How to Balance Head and Heart Integrate and Restore the balance between Head and Heart Ego Soul and Self

How to Balance Head and Heart Restore the Balance Between Ego Soul and Self

If we learn how to balance head and heart, we achieve our life’s true potential. It requires restoring ego, soul, and self to their natural healthy states without the harmful programming of religious bias and prejudice. If you want a healthy life, relationships, and community, you must achieve this balance.

Enlightenment Versus Enchantment Being Enlightened is Lonely But Being Enchanted is Foolish

Being Enlightened is Lonely but Being Enchanted is Foolish

Awareness is a state that runs on a continuum, with enlightenment at the top and enchantment at the bottom. Sadly, there are a lot more people at the bottom than at the top. So they say being enlightened is lonely, whereas being enchanted is being surrounded by fools.