How to Connect With Nature Retreat Tree Grounding Exercise

How to Connect With Nature Retreat Tree Grounding Exercise

Getting in touch with nature is good for your attitude, immune system, and soul.  This “how to connect with nature retreat” is simple and easy to learn and use.  You can use this tree grounding exercise even if you can’t go outdoors.

One of the main problems with our modern lifestyle is that it often cuts us off from our connection with nature.  Since we are part of the nature of this planet, it leads to the feeling of being disconnected.  When we are disconnected from nature, it has negative effects. When we are disconnected, we fail to see the value in nature and others.  So, this simple method is a way of reconnecting with nature, our source of life.

Tree Grounding Meditation Script

The process of grounding is a simple form of meditation.  This article presents a simple step-by-step process a practical meditation script you can follow that helps facilitate connecting with nature.  Suppose you don’t have access to the outdoors or trees, no problem.  You can use a picture as a focal point or materialize one in your imagination.

Since we are the most influential living beings on the planet, we are responsible for being good stewards.  We are better stewards of the Earth when we are more in touch with it.  Here’s a simple process to reconnect, to get back that feeling of being connected and grounded.

Natural Passive Health Therapy

The concept of natural passive health therapy is simple.  (1) You start with a stressed state expose yourself to the therapeutic effects of nature, especially old-growth forests.  You experience immediate relaxation and a measurable boost in the immune system functioning.  It produces measurable evidence-based improvement in mind and body.

The exercise here focuses on using the common tree as a focal point.  You can use this tree grounding meditation script from the exercise outlined below.  If you want to understand the technique deeper, we highly recommend exploring the other forms of basic meditation and mindfulness meditation.

This exercise is part of a suite of techniques known as mindfulness.  Mindfulness meditation is the basis of the Japanese Natural Health practice called “Forest Bathing  (2).”  Mindfulness meditation is the foundation of many other exercises, like the traditional forms of the Shamanic Journey.  Earthing or walking barefoot also uses this same mental technique.  Processes like this are part of natural passive health therapy.

Want to dig deeper and get better results?  Start with the basic two-step sitting meditation process.  It helps prepare you for any moving meditation technique like this exercise.  When your mind is calm, centered, it will help any grounding practice.  If you investigate the sitting and moving mindfulness meditation practices, you’ll see they mirror many of the concepts in the grounding practice in this technique.

You can use these methods to create a routine or ritual.  It’s a perfect way to boost your attitude and immune system.  Incorporate them into your health and wellness routine.  You can also use this tree grounding exercise by itself, as described below.

Many people who already practice Wicca or other nature-based belief systems can incorporate this technique into their practice.  We see similar practices in other indigenous cultures.  Chances are, this technique probably originated in pagan or pre-organized religious cultures.  The move from communing with nature worshiping indoors is how religion tries to substitute our need for connection with mythology.

How to Connect with Nature Retreat

We like to think of this process like taking a personal retreat with nature.  All you need is your intention and imagination; these are the only elements you need to make it work.  This means you can use this exercise while sitting, lying down on the ground, or standing.  Because you can do it while standing, you can do it in almost any weather condition.

Some people find it easier to do if they can touch the tree or trees.  But remember, you are using your intention and imagination.  So, you can reach out mentally.

The idea here is not to concentrate, but to allow the senses to open our awareness.  Learning to be aware of our external environment helps us become more self-aware.

“Awareness means to listen to me unfocused — alert, of course, not fallen asleep, but alert to these birds, their chirping, alert to the wind that passes through the trees, alert to everything that is happening.  Concentration excludes much, includes little.  Awareness excludes nothing, includes all.  Awareness is a state of no mind.  You are, yet you are not focused.  You are just a mirror reflecting all, echoing all; see the beauty of it and the silence and the stillness.” —  Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Osho

Although being in nature with proximity to living trees is preferred, sometimes this isn’t possible.  If you can go outdoors, that’s even better because fresh air and the natural environment are good for our overall health.  That’s one of the main reasons for using techniques like this.

If there aren’t any trees, use your favorite landscape picture as a focal point.  People in hospital beds can use this technique.

Some people find winter is one of the best times because snow also dampens any noise.  Many like to do it in the summer because they can also be barefoot.  No matter the weather or climate, nature is always reaching out to us, wanting to connect.  We are a part of the ecosystem.  This tree grounding exercise helps us synchronize and harmonize with the planet’s vibrational frequency.  It’s your personal “connect with nature retreat.”

So, before we begin, let’s summarize the background.  First, find a tree you can use as a focal point.  Reach out and touch it if you can, but it’s not mandatory.  Since we use the power of our intention and imagination, you can use any representation.  If you can’t go outdoors, use a picture.  If you don’t have pictures, then search your memory.  Find a memory with trees and use that as your springboard for this inner journey.

Tree Grounding Exercise

tree grounding meditation script

It is your personal “how to connect with nature retreat.  You will be surprised at how refreshed you are from this simple activity.

    • Find a tree for a Focal Point
    • Observe and tune in with your senses
    • Reach out physically or symbolically
    • Use your imagination, commune, and connect

Find a Tree for a Focal Point

Start by finding a suitable tree.  If you have the luxury of walking in a forest or sizeable garden, take your time.  Find one that attracts you, preferably one where you can get close to the trunk.  Find one that speaks to you.  You don’t have to touch the tree, but many prefer to do so.

As we mentioned earlier, if you cannot go outdoors, use your favorite landscape picture with trees.  In this case, the picture becomes a portal for our imagination.  Some people like to play music and close their eyes to bring the image into their minds.  They visualize walking up to and touching the tree.

Some people develop rituals around trees.  They dance and worship the life-affirming and life-giving trees.  Do whatever you feel led to do, as long as you cause no harm.

Observe and Tune In

Start by looking closely at the tree, its branches, its leaves if they are still on.  Now, follow the trunk down to its roots.  You may see some sticking up from the ground, radiating outward.  Imagine how they extend into the Earth.  You can sit or lie under the tree, looking up through the branches.

Again, if you aren’t by a tree, you can imagine it.  It is the same process used in the Shamanic Journey.  Creative visualization is a powerful tool to unlock the imaginary landscape of the mind.  We can use that power here with this tree grounding meditation script.

Listening with your inner voice, our intuition, helps us be grounded.  Connecting with nature facilitates this process.

Reach out Physically or Symbolically

Reach out and touch it.  Some people put their arms around the trunk.  If you are sitting or lying on the ground, you can feel the roots and trunk.   If you can’t touch the tree, don’t worry.  Your intent will be sufficient.  Envision yourself as part of the tree’s roots extending down into the Earth.

Contemplate the time it has taken for this tree to grow.  Think about all the weather it has endured.  You may see scars on the trunk or broken limbs.  These are symbolic of your trials and tribulations.

Use Your Imagination, Commune and Connect

Speak words from your heart.  Give thanks for providing shade and the very oxygen you breathe.  Take your time.  Stand straight like the tree and take a few deep breaths.

Visualize yourself tapping into the living energy part of the tree, part of the Earth, part of the Universe.  Enjoy the moment.  Give thanks to the oxygen the tree provides.  Last, listen and spend some quiet time.  Breathe with the tree.  Allow the mind to be calm.

Preparation for The Shamanic Journey

This tree grounding exercise is an excellent preparatory for the Shamanic Journey.  It uses the same foundation of intent and imagination.  Many indigenous cultures often have this exercise in their culture.

In Conclusion

Don’t overlook the simplicity of this exercise.  It may be simple, but it acts to calm down our overactive minds.  This “how to connect with nature retreat” really works.  You can take it with you wherever you go.  If you find this method valuable, pass it along and consider donating to our mission.  And, if you have comments, contact us.


(1) Natural Passive Health Therapy

(2) Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing)

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