they are ostracized.

It is worse if you are also branded an unbeliever or heretic.  The penalties are stiffer. In some cultures, heretics and unbelievers are not just ejected. They are tortured and killed in public.

Illusions of Unanimity

Lead members to believe that everyone in the group is in total agreement.  Public demonstrations and examples use group hypnosis sessions to align members.  Others see you and think you agree, even when you do not.  The banner of common beliefs is a way to build unification.  Once a leader has group consensus, they can use this agreement to justify extremist beliefs.

Meeting Frequently to Increase Psychological Programming

Frequent meetings are the cornerstone of these mind control techniques.  The more often you attend, the more susceptible you become to the propaganda.   Some religions require daily meetings for prayer.  It’s a sign of social control where people pledge their loyalty to the cult.

Religious and political sects use large and small groups to reinforce ideologies. They provide the springboard for extremist activities. This connection is easy to see if you view the news archives. Watch the speeches of Hitler from the 1940s and Donald Trump on January 6, 2021.

Propaganda for Profit and Control

The underlying agenda of these tactics is profit and control.  Follow the money.  Ask yourself, how does the leader or the group profit from my actions?  The answer will lead you to how they make money or the reasons behind what they want you to do.

How to Avoid Living in a State of Hypnosis

A group hypnosis course that programs unhealthy beliefs and values should be avoided.  So, when you attend meetings and support the Abrahamic religions, you are supporting unhealthy values.  When you attend meetings, you give them the opportunity to program your mind.   You don’t know it’s happening, but they are programming your subconscious mind. This kind of programming is the most dangerous when it is invisible.

Not everyone will acknowledge it, even if they recognize its tactics. Hopefully, more people will see how religion uses these tactics to control and oppress.  Even if you are a believer, you must admit these brainwashing tactics are unhealthy.

The study of logic can help you spot the tactics and help you avoid exposure to groupthink programming.  Comparative Analysis is a tool that can free your mind from harmful beliefs you may harbor.


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