The Most Important Journey You Can Take Is One of Self-Discovery The Inner Quest or Your Inner Quest

The Most Important Journey is The Inner Quest or Your Inner Quest

What is your inner quest?  What are the crazy rules about this adventure?    Find the answers to these and other interesting questions about this exciting inward quest, the journey of a lifetime.

This adventure always begins with the desire to explore your inner world.  Do you hear this call to investigate the unknown?  The most important journey you can take is one of self-discovery.  Does this journey resonate with you?

What is Your Inner Quest?

This journey is an adventure into the world of consciousness, but it has nothing to do with the belief in Gods and imaginary enemies of organized religion.  This quest is about the use of processes to explore the mind.  The goal is self-development.  It’s about making you a better person, which means you will improve the world and create a positive legacy.

Is The Inner Quest Really That Important?

Life is about lessons, creating a positive shadow, and making the world better for everyone and every living thing.  The experience of life is the journey.

When we are ready, the quest calls us.  The innate desire prompts us to seek answers to the important questions about who we are, what we are, and why we are here.  This adventure begins when you answer the call.  So, what does answering the call entail?  What do I have to do?  Where do you want to go?

If you have a destination in mind, you can create a roadmap.  Let’s say you want to be enlightened.  Start with the tools that expand your awareness.   If you want to be a spiritual writer, start writing.  Or perhaps you want to be a Guru.  If that is your goal, start by helping people and learning as mantras as you can.  Maybe your goal is to learn and grow.  If that is your goal, you can start by reading the articles and learning some of the spiritual methods provided on this website.

As you travel this mystical adventure of life, unexpected things happen.  Life can make you change course.   So you’ll need to revise your plan from time to time.  You will learn the most important journey you can take is one of self-discovery.  If you ignore this opportunity, you will regret it.

The inner quest is what Joseph Campbell refers to as the hero’s journey.   He uses this term to describe the common story elements found in many spiritual traditions and even popular stories.  Several processes help us on this inward adventure called spiritual technologies.  It is a pattern that helps us make sense of the chaos of life.

This quest resonates with many people because we are creatures born to explore.  We want to be the hero of our journey.

Mr. Campbell (1)  was a literature professor at Sarah Lawrence College.  His passion was the investigation of ancient cultures, where he taught comparative religious studies.   Mr. Campbell authored many books, but his crowning achievement is the work “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” In this work, he discusses the archetypal hero at the heart of many religions and the stories that resonate.

Crazy Rules About The Inner Quest

1) The Most Important Journey You Can Take Is One of Self-Discovery

The journey begins when we answer the call.   If we listen to this voice, we are on the way.  Don’t ignore this voice and go back to sleep.  Your intuition is trying to tell you there is more to this thing called reality than being a supporter of religion or commercialism.

If you are reading this, you have already begun.  You are listening to the voice prompting you to seek the answers within your spirit and soul.  Sages tell us everyone has this desire, but not everyone follows it.  Unfortunately, some people get sidetracked by the counterfeit of organized religion, which provides spiritual junk food instead of real nutrition.  Others simply ignore the call and fall prey to the rat race of commercialism.

The blended learning process contains this same template, providing a natural progression of learning and sharing knowledge for self-development.  Mr. Campbell refers to the story of the Alchemist.  It is the story of pursuing your inner desire to explore the unknown.  It is the story of a boy who learns life’s lessons on the spiritual path.

2) What to Avoid on the Inner Quest

The second rule is to avoid becoming a follower.  Don’t join a religion; if you are already in one, find a way to get out and leave it behind.  Religion provides simple answers to make people customers.  The answers organized religion provides are counterfeits and substitutes for the true spiritual journey, which installs harmful thinking and values.  They are consciously absent any tools for fulfilling your inner quest.  However, they contain many empty promises.  For example, one of the crazy rules about religion is you’ll need to wait until after you die to cash in on the afterlife rewards.

Many people think they can fulfill this quest by following a religion, but this is not true.  Unfortunately, many regions are counterfeits for the inner journey.  You cannot find your “personal truth” following the path made by someone else.

“The process of finding the truth may not be a process by which we feel increasingly better and better.  It may be a process by which we look at things honestly, sincerely, truthfully, and that may or may not be an easy thing to do.” — Adyashanti

But today, the trend is changing.  Many people leave the big three organized religions to create a spiritual path of their design.  However, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism still control much of the cultural narrative.  There is much work to be done if we are to change how people think because these systems are counterfeits for the authentic journey.

Keep the goal of life in mind.  The most important journey you can take is one of self-discovery.  Western religion is about selling myth, not self-discovery.

Rule 3 Find Tools and Teachers for The Inner Quest

If you can relate to this call, you are ready to use spiritual exploration tools.  We believe these tools are the key to the quest.   Another one of the crazy rules about this adventure is that everyone has their own pace.  So, be sure to add self-care to your spiritual toolbox.  We all need time to normalize greater levels of awareness and assimilate new techniques.

We endorse the use of authentic tools for changing consciousness.  You can tell if they are authentic because they do not require belief in religious doctrine or superstition.  All it takes is the ability to follow a process.

Creating your own path is the only way to find authentic answers.  Keep listening to the inner voice and seek the right tools for the next steps in your journey.  You can learn many tools here on this website on your own.

These methods differ vastly from beliefs in religious mythology.  Anyone can use those methods to increase their full potential.  These tools are like ingredients for a cake.  If you follow a recipe, the result is something delicious.

These tools come from indigenous cultures around the world and have been used for generations.  Applying these tools makes the journey authentic and not just an academic understanding.  (2)  We divide these tools into four main categories:

the crazy rules about the inner quest

Rule 4 Find Like-Minded Partners

You walk your own path, but that doesn’t mean you always need to walk alone.  Finding other people on the same path, seeking the same goals, and using the same tools are important.

“The inner journey is as individual as our thumbprint. We need to guide others on their way and never impose our way upon them.” — Morton T. Kelsey

Find other people with the same goals and mindset that will allow you to learn and teach.  You will learn as much from helping others as you can by learning a new technique.  Helping others learn new methods and overcome the roadblocks you have mastered is how you become a teacher.   Learn to listen and receive feedback.  It’s part of the growth process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I follow a religion, can I use these techniques also?  From a practical standpoint, yes.  In most cases, you can, unless your religion forbids you.  Many religions like to demonize other methods to keep you a customer.
  • How should I start the inner quest?  Start with an inexpensive handwritten journal.  It’s one of the most important tools every spiritual explorer should have in their spiritual toolbox.  It’s your best coach.  Read about the spiritual technologies listed in this article.  Experiment and learn as much as you can.  Just beware of the spiritual counterfeits that try to take advantage of people.   Then find a resource close to you.
  • What is the spiritual journey called?  Some people call it the path.  Others call it the Hero’s Journey.
  • Can this quest help me find my spirituality?  Yes.  That is the goal.

In Conclusion

Are you drawn to the Inner quest?  If so, you are in the right place.  There is something here for every level of spiritual explorer, from the beginner to the advanced, and if you need help with your inner quest, contact us.


(1) Joseph Campbell & Joseph Campbell’s book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces.  

(2) Theoretical Models of Consciousness: A Scoping Review. 

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