Support Those Seeking the Truth as you Reject Those Preaching Fiction as Truth

Trust Those Who Seek the Truth — Reject Those Preaching Fiction as Truth

What is different about these two groups in this picture?  How do you tell them apart?  Is one group better than the other?

The picture tells the story.  It’s a clash between science and religion.  One group seeks the truth with logic and science; the other is preaching fiction as truth.  Let’s review the top section of the image first.

Why Support Those Seeking the Truth?

The top of the picture is a group of famous scientists from the 1940s.  These are the people who create all the advances in our modern life.  The scientific process and science-based research are the basis for all the advances in our modern world.

Science uses a systematic approach based on evidence to seek the truth.  There are several branches of science, from archeology to zoology.  We support those seeking the truth using verifiable evidence.

The bottom part of the image shows officials from the Catholic Church and Nazi leaders in 1942.  They are performing the raised right-hand gesture, showing homage to Adolph Hitler.  It means “ensured victory.” The far-right and alt-right have adopted the platform of sectarian and racist ideologies of the 1940s.  We reject those preaching fiction as truth and bolstering racist agendas.

Learn to Trust Those Who Seek The Truth

Current world events show what happens when people follow right-wing conservative political and religious propaganda.  Instead of following scientific advice, an arrogant world leader removed the funding for the global pandemic team.  The pandemic teams proved effective and averted several previous biological outbreaks in the last 15 years.  When it was disbanded, it provided the perfect opportunity for the Coronavirus pandemic.

So, now we have a global event, a pandemic, that will change our society for the foreseeable future.  All because those in power rejected solid science to make a political statement.  Even though science provides proven tools to address the issue, some people reject the advice of biological and medical experts.  They refuse to be vaccinated or use face masks to help stop the spreading of the disease.

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” ― Isaac Asimov

It’s the era of having my own facts which contradict the facts.  And it’s all based on a mistrust of everything scientific.  We need to reverse this trend and trust those who seek the truth with scientific processes.  And we must reject those preaching anti-intellectualism and anti-science agendas.

“Those who seek the truth run the risk of finding it.” – Isabel Allende

Trust Those Who Seek the Truth

What is The Scientific Process?

The scientific method is a structured way of finding the truth.  It has four basic steps.

• Observation
• Measurement
• Experimentation
• Hypothesis

The formula is simple.  If you follow the steps, you get data that helps you understand what’s happening.  You can find those seeking the truth because they use this method.

Once you come up with conclusions, you start again by testing them and observing or gathering more data.  You revise your conclusions based on new evidence, which expands our knowledge.  The whole method is based on logic.  Logic is a marvelous tool that helps us make accurate decisions.

Logical Reasoning

Logic and Rational Thinking is the name of the first training module in our truth-seekers toolbox.  It teaches us to trust those who seek the truth.  We need to distinguish them from those simply trying to affirm what they believe.  It’s part of a trio of techniques to sharpen our critical thinking skills.  The second module is 10 Common Logical Fallacies, and the third is The Spiritual Axioms.

We don’t just read or study them once; we can employ these tools daily.  You’ll be surprised at how often you can apply them to help you make better decisions.  So, refresher reading is a good practice.

Consciousness Development Tools

We each hold a unique set of spiritual gifts.   Awakening is the process of these gifts and abilities sleeping in our DNA, and opening them is the central theme of many ancient cultures.  They are the pioneers of these methods.

We enjoy the fruits of their research.  They are the storehouses of powerful consciousness expansion tools.  We trust these methods because they have been tested with scientific rigor to be repeatable.

You can trust those who seek the truth with these processes.  They do not compel you to join a religion.  They are available to anyone who can follow a process.  Consciousness exploration isn’t new.  You don’t have to create new methods; use what works.  For example, Gurdjieff’s system of self-development was born out of his extensive travels and reach.

What are Spiritual Technologies?

Spiritual technologies are tools for exploring consciousness.   They are methods that unlock our full potential by opening our spiritual gifts and doors to higher states of consciousness.  These ancient technologies stand the tests of time and scientific validation.  You can rely on these methods to produce repeatable, consistent results.  They do not require faith or belief in any religious doctrine.

There are many ways to categorize these tools.  We put them in four groups.

Tools to Enhance Thinking Ability
• Different types of Moving and Seated Meditation
Techniques for Expanding the Bandwidth of Awareness
Healing Techniques and Methods

Reject Anyone Preaching Fiction As Truth

The three most popular religions by population are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, which boast over 4 billion followers.  Still, most of their followers don’t know or admit that these systems are the rebranding of mystery religions of the Mediterranean.

The scientific approach above differs from the sectarian, racist agenda of the conservative right political movement.  Let’s go back to the bottom portion of the picture.  These are people who profess to know the truth.  They are wearing the symbols of the ancient mythologies from Egypt, Babylon, Persia, and Assyria mystery religions.

They admit to the appropriation of everything from other sources in a roundabout way.  This cryptically worded admission comes from one of their internal sources and is not meant for the public.  It’s one of our favorite resources for data on the Abrahamic tradition.

Reject those Preaching False Agendas

One of the best ways to counter this thinking is to be armed with facts.  Confronting someone isn’t easy, but remaining silent gives them tacit approval of their harmful ideologies.  You must gauge your response in relation to your safety.

People will communicate these kinds of so-called conservative values in venues where they have support.  So, you are not confronting one person but a group.  The more radical their views, the more likely they are to brandish weapons of various kinds.  Don’t put yourself in jeopardy.  Instead, capture them on video.  Use the internet to disclose their harmful ideas.

If you can meet with the offender one-on-one, you can be more direct.  You are asking why they believe what they believe will reveal the origin of their aberrant programming.   Chances are they were sold their ideological position by another person who used false data or illogical arguments.  Rather than addressing their conclusion, unravel the source of their data.  All harmful ideologies are based on false assumptions, illogical arguments, or hate.

Admission of Pagan Origin

“Symbolism in a greater or lesser degree is essential to every kind of external worship.  The Church has borrowed without hesitation from the common stock of significant actions known to all periods and all nations.  In such matters as these, Christianity claims no monopoly or originality.” — The Catholic Encyclopedia and International Work, Vol. 15 (1907).”

The mission of organized religion is to keep you a paying customer.  These people claim to have the truth but are simply selling mythology and superstition.  We recommend you reject those preaching fiction as truth.   Reject any group claiming preferential treatment based on their mystical relationship with an imaginary entity.

Their assertions of truth are based on mythology, superstition, and the misuse of argumentWestern theology uses these tactics to support its contradictory doctrines.  They use these tools to sell everything afterlife benefits to racial and religious superiority.

In Conclusion

This article should prompt essential questions.  Which group do you support?  Does the content of the article trigger a negative emotional response?  It is possible, especially if you are a member of the Semitic religions.  If this is you, we recommend asking yourself if you trust those who seek the truth.  Or do you follow those preaching fiction as truth?  How do you decide who to support?

“There is an ancient Indian saying that something lives only as long as the last person who remembers it.  My people have come to trust memory over history.  Memory, like fire, is radiant and immutable, while history serves only those who seek to control it, those who douse the flame of memory in order to put out the dangerous fire of truth.  Beware these men, for they are dangerous to themselves and unwise.  Their false history is written in the blood of those who might remember and of those who seek the truth.” — Floyd Red Crow Westerman


Below, you’ll find several references that will aid you in your research:

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