Think You Might Be Wrong The Beginning of Freedom

Hey, Ever Think You Might Be Wrong? —

Questioning our beliefs is the beginning of freedom.  It starts by asking, “do you ever think you might be wrong?” See why you need to ask this question.

Worldviews and The Problem of Evil Philosophy

How The Problem of Evil Philosophy Infects Religion

Dualism is the cornerstone of Western religion.  This concept brings with it some flaws which need to be explained.   The Abrahamic religions use circular logic, misdirection, and denial to explain it. Let’s see if we can sort out the problem of evil philosophy. 

The Symbols and Cognitive links that Trigger Fear

The Most Powerful Spiritual Symbols Trigger Fear

The most powerful spiritual symbols are psychological triggers. They can evoke emotions like fear and anger. Some people use these triggers to manipulate people.  That’s why you need to learn about them.