Critical Thinking Skills for Our Everyday Spiritual Journey

Find out why enhancing your critical thinking skills is not just for spiritual exploration, but your everyday life.  These skills help you to avoid issues and overcome common roadblocks.

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Symbols as Psychological Principles — Fear Triggers

Words are symbols for everything.  And some symbols are links to powerful psychological triggers. That’s why you need to learn about symbols.  They affect your life.

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Virtues of the Spirit — Opening the Path

It’s hard to find teaching about the virtues of the spirit.  Our Western culture focuses on expanding, conquering and controlling.  This mindset puts the individual in a state of continual tension.  Not much room for cultivating the virtues of human nature.

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The Three Greatest Burdens

“The three greatest burdens are; regret, revenge and religion, Release yourself from these weights, and open your heart to the virtues of the spirit.”  — Guru Tua

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Already Perfect

“After all, what do you really want? Not perfection; you are already perfect. What you seek is to express in action what you are. For this, you have a body and a mind. Take them in hand and make them serve you.” — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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