Is Life a Sacred Pathways Test? Making Life Happen For You

Is Life a Sacred Pathways Test? — Making Life Happen For You

What do you value in life?  Do you feel life is happening for you or to you?  Learn how to make life happen for you.  Want to find out how to do it?  All you need to do is ask the right questions in the right way.  The answer will change the trajectory of your life.

If you answer four basic questions honestly, it will tell you about your current mindset and what to do if you want to change it and make life better.

Can You Make Life Happen?

The phrase “making something happen” is about creating positive results.  First, it is essential to realize life is always happening around us.  We are alive, so we can join the dance if we choose.  Some dances are slow and easy; others are very challenging.  So, the question is, can you change the music of life, or do you have to wait for the right song to start?

We can go to school, get degrees, and plan a career.  But things can happen which derail this plan.  If we have some physical ability, like acting or playing football, we can prepare and train for a career, but life comes along and changes things.  We have an injury, or we fall prey to some addiction or run to break the wrong law at the wrong time.  All these plans go into the scrap heap, and you take the only options left.

So, if you are lucky, maybe you can plan for the future and make life happen the way you want it to, but not everyone is lucky.  It leads some to think life is a test.

Is Life a Sacred Pathways Test?

Imagine talking with a wise philosopher, a great teacher, or a Yogi.  Guess what?  A sage lives inside you.  Deep in your subconscious, your intuition resides and longs to provide valuable information.  All it takes is asking the right questions.

You probably say it can’t be that easy, but it is.  You already know the questions.  But let’s review each one carefully and then show you the best way to get accurate answers.

What do you value in life?

What you value can be determined by answering two questions:

    • How do you spend your time?
    • What is your mindset (beliefs, values, perceptions) about reality?

1) The question regarding time: on one side of the spectrum are those who get to do something for work they enjoy.  On the other side are those who work in jobs that provide a means to live.  It doesn’t mean what they do is enjoyable.  Some work long hours to make enough to survive.  Survival becomes their sacred pathways test.

Here’s where we bring back the Yogic meaning to life.  It would be best if you found value in the things you do.  Some parts will be more valuable and enjoyable than others.  Frontiers in Psychology (1) studied the relationship between values and life situations.

2) Determine your mindset about reality: what you The research shows how abstract beliefs manifest as value and belief systems.  Values drive actions and attitudes about something.  Their study explored the previous work of Kurt Lewin (2).  He proposed a therm and formula to explain how behavior results from the intersection of values (beliefs) and a person’s subjective interpretation of the environment.

The formula he arrived at was B = f (P, E).  Behavior= function of (Person’s beliefs) and the interpretation of their environment.  His point is we can change our perceptions and beliefs.  But the problem is propaganda and groupthink manipulation program people to act like a trout chasing a lure.

The bottom line is that what you value in life may be programmed.  Look at who controls the cultural narrative.  If religious overtones dominate it, you can see the behavior of people responding to protect it.  That is what the Lewin formula explains.  So, perhaps life is just a sacred pathways test.  Will you pass or die hanging onto the hope mythology is real?

So, what do you value?  What is your mindset about reality?  An easy way to tell if you have been brainwashed and programmed by the group hypnosis of organized religion is to see where you fall in the following scenario.

Suppose a person has delusions of speaking to an imaginary friend.  In that case, we send them for psychological counseling, but if a small group of people talks to the same imaginary friend, we call it a cult.  When the cult grows to several hundred, they become a religious cult.  When the religious cult can install its values into the cultural system, which affects people outside the religious cult, it becomes an accepted organized religion.

If you have an imaginary friend, you’ll likely have a lot of other fabrications you think are true.  So, if you are involved in organized religion, you will be blind to the ebb and flow patterns of life that others see.  Conspiracies will easily sway you.  You will act in opposition to scientifically proven facts.  Ergo, the example of people taking horse dewormer medication or drinking their urine to fight the COVID infection.

Does Life Happen in Cycles, Patterns, or by Chance?

You probably already know the answer to this question about life; it’s spelled out in the movie Forrest Gump.  Life is a bit of all these elements.   It’s fate and chaos, patterns and chance, all working together.  The yogic meaning of life makes the most out of what happens.

Here’s another key to understanding how you answered the question: what do you value?  Do you live expecting curses or blessings?

You believe things will work out when you have a positive attitude.  You have the perspective of seeing and attracting the good while fostering the strength to learn the lessons when things don’t go your way.  You see things as they are and how to change them.

It may not seem like the meaning of life is connected with whether we think life is working for us or against us.  The research shows that there’s a direct correlation between values and perception.  If we believe the source of the experience was positive in its intent, then we place more importance, weight, and value on the experience.

For example, if a child makes something for you as a gift, you place a high intrinsic value on it, regardless of its actual content.  It has a high emotional value because it was made with specific intent by someone we value.  This relationship explains why rich people take things for granted.  They place little value on the basics of life because they obtain them with little regard for their value.

The same applies to the meaning of our life experiences.  If you believe the intention behind something is positive, then regardless of the experience, you will view it as meaningful.

If you believe our Universe is a positive place, chances are you have either a survivor or a victor.  That means, no matter what happens, you find the lesson.  You learn from things and use your experience to make things better.   If you succeed, you remember how you got there and handled the victory.  If you fail, you learn the lesson and how not to repeat it.

You will also become more aware of synchronistic events and omens.  It will feel like the Universe has your back.  What do you think?  Does life have meaning for you?

Does it Feel Like Life is Just Happening To You?

If you believe this is how everything is, and you exist to get knocked around, then chances are you have a victim mentality.  It’s more than just a pessimistic attitude; you try to prove life is out to get you.  You remember and magnify the negative while forgetting or repressing the positive.

As a spirit having a human experience, you can choose to not merely exist but to be fully conscious and aware of living in a limited world. When you take a conscious part in life and its multitudes of choices, you won’t let life happen to you — you will make life happen for you.” — James Van Praagh

There are many good reasons to transition from victim to survivor.  But these are not enough.  You need to know how to change your thinking.  Otherwise, you will stay stuck with the mantra, life is always happening to me, and it’s terrible.

The Link Between Attitude and Success

One key frequently overlooked is the effect your attitude has on your ability to succeed.  You can say a million affirmations, but they won’t work if you have a poor attitude.  If you perceive yourself as a martyr, not a victor, affirmations will be ineffective.  You cannot use affirmations to cover up negative programming.  It will only reinforce the mindset of a victim.   Does life happen in cycles that you can’t control?  If so, this is the mindset of the victim.  Victims are unsuccessful; they get attention but rarely achieve anything significant with legitimate effort.

Yes, even if you attract great things and situations, you can miss them because you see yourself as a victim of circumstances, negating much of your positive thought and mantra.  It’s as if you are trying to overcome the fabric of life by seeking things.  Study the operation of the laws of attraction.  An abundant life isn’t about monetary wealth.  It’s about always being grateful for your current state.

Abundance is the attitude you have toward your life.  Think about that for a moment, and you’ll understand that living a fulfilling, abundant life is about your attitude, not what you have.  It’s about being alive itself, not the things or situations.

Remember that your words shape reality, which includes your self-talk.  Your experience in life is happening to you as a curse.  Many of the things you receive are because you expressed permission and invitation.  Not everything comes by invitation, but many things do.  Some of it is karma, and some of it is chaos.  Sometimes, you can tell why something happens, but it’s just a mystery most of the time.

Is Making Life Happen For You Possible?

does life happen in cycles can you make life happen for your good?

So, the bottom line here, you need to alter your philosophy.  You need to change your goal if life is not happening for you.  If the answer to the question, does life have meaning for me, is no?  Then it’s time for a change.  It’s time to make a shift in your perception.  But we must first acknowledge our current state.

Gratitude is another powerful key.  Find things to be grateful for, especially during times of turmoil.  If nothing else, but thankful for the lessons.  Then all the affirmations, mantras, and sutras will manifest what we need.  So, how do you make the change?

You’ll need to learn how to see the bright side of things.  Expect good things.  See the Universe operating on your behalf, especially when things aren’t going your way.  The Universe and your mind respond to persistence.

When does life happen in cycles?  The answer is all the time.  Synchronistic events happen more often than we realize.  We need to be open to seeing them.  Practicing gratitude helps me to see the complete picture.  This change in perspective is how making life happen for you is possible.  Sometimes we are better off not getting what we want.

It doesn’t mean being fake or ignoring losses and sadness.  It means learning to shift your perspective to see them as experiments and learning opportunities.  This helps to shift your mindset from victim to victor.  Here are three tips to change your perspective.

1) Ask yourself, what is the lesson you need to learn?  Do this, especially when in uncomfortable or harmful situations.  Be grateful for the experience of being alive.  Don’t adopt a victim mentality.  Ask yourself, is life happening to you or for you?

2) If you are using affirmations, start them all with the mantra Everything is happening for me!

3) Practice as many spiritual technologies as possible.  These processes will support your change in perspective.

Four Strategies to Get The Universe on Your Side

1) Truth Seekers Tools

Use as many methods and tools for self-development as you can find.  We list the ones we’ve found to be effective into four groups.

Here are some strategies from these tools that apply directly to our discussion.

2) Practice Gratitude

When you open your eyes to see what you have, you open your heart.  Being grateful for even the smallest things will change your attitude about life.  The more you do it, the more you’ll realize the Universe is on your side.  Remember, this is the best way to see the big picture.  Making life happen for you is about recognizing life itself is a blessing.

3) Create a Daily Learning Routine

Your mind needs exercise just like the other muscles of your body.  Make it a point to learn something every day.  The best place to do this is with language.  Pick a language and then learn one new word a day.  Set a time on your smartwatch or computer.  Do it for just 5 minutes.

Learning is an excellent exercise for the mind.  It will create new connections and develop your ability to problem-solve.

4) Create a Dream Journal

A dream journal will help you remember your dreams and, by doing so, expand the bandwidth of your memory.  It’s an easy way to bring your spiritual practice to life.  You’ll find exciting things once you begin recording your dreams and dream fragments.  You’ll find patterns and themes; it’s one way our subconscious mind sends messages.

In Conclusion

Think of living as a great spiritual experiment.  There are some interesting rules.  If you don’t know what they are, then follow this link.  Does life happen for you? ― Or is life happening to you?  Both can be equally true.  One has better benefits, and you get to choose.

Making life happen for you is a part of the sacred pathways test.  It’s all about how to handle the unexpected.   It starts by changing your perspective on what is valuable.  Ask yourself, is your life one with meaning and purpose?

“Inner-life questions are the kind everyone asks, with or without the benefit of God-talk: ‘Does my life have meaning and purpose?’ ‘Do I have gifts that the world wants and needs?’ ‘Whom and what shall I serve?’ ‘Whom and what can I trust?’ ‘How can I rise above my fears?'” — Parker Palmer


(1) Frontiers in Psychology, The Relation Between Human Values and Perceived Situation Characteristics in Everyday Life.

(2) University of Chicago Press Journals, Field Theory and Experiment in Social Psychology: Concepts and Methods.

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