Why Do You Get Tunnel Vision What Gives You Tunnel Vision Culture Is a Mass Hallucination

Why Do You Get Tunnel Vision — Culture Is a Mass Hallucination

Why do you get tunnel vision? An oppressive culture is like a dark tunnel. When you look into a tunnel, all you see is darkness. You can only see the light if you turn around and face outward. Culture is a mass hallucination that distorts perception like a tunnel.

Perception happens in the mind. The senses only provide input. Perception is a creative process of the mind that uses a filter to provide the results we expect.

Delusion or Hallucination

Although intertwined, hallucination and delusion manifest in distinct ways. Delusions refer to fixed, false beliefs that persist. They resist change even when presented with contradicting evidence. An example everyone can understand is the indoctrination associated with Western Organized religion.

Meanwhile, hallucinations are sensory perceptions experienced without any external stimuli. They take many forms, from visual, auditory, tactile, and gustatory to olfactory sensations.

Have you ever met someone who believes the government is controlled by shape-shifting reptilians? Well, that’s a classic example of a delusion. Delusions are self-created erroneous narratives. These scenarios often revolve around conspiracy theories. They can also include grandiosity, persecution, or religious and cultural influences. While delusions have no basis in reality, they are real to those experiencing them. Such beliefs are resistant to rational explanations or contradictory evidence.

Fixed beliefs that ignore reality are the basis of Western organized religion. These are the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. These are the three most popular religions by population, and they control much of the cultural narrative. Culture is a mass hallucination when infected with religious sectarianism from these systems. If you consider yourself a follower of one of these religions, you know what gives you tunnel vision.

Delusions are often connected to hallucinations. Imagine hearing your name being called when no one is around or seeing vivid, colorful images nobody else can perceive. These sensory distortions are classic examples of hallucinations.

Unlike delusions, hallucinations involve vivid perceptions that feel real. Although they lack any external source of stimuli, they seem real to the person having them. Seeing Jesus in a slice of bread is another example of how cultural delusions inspire hallucinations. Schizophrenia, substance abuse, or neurological disorders can also serve as catalysts.

From these examples, we see how delusions can influence and shape hallucinations. They are often intertwined. Delusional religious beliefs frequently dictate the content and interpretation of hallucinatory experiences. Let’s say someone is convinced they are being followed. Their hallucinations may manifest as footsteps or whispers. Religious devotees who hear the voice of God have a similar type of hallucination.

So, it’s not delusion or hallucination religious beliefs are both. Religion makes them inseparable. The mind’s complex machinery offers some insights into how it accomplishes this phenomenon. Delusions seem to stem from errors in the interpretation of reality. Cognitive biases and prejudices create these errors on purpose. Conversely, hallucinations occur due to neurotransmitter imbalances and structural brain abnormalities. These cause a disconnection between perception and interpretation.

Delusional religious beliefs and hallucinations exacerbate mental illness. Hallucination and delusion are symptomatic of various mental disorders like schizophrenia. However, most can be traced to the cultural programming of religious beliefs. Diving deep into their specifics requires expert evaluation. Understanding these phenomena can provide valuable assistance to mental health professionals. They are the best qualified in diagnosis, treatment planning, and support provision. The data points to organized religion as a catalyst for delusion and hallucination.

Why Do I Have Tunnel Vision?

In medicine, this is a physical condition that restricts visual perception. In the social sciences, it describes the filters of perception in the mind. These are heuristics or shortcuts and logical fallacies that distort perception. It makes us focus on cues consistent with the filter’s programming. It ignores cues that are inconsistent with their current worldview. We are interested in finding out more about how this social filter works.

Sometimes, we get lucky. We discover breakthroughs that increase the bandwidth of our understanding.   It helps us to remove some of the filters that distort our perception.

We find ancient treasures that help shed light on the truth. Two archaeological discoveries found in the 18th and 19th Centuries fit this description. These artifacts were the key to deciphering previously unreadable languages.

The first was when Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1799, he discovered the Rosetta Stone. He had no idea of its true meaning or significance.

The second is the Behistun Cliff inscriptions in Iran. These were discovered by Western researchers in 1598. Why are these findings so important? Both had side-by-side translations of the same text in different languages.

These artifacts made it possible to read Egyptian hieroglyphs and Sumerian texts. Many of these artifacts were safe from the book-burning campaign of the Church. This is because they undeciphered relics. As such, they were believed to be harmless to the Church.

The knowledge gained from understanding these languages led to the deciphering of others. Now, we could read old Persian, Elamite, and Babylonian. Artwork, statues, and old black-and-white photos yielded new information about these ancient cultures.

This new knowledge was a breakthrough. It showed the world where the Western religions got their doctrines and holy texts. It linked Western theology to the ancient mystery religions of the Mediterranean region.

What if Our Culture Is a Mass Hallucination?

Rosetta Stone

Many academic scholars thought these revelations would end Western religion. After all, no reasonable person could cling to these myths once they knew the truth of their origins.

The light of archeology revealed the origins of their sacred texts. All of their doctrines were just copies of ancient superstition and myth. Surely, this knowledge would set people free from the bonds of religion. They were wrong. The system of indoctrination is hard to overcome. Knowledge and logic do not affect deeply ingrained beliefs. It doesn’t matter what you call it, delusion or hallucination.

Facts and reason can only illuminate what the mind is willing to see. Techniques like group hypnosis are like blinders. People will defend their beliefs rather than consider facts that challenge them. Social programming is complete, and people reject anything that contradicts the belief system.

“You can’t use reason to convince anyone out of an argument that they didn’t use reason to get into.” ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ask Yourself, What Gives You Tunnel Vision?

The light of truth can expose the mass hypnosis of Western culture. However, many people still struggle to face the light. Instead, they face the darkness under the influence of self-hypnosis and group hypnosis. The culture is a mass hallucination when it contains falsehoods and distortions.

The tactics of group hypnosis are not new. They are the same tools used by the ancient mystery religions. These tools were developed in Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, and Persia. Today, they are used in the Abrahamic religions (1). Judaism, Christianity, and Islam simply use the brainwashing tools that work.

Harmful Social Programming is What Gives You Tunnel Vision

Many people don’t care about hypocrisy, inequity, and inequality. They are distracted by mythology and superstition. Many people fight to keep the system in place. They identify with the darkness of bias and prejudice. They don’t want to face the light. It’s too scary to see the facts. They would rather face the darkness. The problem is many people are facing the darkness, and they have the power to shape the culture.

Why do you get tunnel vision? It is done on purpose. Those in control use their power to program their beliefs and values. They use propaganda to keep people fixated on an idea. Fixation gives them control.

When the values of religious mythology become law, it creates friction in the culture. It creates tension between religion on one side and science, logic, and common sense on the other side. Religion is what makes the culture unhealthy. You have freethinkers who want a better world for everyone on one side. On the other side are religious fanatics who fight for favoritism. The mass hypnosis of mythology and superstition is the enemy of progress.

“The Church has borrowed without hesitation from the common stock of significant actions known to all periods and to all nations.  In such matters as these, Christianity claims no monopoly or originality.” — The Catholic Encyclopedia and International Trade, Vol. 14 (1907). (2)

The Tools of Self-Hypnosis and Group Hypnosis

If you live in a Western culture, you have likely been exposed to these tactics. You can’t escape it. So, why do you get tunnel vision? The programming of Western religion permeates the cultural narrative. The more exposure you have, the greater the distortion of perception.

Unfortunately, the best liars are those who believe the lie is true. So, if you can get people to believe a lie, they will pass it along as truth. Use the fear of death and provide an antidote. Then, religion gets them to accept the lie as a fact—this tactic of social programming links beliefs with a person’s identity. Now, you have a mechanism for complete social control.

Self-hypnosis and group hypnosis are the core of groupthink manipulation techniques. They are very effective at creating mass hypnosis. It’s another name for propaganda.

Cambridge Analytica is a media company (3) that learned to sway elections worldwide. In 2015, they used Facebook to spread fictitious stories, which were successful in swaying voters’ opinions. It doesn’t matter how outrageous or unfounded the allegations are. Why do you get tunnel vision? The answer is failing to confirm the facts before you believe something.

Mark Twain said that it is preposterous to assert that non-Christians need help. They have a sacred book with talking animals, witches, demons, and sticks that turn into snakes. So, who needs the help?

“Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd and bloody religion that has ever infected the world.” — Voltaire

Religions begin indoctrination as early in life as possible. Children adopt the values they are taught as truth. This programming never stops. It continues throughout life.

People become desensitized to the use of groupthink manipulation tactics. This programming dictates their values and thinking. Culture is a mass hallucination made to sell everything from soap to ideologies.

A worldview can thrive even though it is logically false and historically false.   All it needs are the tools to program the culture and maintain control. It can overcome logical reasoning with group hypnosis or groupthink manipulation tactics. Religious dogma and doctrine keep you facing the darkness of mythology.

Two Choices

There are two perspectives. The first is to accept the darkness of the tunnel. This choice appeals to those who belong to the Abrahamic traditions. The second perspective is for those facing outward toward the light. Resist social programming and groupthink manipulation.

Option 1 Accept the Delusion or Hulluciantion of Tunnel Vision

You can choose to accept the hallucination and delusion of organized religion. Please don’t be upset if you follow one of the Abrahamic sects. This information is intended to be food for thought.   We realize it brings up ideas your programming has trained you to reject. It is a part of the propaganda which programs us to judge with negative bias and prejudice.

groupthink manipulation is social programming which creates tunnel vision

We hope this discussion will encourage you to do your research. Use resources from outside your paradigm. Don’t search for opinions that support dogma and doctrine. Instead, use historical, scientific, and archeological sources outside your belief system. Start with any principle and see where it leads.

It’s important to see how groupthink manipulation affects your mind. These mind control tools create both hallucination and delusion, which are used to control your thinking. We want to illuminate their mind-control tactics. So, claiming you are facing light while immersed in mythology is ludicrous. The Abrahamic traditions are the origins of mass hallucination.

Don’t get us wrong. We agree we are spiritual beings having a human experience. All you need are the proper tools. But you don’t find these tools in superstition and mythology. These are processes for expanding awareness. It is the doorway to higher states of consciousness. Perhaps these techniques are what the great sages and teachers attempted to point to. Unfortunately, they missed the mark. See how spiritual exploration is the opposite of religion?

Opiton 2 Rejet the Hallucination and Delusion of Tunnel Vision

Reject the domination of the cultural narrative. Learn to turn away from the darkness of religious propaganda. The work of the warriors of light has never been more challenging. Religious extremists are more volatile than ever. Their leaders see the mass hallucination starting to erode. The paradigm is shrinking in size and influence. More people are awakening to the facts behind the mythology. More people are leaving these sects as the facts become more readily available. The mass hypnosis of our culture is fracturing and crumbling.

So, do what you can, where you are, with your available resources.   Also, plant the seeds of facts. Support science and the preservation of archaeological and historical facts.

It took me years, but letting go of religion has been the most profound wake up of my life. I feel I now look at the world not as a child, but as an adult. I see what’s bad, and it’s really bad. But I also see what is beautiful, what is wonderful. And I feel so deeply appreciative that I am alive. How dare the religious use the term ‘born again.’ That truly describes freethinkers who’ve thrown off the shackles of religion so much better!” — Julia Sweeney

How do you remove the influence of this mind control? How do you turn around from the darkness of racism and sectarianism?

Tools For Inner Work

You’ve probably heard the expression, The only way out is to keep going.

1. Identify Harmful Programming: Finding harmful programming is the first step. It is the doorway to reclaiming freedom of thought. Religious indoctrination is often the source. You can expose these beliefs with the proper inner work tools. We recommend the Culture Assessment Questionnaire, The Repeating Question Exercise, and the Enneagram. These tools will reveal the thought scripts that dictate your thinking. Once you identify these thought scripts, you can reflect on how they shape your worldview. It takes courage to remove them, but the goal is worth the effort.

2. Develop critical thinking skills: Rational thinking is crucial. It helps us navigate the programming of the mind. Logical tools can help us confront and overcome religious indoctrination. Educate yourself about different belief systems, philosophical ideas, and scientific discoveries. Embrace skepticism and question everything, including your own beliefs. Allow yourself the freedom to explore alternative perspectives.

3. Seek Objective Knowledge: Balance is the key to seeking knowledge. Dive into various scholarly works. Conduct research into the historical accounts of various belief systems to gain a broader understanding of the world. Look for objective sources that present different viewpoints. Brainstorm using facts and evidence to develop an informed opinion.

4. Remove the Harmful Sources: Once you identify the harmful thought scripts and beliefs, you can eliminate them. This guards against reprogramming harmful scripts. It is hard because you must evaluate social connections of all types, media, people, and organizations.

While breaking free from religious indoctrination is liberating, we must remain empathic. Be an example of compassion and understanding for those still in its grasp. Respect individual choices and allow space for personal growth. Remember that everyone is on a unique journey. Confronting others who are not ready to make the change can perpetuate the same kind of indoctrination we seek to reject.

5. Reprogram with Healthy Beliefs and Values: After decluttering your psyche, it’s time to reprogram. Removing harmful prejudices like racism and sectarianism gives us space to create a healthy worldview. Use affirmations and mantras to nurture and solidify your new core values.

As you begin to break free from the programming, continuing the journey of self-discovery is crucial. Reflect on your values, morals, and principles that transcend any religious affiliation. Identify what brings meaning and purpose to your life independently of indoctrinated beliefs.

6. Build a Support Network: Surrounding yourself with like-minded can be very helpful. Individuals who understand and respect your journey can help you on your journey. Seek out people who provide a positive environment for challenging religious indoctrination. Sharing with others who have undergone a similar transition gives us a safety net. They provide validation, comfort, and strength for your journey of self-development.

In Conclusion, Why Do You Get Tunnel Vision?

Sadly, ancient mythologies and superstitions still rule much of modern society. Western religion distorts perception by contaminating beliefs and values. So, our culture is a mass hallucination. We live under the influence of religious bias and prejudice. But the tide is turning. More people are awakening and turning away from the darkness. They are turning away from the groupthink manipulation of Western organized religion.

We should all ask ourselves, Why do I have tunnel vision? We should engage in routine, inner work to keep our minds healthy. Rejecting the programming of religious indoctrination is a deeply personal and courageous endeavor.

There are things we can do to overcome harmful programming. We start by acknowledging its influence. It is important to cultivate critical thinking and seek objective knowledge. Engaging in inner work is the key to identifying and removing harmful programming. Breaking free from the chains of religious indoctrination enables one to be free. We can discover an authentic path of spiritual development. And as we embrace a more open-minded and compassionate worldview, we create a better world.


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