The words spiritual and exploration describe the process of exploring our spiritual nature. Our soul or spirit is consciousness.   Why do we use this term to describe this process?

For many ancient cultures, exploring consciousness was a primary part of their culture.   They pioneered many of the most powerful tools for investigating the mind that we use today.

What is Spiritual Exploration?

Our consciousness is a bandwidth of awareness with limitless abilities. We think of consciousness as an attribute of the brain, but consciousness extends far beyond the physical barriers of our physical body. The Observer, experiencing our lives, is beyond the dimensions of space and time.

Using spiritual technologies opens the unique gifts we possess. These assets are locked in our DNA, waiting for us to open them. Some of them open doors to higher states of consciousness. Other tools enhance memory, learning, and observational skills.

We’ve researched and gathered the most effective. These are the tools that stand the test of time and scientific testing. We use these methods in our blended learning model to produce the best learning outcomes.  They are available to anyone who can follow a process.

Honoring The Legacy

Every era has pioneers whose pursuit of knowledge paves the way for advancements. The arena of spiritual exploration is no exception. These processes could be referred to in several ways.

You could call it the exploration of awareness or consciousness research. You could refer to it as the investigation of human potential or spirituality. How about a survey of the parameters’ perception or studying methods of cognition?

The pioneers who developed these methods used spiritual vocabulary to describe these tools. So, we want to honor the legacy of these tools and those who dedicated their lives to developing them. We preserve the knowledge of these techniques to keep them intact.  Calling it spiritual exploration highlights the ultimate goal of these spiritual technologies.

This process is what Joseph Campbell refers to as the Hero’s Journey. It’s our innate desire to explore the unknown. Want to participate in a virtual learning event where you can learn these tools to build your path? Check out our learning options. Donate to our cause, and we’ll send you the link to your chosen live virtual learning event.

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