cognitive bias cheat sheet

Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet — Your Value Filter

Cognitive bias is confirmation bias is a filter of our worldview.  It tells us what is acceptable and what is not.  If it contains harmful and prejudicial programming, it diminishes the use of common sense and logic.  This cheat sheet will help you spot the signs of negative bias.

You Can Be Pro Facts and Truth But Not Anti-Religious

Be Pro Facts and Truth Not Anti-Religious

Being pro-facts and truth does not make you anti-religious.  Some religious traditions help preserve and protect the tools of consciousness development.  But, some are not.  Some are mythology and superstition.  Do you know the difference?

what is spiritual exploration

Is Spiritual Exploration in Your Future?

Many people are interested in spirituality, the mystical aspects of life.   There are two primary choices in this arena, following a religion or going on your own.   See why this latter approach we call spiritual exploration is better than joining a religion.

Learn How to Seek Out New Ideas and Grow Spiritually

How to Seek Out New Ideas and Grow Spiritually

We need people who know how to seek out new ideas to solve global problems. It’s the only way we will make the world a better place.  So, are you on the side of progressive thinking, or do you see it as an enemy of your religious beliefs?  Are you afraid to grow?