Examples Of Analytical Thinking Illogical Thinking

Practical Examples of Analytical Thinking and Illogical Thinking

The framework of spiritual exploration might seem to be an odd place for the study of logic and rational thinking. However, these mental skills are essential.   Let’s look at examples of analytical thinking and illogical thinking.  The goal make better decisions by avoiding common pitfalls and errors.

Doubting our cultural narrative national folklore the starting point to freedom

Doubting Our Cultural Narrative and National Folklore

Our national folklore is a powerful element shaping our thoughts and values.  But, most people are so immersed in propaganda that they don’t see it.  Freedom begins by doubting our cultural narrative.  Learn why this is healthy and how you can benefit from it.

using good judgment your value filter system and cognitive bias cheat sheet

Using Good Judgment — The Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet

Most people believe they use sound judgment in their decision-making. What are sound judgments?  How do you know if your value filter system is healthy or unhealthy? Can you tell if cognitive bias and prejudice are corrupting your thinking and values? We have a simple process to find out the answers to these questions.