The Inverse Relationship of Faith and Reason

The Inverse Relationship of Faith and Reason —

The inverse relationship of faith and reason is a disturbing but predictable finding.  The more you rely on belief, the less you use rational thinking processes. Scary, isn’t it.  Find out how you can minimize the effects of this condition.

The Truth-Seekers Axioms Spiritual Axioms How to Know the Truth

Spiritual Axioms — You Can Know the Truth

We want to know the truth.  Most people think they are too smart to fall for propaganda. However, we are all susceptible to cultural programming.  So, here are some truth-seeker “axioms” that will help you distinguish fact from fiction.  They don’t require any advanced mathematics or philosophy.

logic and rational thinking skills training logic and rational knowledge

Free Logic and Rational Thinking Skills Training

The framework of spiritual exploration would seem to be an odd place for studying logic and rational thinking. Still, these kinds of critical thinking skills are essential for our spiritual journey.

Spotting Logical Fallacies Logical Fallacy Slippery Slope

The Best Tools For Spotting Logical Fallacies

Learning to avoid the “logical fallacy slippery slope” is the best way to guard against being manipulated.  We have compiled a set of the most common fallacies.  Once you can spot these tactics, then you won’t fall into their trap.