Spiritual Life Coach Certification

Are You Trying to Find a Spiritual Life Coach or A Fortune Teller?

The term “spiritual life coach” is a hot commodity. There is even a lucrative market for those who provide a certification, if you want to become one.  So, What exactly is behind this role?

It’s a good idea to seek professional advice for complex life issues.  We hire consultants for a variety of things.  For example, we go to an attorney when we want legal advice or call a plumber when we have a water leak.  So, it’s only natural to seek help for our personal development or spiritual matters. It’s why people want to find a spiritual life coach.  How about you?

How about a Fortune Teller Instead?

The right coach can help you meet your goals.  Life skills coaching isn’t new.  The hard part is finding someone that is legitimate.  It’s hard to find a credible counselor is because the field isn’t regulated, and the arena of spirituality is full of grifters.  They have learned how to market fortunetelling under other names.

Do you know what rebranding is?  It’s when you rename something to make it more appealing.  You have likely seen thing that have been rebranded but just didn’t realize it.

Are you sure you want to find a spiritual life coach?  Or you are looking for a fortune teller, or contact dead loved ones or conduct past-life therapy?  You are in luck.  These fall under the same roof.  All these methods come from the same source, the con games of Spiritualist Movement circa the 1800s. (1)  All the same psychic parlor tricks, just nice new shiny names. More about this a little later.

The tactics of Emotional Intelligence (EI) are not new.  It is just a new name for previously unacceptable practices.  The techniques of EI are what mental health professionals called psychological manipulation techniques. These are the methods used by grifters and con men to take advantage of people. These tools teach people how to deceive, coerce and manipulate others.  None of these health or ethical concerns matter. Businesses train managers to use them because they drive performance.

Spiritual Life Coach Certification?

The spiritual counseling profession is not new.  Many ancient cultures had them. They were known by names like called Seers, Soothsayers, and Shaman.

They didn’t have professional certifications.  Some Shaman are specialists in using herbal medicines. Others have counseling specialities in everything from relationships to dream interpretation. They were our first marriage and financial counselors. You found a Shaman with a good reputation in the area you needed help.

The spiritual life coach certification is a booming business, and if you complete one of these courses, it means you’ve spent money to receive someone’s authority to teach.  Wow!  The cost for these certifications ranges from $500 to 10,000 dollars.

The National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) does not recognize life coaching. Nor does it provide accreditation for any schools with this speciality, but that does not stop some from portraying themselves as credentialed wellness schools or professionals.

So they create their own credentials.   Some copy their course curriculums from legitimate clinical programs.  However, they are not certified to provide this level of training or counseling.  Most of the standard practices these coaches use are available for free on google.

The people who sell certifications like International Coaching Federation (2) say that 99% of the people found their experience as helpful, and most would use one again.  Of course, if you’ve spent $1,000 or more on something, you are more than likely to view it as worthwhile.

The success of these coaches is attributed more to their “likeability” rather than any measurable means of success.  This isn’t the first time the role of the Shaman has gone through a rebranding to make it more marketable.  The most recent example is the spiritualist movement which began in the 15th Century.

What Exactly Does a Spiritual Life Coach Do?

find a spiritual life coach or a fortune teller

How do they do what they do?  Spiritualists always do their research, and it’s much easier today because of the internet and social media.  They set up multiple social media accounts and run ads.

These con artists use the same bait they always have; they make promises.  So, they can promise they can help you find your soulmate, become rich or healthier.  They still have the same mystical products as well.  They can put you in touch with people who are deceased. And they still do past life regression and tell your future.  People trying to find a spiritual life coach or fortune teller come to them.

Then, they use the internet to do background checks.  They search your name and family history, credit, and criminal background data.  After they gather this personal data, they can sprinkle this information back to you in your counseling session. In this way, it gives the impression they have spiritual insight.  That’s how they do it.

Origins of the Modern Spiritualist Coach

The personal coach with mystical insight comes from the spiritualist movement, which has its roots in the Gypsy and Traveler cultures of Europe known as the Roma (3).  This movement was the home of traveling sideshows and circuses.

The Roma were one of the first to rebrand or rename the Shamanic Journey. They called it past life regression.

Spiritual counseling and psychic and clairvoyant powers have always been popular entertainment. The rich aristocrats made the Roma or Gypsies of Europe and the Americas rich. Everyone likes a good show. The more extravagant the showmanship, the more they could charge. The séance became one of the most popular events on the spiritual circuit.

In the 1800s, Evangelical Christians adopted the tactics and showmanship of the gypsies and Roma.  They rebranded the tactics and made millions.

The focus of the traveling gypsy shifted toward “prophetic personal counseling,” which gave the spiritualist a constant stream of cash flow from their wealthy patrons. The spiritualist established a personal relationship with the client.  Their relationship gives them access to family secrets.  They can then leverage this knowledge for their own financial gain.   People do not publicize being victim of these schemes.  It is embracing.  This works to the favor of the grifter.  With their knowledge of family and friends, they can branch out to take advantage of others.

One of the most influential life coach was a Russian holy man named Grigori Rasputin. He leveraged the fears and weaknesses of the Romanov family members.  Rasputin gained access to the ruling family by treating the son of the Emperor, Alexei, who suffered from hemophilia.  Then he used this relationship to befriend the Emperor Nicholas II. It is well known that he emboldened Nicholas II in his desire for an autocratic dictatorship. This led to pointless conflicts and wars. Historians say it was the advice of Rasputin, which led to the revolt of 1918. This led to the assassination of the Romanov family.

The internet opens new markets for selling these services.  Here is where the age-old ideas of the spiritualist find new ways to generate cash. The roles associated with the spiritual life coach found new life simply by rebranding the names of their products.  You will find people market themselves under fortune teller and various other coaching titles.

The Shaman

Shaman are the pioneers of consciousness research. It was the Shaman who developed the process of combining imagination and rhythm to enter an altered state of consciousness.   It was the Shaman who created the healthcare profession.  They pioneered counseling technique used today and pharmacology through experimentation of plants.   So, in indigenous cultures, their spiritual life coach certification was the training of a Shaman.

Indigenous cultures were very cohesive because of the depth of information they shared. Every member knew the histories of the other parties, their strengths and weaknesses. The Shaman was a part of this shared knowledge so they knew how to help the people in the group. They passed along generations of cultural knowledge. This isn’t possible today. The modern cultural narrative is fractured into multiple subcultures.

The best coach you’ll ever have is a simple paper journal.  It is the most cost-effective, honest and always available friend.  If you learn to use it regularly, your spiritual journals will be your trusted advisor.  Never take your spiritual journey without one.

Still Want to Find a Spiritual Life Coach?

Perhaps you need more guidance than your journal or close friends can provide.  If so, seek the direction of your intuition and common sense. You can learn to use the Shamanic Journey on your own.  There are many good books that can get you started. Some have a CD with drum track specifically for the journey.

Seeking a teach may lead you to a Shaman who can help you journey to find your answers.  Take your spiritual journal with you.  A good Shaman will ask if you keep one.  Take an Enneagram workshop. You’ll meet many people looking for answers, and they can help you, just like you can help them.

A reputable shaman will typically help you in exchange for a donation amount of your choice.   Whereas those who peddle their services with the title or certification of a coach can charge upward of $100 per hour.  The quality of the counseling is far better and more accurate with your journal and a Shaman.

Instead of seeking advice, find a resource that can provide you with tools.   You don’t need a spiritual life coach certification to help others.  Learn tools to explore consciousness and share them.  Learn to meditate and then help others learn how to do it.  Try the Shamanic Journey and Spirit Canoe.  Investigate your subconscious mind.  Use the Enneagram to discover how to move beyond the default settings of personality and instinct.


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