Who Profits From The Creation of Evil and the Problem of Evil

Who Profits From The Creation of Evil?

An evil entity or devil is a cornerstone concept for belief systems with a dualistic framework.  It presents some theological issues that require circular logic and misdirection to compensate.  Examine the problems with the creation of an evil protagonist.

Dualism Seeing Things In Black and White

Dualism — Seeing Things In Black and White

Seeing the world as black or white, good or evil, reflects bias, not the truth.  It’s all the different colors that contain the profound truths of life you seek.  Come and see.

New Age Versus Old Time Religion or Old-Time Religion

New Age Versus Old-Time Religion

What is “old-time” religion, and how does it differ from the New Age philosophy?  Perhaps they are not as far apart as our culture would have us believe?

loving and fearing the unknown paranormal and supernatural

Loving And Fearing The Unknown —

Are you drawn to the paranormal and supernatural but also fear it? This love and fear relationship is a part of our instincts.  Understanding how this works helps us to control this automatic reaction.

Themis the god of justice Programmed to Judge with Negative Bias and Prejudice

How Are You Being Programmed to Judge?

We are programmed to judge, but we are not like Themis, the Greek Goddess of Justice. Themis wears a blindfold symbolizing unbiased thinking as a symbol of blind justice.  Our programming is much different.