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What is a spiritual warrior?  They are light warriors for truth, justice, and equality.  If this mission resonates with you, come find out how to get the tools and training you need to be victorious.

Soldiers in any army need the proper tools and training to be successful, and the same applies to spiritual warriors.  Their combat missions are confrontations where facts and evidence are the main weaponry.

Although sometimes things do escalate beyond the confines of words.  The goal is to win with words, to change lives and the planet for the better.  It’s hard to wish the best for those who flaunt their abuse of people and the planet.

What is a Spiritual Warrior?

There are more light warriors for truth than you realize.  You may be one.  They are crusaders who bring the light of facts and evidence into the darkness of false information.  So, they often find themselves in confrontational situations.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid.  Still, they find the courage to bring light where it is needed.

This mission can be challenging.  Champions of truth are not perfect.  Even the most experienced spiritual fighters make mistakes.  Confrontations that involve people with unreasonable points of reference are unpredictable.  We all need spiritual warrior training to stay ready.

“Defeat exists but not suffering.  A true warrior knows that when he loses a battle, he is improving the skill with which he wields a sword.  He will be able to fight more skillfully next time.” — Paulo Coelho

Part of the training comes from the battle itself.  You must learn to control your emotions while listening and then respond in a way without attacking them personally.  Not easy in today’s world where attacking the person rather than discussing the merits of the argument is the trend.

What is a spiritual warrior?  It is anyone to takes up the challenge to face injustice.  Everyone makes choices they later regret.  Spiritual warriors of light carry battle scars of some kind, external or internal.   Everyone has been hurt, lied to, or betrayed someone, even if it was unintentional.  This journey is not an easy undertaking.  Not everyone is called to the front lines.  However, if you find yourself in spiritual darkness, it’s an opportunity you can’t ignore.

“Every warrior of light has felt afraid of going into battle.” — Paulo Coelho (1)

Organized religion is the real enemy.  It promotes harmful sectarian ideologies.  When you ask a person who believes in Western organized religion what is a spiritual warrior?  They think you are talking about them.  They don’t realize they are the enemies of true spirituality.

As warriors, we sometimes take the wrong path.  We may even try to follow in the footsteps of one of the great Avatars or Sages.  Some spend hours toiling over and memorizing sacred texts, only to find it wastes precious time.  So, they return to the spiritual battle against superstition, mythology, religion, and sectarianism.  We fight for the truth of evidence and science.

The Enemies of Light Warriors for Truth

You’ll find the opponents to equality, equity, and sustainability almost everywhere.  They are the ones at the grocery store not wearing masks.  They deny the science of vaccines and drive their cars too fast, not wearing seat belts because they champion their individualism over the health of others.  They gather to promote their “chosen one” mentality and are motivated by the greed and fear of their leaders.

“Often, during combat, the warrior of light receives blows he was not expecting.  And he realizes that, during a war, his enemy is bound to win some of the battles.  When this happens, the warrior weeps bitter tears and rests to recover his energies a little.  But he immediately resumes the battle for his dreams.” — Paulo Coelho

It takes a while for some to realize that sages like Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammad did not find enlightenment following organized religion.  To be a warrior, you’ll need to walk a path you forge where no one else has walked.   We finally understand the stories are just examples that show us how to develop our spiritual journey.   They are examples of those who reject organized religion and walk their path.  These stories from the major religions are examples of spiritual warrior training in action.  But, the followers of these religions miss the point.

“Truth is not to be found outside.  No teacher, no scripture can give it to you.  It is inside you and if you wish to attain it, seek your own company.  Be with yourself.”  — Osho

These experiences prepare us to help others.  We walk the wrong path, suffer betrayals, and make mistakes.  We understand these are essential lessons.  It doesn’t mean we don’t feel fear.  It means we learn to face our fears and prevail despite the odds.  We need to assess our fears.  Warriors, for truth, learn to move beyond the counterfeits.

Sometimes fear helps protect us from harm, such as falling from a high place, or helps us see something dangerous.  So, our fear can help us make better choices based on reality.  We join the battle to overcome hypocrisy and inequity.

Other people see us walking a unique path.  They watch us overcome trials in our lives, encouraging others to forge their path.

Characteristics of a Spiritual Warrior

the characteristics of a spiritual warrior

There are certain traits and characteristics that warriors for truth exhibit.  These traits help them to become effective warriors without becoming disillusioned.   Some are born with these traits; most of us learn to cultivate them.  So, don’t be discouraged; it is all part of the training.  Learning your strengths and weaknesses helps you to correct deficiencies and leverage your strengths.

What is a spiritual warrior that makes them different from everyone else?  If you begin an authentic spiritual journey, you will follow in the footsteps of those who have answered the inner call.  It is the pattern that Joseph Campbell calls the Hero’s Journey (2).  Not everyone on this adventure is a full-time warrior, but if you walk the road long enough, you’ll eventually be confronted with those who are aligned with darkness.


One of the most obvious characteristics of a spiritual warrior is their authenticity.  They are genuine and truthful in their desire to become better human beings.  You can see how they spend their time and the people and organizations they support.

You can see the difference between the genuine spiritual warriors and the fakes that clutter the churches and tabernacles of sectarian religion.  Genuine spiritual warriors use and support tools for developing human potential, not the belief in imaginary friends and mythology.


To be courageous does not mean you aren’t afraid.  Showing courage in the face of great fear is another trait of light warriors for truth.


Vulnerability is one of the characteristics of a spiritual warrior that helps them to overcome the obstacles on the path.  Every warrior of light has, at least once, doubted themselves.  At some point, everyone doubts their abilities; they’re calling, but they hear a call for a higher mission in their hearts.  We all fail ourselves or others because we are not perfect.  Yet we are chosen to accomplish a worthy mission.    The search for facts and evidence makes them light workers for the truth.

Supporters of Science and Logic

One of the characteristics of a spiritual warrior is that they support science and the scientific approach to life.  Using science and logic to create policies for governing people excludes sectarian ideologies, bias, and prejudice.

“Science is the search for the truth—it is not a game in which one tries to beat his opponent, to do harm to others.  We need to have the spirit of science in international affairs, to make the conduct of international affairs the effort to find the right solution, the just solution of international problems, and not an effort by each nation to get the better of other nations, to do harm to them when it is possible.  I believe in morality, in justice, in humanitarianism.” — Linus Pauling

The need to be of service has led everyone to say ‘yes’ when they should have said ‘no.’ They deny they need time to recharge their batteries and sharpen their spiritual tools.  So, we cannot handle the burden we agreed to take, which is a failure.  We must admit we are perfectly flawed to show others they should strive to fulfill their mission.

It is why it is crucial to keep a beginner’s mindset.  We must always be willing to learn and share.  We are perfectly flawed in accomplishing our missions.  We are all created this way.  In this way, we can show love, even when we need love.  We can heal when we need healing.  We have been through all this and yet have never lost hope.  The warrior’s call to service outweighs the obstacles in our path.  We find hope and fellowship of like-minded warriors to help sustain our hope for a better future.

Light warriors for truth are champions of equality, equity, and the sustainability of the environment.  The goal of spiritual warrior training is to give you tools for making the world a better place for everyone.  This responsibility puts us in conflict with those spreading disinformation and conspiracy theories that prevent people from following the advice of informed health experts.  Their motto is facts, not fiction; evidence, not imaginary friends and enemies.

“That is what marks out the warrior: the knowledge that willpower and courage are not the same thing.  Courage can attract fear and adulation, but willpower requires patience and commitment.  Men and women with immense willpower are generally solitary types and give off a kind of coolness.  Many people mistakenly think warriors are cold when nothing could be further from the truth.” — Paulo Coelho

The calling is to confront injustice and prejudice while spreading compassion, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a battle.  It’s certainly not a straightforward task.  When you face bigotry with kindness, some see it as a weakness.  It is not a weakness; it is compassion in action.  It takes courage, and courage is a vulnerability—these are characteristics of a  spiritual warrior.

Every warrior of light needs to take care of themselves.  Self-care is one of the things that will help you recharge your spiritual and physical batteries.  Realize that you will face rejection.  People will attack your character.  Understand that you may not see the results of planting seeds.  You may never see the positive change, but you are still the catalyst.  Everyone in this battle needs to equip themselves fully.

Spiritual Warrior Training Tools of the Light Warriors for Truth

Every spiritual crusader needs to be prepared.  It would help if you had the right weapons and tactics.  You need to hone your warrior skills.  Spiritual technologies are the tools you need.  Spiritual technologies are a collection of proven methods for developing and exploring consciousness.  They help us expand awareness and unlock our gifts, making us more capable warriors.  Don’t journey the spiritual road without these implements:

In Conclusion

Do you hear the call of the light warriors for truth?  Do you lack any of the characteristics of a spiritual warrior, don’t worry; you can learn to enhance them.  The world needs more people with the courage to show light in the darkness.  The pandemic brings the darkness of ignorance to our front doors.  Sometimes, it forces us to decide who we allow into our lives and who we can invest time in to save from their darkness.


(1) Paulo Coelho, The book Warrior of the Light. 
(2) Joseph Campbell’s book The Masks of God

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