learn how to be kind join the warriors of light champions of kindness and compassion

Learn How to Be Kind Join the Champions of Kindness and Compassion

If you can’t find a kind person, learn how to be kind and become one yourself.  Be the positive change you want to see in the world.  Join the warriors of light, and become one of the champions of kindness and compassion.

What is kindness?  It is a type of compassion, a sensitivity to the distress of others combined with the effort to do something about it.  Kindness turns out to be an almost universal trait of living things.  It’s a sign of a healthy psyche.  (1)

Why Don’t We Learn How To Be Kind?

If being kind is a good thing, why don’t we see more kindness in our culture?  During the Victorian era, the action of kindness became feminized.  Kindness was religated to the activities of motherhood.  The masculine role took on the attributes of toughness and ruthlessness.  The patriarchal hierarchy derives its power by controlling resources.  It presumes that the male is superior to the weaker, more sentimental thinking female.

Patriarchial thinking continued into the era of science.  Sigmond Freud describes female kindness as seduction.  (2)  The idea that being kind is a weakness permeates much of society, especially modern corporate culture.

Children are raised with two distinct types of role models.  The boys are taught to be tough, dominate, not show emotion, and suppress feelings considered a weakness, like love and kindness.  Girls are to be nurturing, caring, and submissive.  They are to present themselves as friendly and sensitive.  Deviations from these role typologies are dealt with using everything from peer pressure to laws.

“We must not mistake kindness for weakness. Kindness isn’t weak.  Kindness is a certain type of strength.” — Jim Rohn

We see how corporations treat people like paperclips and the environment like an endless resource.  They exploit both without consequences.  Companies have learned to say they are environmentally conscious and promote healthy workplaces.  Yet their business practices always place profit above people and the environment.

Religions are no better; rather than the bastions of peace they claim to be, they are responsible for modern-day genocides and wars.  The neverending conflict in the Middle East is a battle to prove whose imaginary friend is better.

Science tells us (3) that what we dwell upon affects our attitude.  A negative attitude makes you less likely to be empathetic or kind.  So, avoiding those things that contribute to negativity is essential.  What are the two primary sources of negative programming?

1) Extremist Propaganda often masquerades as information or legitimate news sources.  There are several such “news” outlets operating with impunity.  Here is a shortlist of some of the worst, Fox News, Breitbart.com, American Resistance, Radix Journal, Daily Stormer, VDARE.com, and The Right Stuff podcast.  If you want misinformation and unsupported conspiracy theories, this is where you get it.

2) Western organized religion.  The original purveyors of fear and insecurity with outlets on every continent created the first and most profitable recession-proof income stream.  The counterfeit spirituality they present is designed to attract and maintain a steady cash flow.  Because they operate as legitimate organizations, they set up tax-free retail outlets, which they use to brainwash and fleece the populace.

Western religion reinforces the patriarchal structure through a system of continual indoctrination based on 1st Century prejudice and bias.  It enables these religions to keep the male in positions of power, thus shutting out the authority of half of the population.  Cutting off access gives those in power the ability to strengthen their control of the cultural narrative.

When people become addicted to either of the above sources, they place themselves on a slippery slope of psychological degeneration.  Psychological degeneration causes depression, anxiety, and phobias.  What is most interesting is how this condition becomes addictive as it releases the same hormones as those addicted to scary movies or amusement park rides.  The hormones produced by fear become addictive.

It can also manifest in anti-social behaviors characterized by impulsive violent acts.  (4)  This condition is known as a “psychopathic disorder,” implying that it is indeed a mental illness, so categorized as such by the American Psychiatric Association in 1952.  (5)   Today, this condition is called “anti-social personality disorder” and is commonly found among those with a significant history of association with Western organized religious beliefs and conspiracy theories.

The link between these sources of negative programming and mental illness is apparent.  Yet, those who need to hear this message are often under the control of its hypnotic groupthink manipulation.  Therefore, they refuse to acknowledge its power or control over their thinking.  They are addicted to a rush of euphoria, similar to the skydiver or thrill seeker.

Connect to Kindness and Compassion

You can do it.  All it takes to show kindness is some effort and courage.  Instead of reacting with anger, you can learn to respond with friendliness, love, and compassion.  Yes, you can be why someone believes there are still good people in the world.

We can learn how to be kind and reverse the adverse effects in our circle of influence.  That’s right; you can learn to do it.  Each personality type has its own superpower relating to this attribute.

“It is sometimes difficult to view compassion and loving-kindness as the strengths they are.” —  Sharon Salzberg

We all have a reservoir of positivity.  Eastern cultures call the virtues of the spirit.  You can connect with this superpower in several ways.  It’s good for you because you become happier when you practice kindness.  (6)  As you practice acts of compassion, you make yourself healthier.  When you are happy or content, your blood pressure and heart rate are lower.  Your immune system is enhanced.

Join the resistance against the spread of people acting arrogant, greedy, and selfish.  Champions of kindness and compassion create positive transformations.  You can become an example of a charitable, compassionate individual, and this is what the world needs now.  We need more positive examples others can follow.

It may shock those around you.  Be aware that you’ll get some strange looks when acting with compassion.  It’s the signature behavior of the warriors of light.  Here are just some opportunities you’ll find to be kind.

    • When someone cuts you off in traffic, show kindness instead of giving the middle finger.
    • If you see someone is hunting for a parking space, give them yours.
    • Going through a toll booth, pay for the person directly behind you.
    •  Allow the elderly or someone with few items to go ahead of you at the grocery checkout.
    • Smile and say hello when walking in public spaces.  (Even if you wear a mask because your eyes still smile.)
    • Thank the public servant whenever you visit.   Tell them you appreciate what they do.
    • Thank those who work in retail establishments.  Thank them for their help.
    • Follow the advice of health experts, wear a mask, practice “safe distancing, and get a vaccine.

Negative Examples

There aren’t many assholes in the world, but it appears as though they are strategically placed, so you’ll run into them at least once a week.  Why would the Universe arrange these synchronicities?  Simple.  They are examples of what we should not become.  Instead, forgive when appropriate and become a warrior of light.

Showing kindness is also standing up to bullies.  Learn how to be kind but not be pushed around or intimidated.  When you observe injustice, speak up and act when you can.  Otherwise, your silence emboldens bullies.

Champions of Kindness and Compassion

Doing these simple things will change your attitude about life.  Warriors of light can turn difficult situations into positive ones.  Focus on kindness, and it will transform your attitude toward life.  It will make a positive impression on others.

The assholes in the world won’t be as infuriating as they have been in the past.  These simple things can change the trajectory of your life.  It will also affect the lives of everyone in your circle of influence.  You’ll become an example of someone who is making a positive impact.  Simple acts of compassion are an excellent step in developing your spiritual path.  We are, after all, spiritual beings.

Join the Warriors of Light

Be a Kind Person ― Become one of the Warriors of Light

We have unique opportunities every day.  We have the choice every day.  We can choose to be kind or react negatively.

Authentic heroes are the champions of kindness and compassion, for these are core values of the warrior of light.  Become someone who shines the light in the darkness.  It’s not always the easiest path.  But when you do, you plant positive seeds.

It doesn’t mean we should ignore those who are greedy and take advantage of others.  On the contrary, standing up for the rights of others demonstrates kindness.  Warriors shine a light on oppression and discrimination and stand up to protect all people and the planet.  Become a champion of kindness and compassion.  Stand up for those marginalized and oppressed.  Be a beacon of light against the darkness of bigotry and discrimination.

In Conclusion

Be brave and learn how to be kind.  The world needs more people who stand up for the rights of others.  We need more advocates for the health of the planet and the environment.  We need people brave enough to confront those in their circle of influence who are caught up in religious dogma and corporate collusion.  Come and join the champions of kindness and compassion.

Many people find this article was the impetus for them to go against the flow.  Please share your experience with sharing positivity in a hostile world.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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