Exercise The Mind to Unlock Optimal Learning Secrets

Exercise The Mind to Unlock Optimal Learning Secrets

We know exercising the body is good for our health and wellness.  But we forget that exercising the mind is just as important.  If we exercise the mind, we open the door to the secrets of the memory and the mind.  We need these enhanced learning skills more than ever in our modern world.

Supernatural and Paranormal Activity Paranormal Beliefs

The Truth About Supernatural And Paranormal Activity

Do you believe in Angels, Aliens, Demons, or Ghosts?  What about the existence of the bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster?  Learn how our cultural narrative affects our beliefs on supernatural and paranormal activity.

Moving Beyond The Tribal Worldview to an Inclusive Worldview

From a Tribal to an Inclusive Worldview

We are in the middle of a clash between paradigms.  It’s a tug of war between ideologies.  Most people don’t recognize it because it’s been going on for so long.  Learning to recognize and handle this conflict is a necessary skill in our modern world.