What is a whole health goal maximizing your health

Whole Health Goal ― Maximizing Your Health

When we think of health and wellness, we think about the body, but a holistic approach includes our mental and spiritual health as well.  See how to create realistic plans and goals of a robust wellness plan.

Do You Only Have Two Choices Are There Only Two Possible Answers

You Only Have Two Choices And Both Are Scary

When you only have two choices and both have terrifying implications, which one do you pick?  Do you look for a third option? Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not.  Which terrifying option is your choice? Is there another option?

integrate ego soul and self how to balance head and heart

How to Balance Head and Heart — Ego Soul and Self

Learning how to balance head and heart is the process of integration involving Ego, soul, and self.  This is one of the primary goals of spiritual development. It makes mindfulness and presence a part of your routine mindset.  You can learn how to do it.

How to Use Your Ego is not the enemy use ego

Learn How to Use Your Ego — Ego is Not the Enemy

The Ego is not our enemy. It’s a tool, but most people live with this mechanism turned on all the time so they confuse it for themselves.  However, the real you would like you to take off this mask and be fully present more often.  Learn how to use your Ego.

13 Month Lunar Calendar — 13 Phases Of The Moon

Time for a 13 Month Lunar Calendar — 13 Phases Of The Moon

In times past, many cultures use a 13 month lunar calendar, rather than the twelve months.  Perhaps it’s time for the world to consider a calendar based on our closest celestial satellite rather than one based on the mythology of the Zodiac?   Learn why it makes sense.