Hearing the Voice of Your Intuition ― Messages from your Soul

Messages from Your Soul ― Hearing the Voice of Your Intuition

Do you want to be more in touch with your intuition?

To better hear intuition, you must exercise it regularly. Your intuition is like any other muscle in your body. If you do the proper exercises, it will become stronger and more supple. Exercising your intuitive muscle increases your trust in your inner voice, which cultivates and strengthens the connection.  This allows you to hear the messages from your soul.

Hearing the Voice of Your Intuition

Our Intuition is always turned on. It is never off.  The challenge is learning how to hear it.  We have a lot of things that get in the way of these messages.  Our hyperactive mind is one chief obstacle.  Like intuition, our active mind is also almost always in the “on” position, and that’s the problem we must overcome.

Much of the programming we get tells us we need to be constantly thinking.  We must have a purpose and entertain the mind, and we never allow ourselves to be calm. The first challenge is to silence our internal chatter.  This is the first obstacle to hearing the voice of your intuition.

Silencing Internal Chatter

How do you exercise intuition? First, you must learn to set aside the incessant internal chatter of your analytical mind and enter a state of pure consciousness (ground state, transcendental consciousness).

Many inner work tools require access below the superficial chatter of the inner critic and analytical mind. Then, reaching this state of pure consciousness.  It is significant for the absence of internal chatter.  Thus, your intuition can speak with you without interference.  The process we use for this is Japa meditation, and this is the generic version of Transcendental Meditation (TM) (1).  TM is the term coined by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (2).   

The result is a deeper awareness of intuition in waking consciousness.  This intuitive state operates outside the realm of the analytical mind. This level of awareness of where intuition is ever-present is what Jiddu Krishnamurti (3) refers to as “choice-less action.” Similarly, Zen Buddhism has at the center of its practice, learning how to act without consciously choosing. Hearing the voice of your intuition is a natural outcome of silencing the mind.

Messages from Your Soul

Experience tells us that intuition does not click on and off like a light switch. It operates more like rainwater collecting and then flowing downhill. If you watch the rain falling in a gully, at first, the ground is dry. Then, as the rain falls, you see a tiny trickle of water form and run downhill. As the rainfall increases, the water flow down the gully becomes a stream or even a river. This is how the voice of intuition can operate in our lives if we encourage this connection.

So, once we stop the internal chatter, we need to learn how to encourage our souls’ messages to come through.

Use a Sutra to Hear Your Intuition

How does one increase the flow of our intuitive awareness? We’ve found one of the best tools to increase the flow, and your ability to hear the voice of intuition is through the use of a Sutra.   A Sutra is a word or phrase you introduce while in a state of pure consciousness.

A Sutra is like a formula for the subconscious mind. When you add 2 + 2, it results in the sum of 4. The same principle applies to the Sutra with the subconscious. When we introduce the proper Sutra, then the mind can connect with pure consciousness.

The Universe is always trying to communicate with us, and a Sutra encourages this dialogue.  You can’t just use the Sutra on the active level of the mind.  First, we must learn to meditate and reach pure consciousness.  While in a state of pure consciousness, we are in contact with the power of the subconscious mind.  After we reach this subconscious level of pure awareness, one can gently introduce the proper Sutra or formula to cultivate intuition.

One Sutra for this purpose is, “find that which is hidden.” This will prompt the flow of intuition.  The Universe will answer when the question you present the question at the Universes level of vibration. This makes the messages from your soul accessible.

You will know or sense the right time to introduce the Sutra once you have reached the ground state. Do not rush your meditation practice, be patient, and allow the mind to find the spaces in between your thoughts. Then gently present your request. The resulting connection will pleasantly surprise you. The more you practice this tool, the easier it becomes. This is one way to exercise your intuition.

In Conclusion

Hearing the voice of your intuition is a refreshing conversation with the wisdom of your Soul.  Some believe that this the voice of the Universe.   The Universe is always on, never off.  So, no matter if it is your Soul or the Universe, it’s vital you learn to receive these important messages from your soul.

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