One of the first questions is, “how does spiritual exploration differ from religion?”  It’s a good question. Come and find out how it differs.

How Spiritual Exploration Differs from Religion

Spiritual exploration is the use of techniques to explore and develop the mind which is a different approach than religion.  Religion is based on the belief in mythology and superstition.

The processes we use in spiritual exploration come from many ancient cultures.  These methods represent eons of practical research.  Also, we can scientifically verify these methods.

The methods we select produce consistent and repeatable results.  So, this means the process produces similar results for everyone who uses them.  Some techniques produce significant measurable changes in our physiology.  These changes include reduced heart rate and increased brainwave coherence.  Some produce brainwave patterns different from waking, dreaming, and sleeping.

Spiritual exploration differs from religion in significant ways.  Religion substitutes mythology and superstition for facts and evidence.  It’s believing in things with no credible proof and making you a paying customer.  It sells you the afterlife, prosperity, and health for a price.

Exploring consciousness has nothing to do with mythology or superstition.  It has nothing to do with belief in imaginary friends and enemies.  It’s simply about the practice of mental and physical tools to explore awareness.  So, spiritual exploration differs from religion.  You do not need to follow any religion to use them.

What Exactly are Spiritual Technologies?

The second most asked question is, what are these technologies?  They are mind-hacks that expand awareness.  Some of these processes open doors to higher states of consciousness.

These techniques have a rich history.  They come from cultures that spent considerable effort to develop these tools.

Many of us began investigating these techniques in the early 1970s.  We would go to seminars and other field research.  Then we would meet to share results.  That’s how our organization came into existence.  We followed what others like Gurdjieff had done, only didn’t need to travel the Middle East as he did.  Many of the methods he gathered are now available globally and right here in the USA.

We found some interesting similarities as we shared information on the various systems.  Many share similar preparatory and training methods.  We discovered my ancient cultures learning methods mirroring modern training methods.  They contain quality checks, use different learning styles, etc.

We found we ended up with a very efficient blended learning method.  These techniques have no barriers.  Anyone who can follow a process can use them.

We categorize them like this:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I find these tools?  Our website contains many techniques you can learn for free by reading the article.
  • How do I start my journey?  The best way to start is with a handwritten journal.  Many people start using one to record their dreams.  It’s how you begin to create your path.
  • Why should I create my own when I could just join a religion?  Joining a religion seems easier, but we think it’s a dead end.  It offers easy answers, but they are substitutes for the real ones you find when you embark on your own path.
  • Can I belong to a religion and use these processes anyway?  Yes, people use these processes to break free of organized religion.  It’s why organized religions don’t want to investigate the use of these techniques.  It’s how spiritual exploration differs from religion.

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