How to Use Your Ego is not the enemy use ego

Learn How to Use Your Ego — Ego is Not the Enemy

The Ego is not our enemy. It’s a tool, but most people live with this mechanism turned on all the time so they confuse it for themselves.  However, the real you would like you to take off this mask and be fully present more often.  Learn how to use your Ego.

Letting Go of Life Expectations releasing the three greatest burdens in life 2022

Releasing The Three Greatest Burdens in Life 2022 —

You don’t know the weight of something until you feel the weight of its release.  What are the three greatest burdens in life 2022?  If you don’t know what they are, you may be carrying them around.  Some people carry these burdens for their entire lives.

The Symbols and Cognitive links that Trigger Fear

The Most Powerful Spiritual Symbols Trigger Fear

Symbols can be psychological triggers.  Most powerful spiritual symbols trigger fear and other powerful emotions.  They use these strong emotions used to control people, that’s why you need to learn about them.