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Your Virtual Learning Academy — A Private Virtual Learning Event

Here is your virtual learning academy designed to meet your spiritual development goals.  We tailor a curriculum to meet your goals and deliver it in a series of sessions, as many as it takes, to meet the training goals.  That’s over $3,000 worth of training for a $99.00 donation.  Sound interesting?

We know finding the right resources at the right time is difficult.  You may know what you want or need but can’t find the resource to provide it.   We can solve these issues.  We can assess your needs, develop a plan, and give you the tools to complete it.

The virtual learning event is a series of sessions built around your schedule.  Some people want more time between sessions to normalize what they have learned, while others like to have back-to-back sessions to answer questions and solve issues.  And we know things change, so that we can adjust the schedule, duration of the meetings, and content as needed.

Our goal is to ensure you get the training and information you need.  How many sessions do you get?  You meet as often as necessary to obtain the technologies you need in 3 or 16 sessions; it doesn’t matter.

Your Virtual Learning Event

The first step is to assess readiness and compatibility with the course curriculum.  It is a simple process.

We ask you about your previous experience and goals.  Then you complete some written assessment tools.  We use three tools:

With this data, we can create a flexible plan.  It will show learning preferences, styles, and any potential roadblocks.  This plan ensures the best learning outcomes.

Appropriate for Any Level of Experience

The virtual learning academy can fit any level of experience.  We create a flexible curriculum to meet your goals.  Everyone learns at a different rate, so we break up the learning sessions to fit your schedule and learning needs.  It gives you time to learn the techniques you need.  No matter your experience level, you get what you need to develop your path.

If you took each course separately, you could easily spend over $3,000.00.  You get it all here for a donation of $99.00.

How we Deliver the Virtual Learning Academy

We use a blended learning process to deliver the training.  It’s a process that incorporates mnemonic memory techniques with traditional instruction methods to ensure learning.  So, you are learning how to learn.  These memory palace techniques build the power of your memory.

With advances in distance learning technology, we can provide nearly this same instruction online as in our face-to-face workshops.  The only exception is with Tai Chi since we cannot do the physical exercises which require contact.  In many ways, learning in the privacy of your home is more effective as it eliminates any social roadblocks.  It’s your very own virtual learning academy.

To help ensure your progress, we provide a written guide for future reference.  It’s crucial because your learning will continue long after completing the sessions.  You don’t have to worry about missing anything.   We document everything for you and can also make a voice recording of each training session for future reference.

Our mission is to provide the tools you need to improve your life.  We’ll meet with you if you run into problems.

The Virtual Learning Event Curriculum

These sessions include foundational instruction and practical exercises for all the fundamental spiritual exploration techniques:

  • Logical reasoning is one of the core tools of spiritual exploration.  It helps you make better decisions.  It includes two other companion tools, spotting logical fallacies and spiritual axioms.  To make good decisions, you need to spot the arguments that get us off track.  These mental tools help us see the most common ploys.
  • The Enneagram and the Repeating Question tools teach us about the Ego.  They help us understand our personality and instincts.  If you understand how they work, you can fix any unhealthy programming.  They also provide a doorway to further inner work.
  • The virtual learning academy introduces you to seated meditation progressions, including the basic two-step meditation method, Mindfulness Meditation, Japa Meditation, and the Siddhis of Patanjali.  You will get all the time you need to get comfortable with these processes.
  • People often overlook awareness and consciousness expansion pathways, but these are the best ways to increase perception.  These methods include Lucid Dreaming and the Shamanic Journey or Guided Meditation.
  • And last but not least, several healing modalities, such as Reiki and Shiatsu.  Yes, you can learn these processes virtually.

What You Can Expect

This virtual learning event will give you some best practices for increasing physical and mental durability, which are also critical for developing and maintaining your progress.  We’ll show you how to leverage old-school and modern technologies to assist your journey.  We’ll explain why you need all the spiritual technologies in your “spiritual tool belt.”

There will be time for both the practice of techniques practice and the opportunity for feedback.  Yes, there will be homework.  We’ll provide plenty of resources.

How We Conduct The Virtual Learning Academy

First, send us an email.  We can forward you some pre-work on the Enneagram to get started.  Then we can set up convenient times for your remote learning sessions.  We can use almost any real-time application to deliver the training.   As a result, you can enjoy these sessions almost anywhere.

The follow-up sessions will focus on reinforcing learning and removing any roadblocks.   Again, at the date and time that works best for you.  We can change the date if you want to have it sooner or push it back to give you more time to practice.  If you have feedback or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Need more details?  Check out the blended learning process at the core of our teaching process.  It reflects what Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey (1).

Finally, sign up and donate to the virtual learning event.


(1) Joseph Campbell’s book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces

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