logic and rational thinking skills training logic and rational knowledge

Free Logic and Rational Thinking Skills Training

The framework of spiritual exploration would seem to be an odd place for logical and rational thinking skills training.  However, these are precisely the critical thinking skills that are essential for our spiritual journey.

cognitive bias cheat sheet

Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet — Your Value Filter

Cognitive bias is confirmation bias is a filter of our worldview.  It tells us what is acceptable and what is not.  If it contains harmful and prejudicial programming, it diminishes the use of common sense and logic.  This cheat sheet will help you spot the signs of negative bias.

The Starting Point to Freedom is Doubting Our Cultural Narrative and National Folklore

Doubting Our Cultural Narrative and National Folklore

Our national folklore is a powerful element shaping our thoughts and values. But, unfortunately, each society is so immersed in their propaganda that they don’t see it. Freedom starts with doubting our cultural narrative.  Learn how to do it.

mythology presented as fact 3 facts about myths vs facts

3 Facts About Myths You Need to Know

We are all fighting the war for the mind of humanity.  There are 3 facts about myths you need to know to support reason and science and overcome mythology presented as fact.