New Age Versus Old Time Religion or Old-Time Religion

New Age Versus Old-Time Religion

What is “old-time” religion, and how does it differ from the New Age philosophy?  Perhaps they are not as far apart as our culture would have us believe?

Worldviews and The Problem of Evil Philosophy

The Problem of Evil Philosophy Infects Religion —

The dualistic godhead is the cornerstone concept for Western religion.  But, this kind of theology creates several issues that require circular logic and misdirection to compensate.  See if you can sort out the problem of evil philosophy in Abrahamic religions.

Culture is a Mass Hallucination

Guess What? Your Culture is a Mass Hallucination ―

An oppressive culture is like a dark tunnel.  When you look into a tunnel, all you see is darkness.  You only see the light when you turn around and face outward.  Want to find out why your culture is a mass hallucination?

loving and fearing the unknown paranormal and supernatural

Loving And Fearing The Unknown —

Are you drawn to the paranormal and supernatural but also fear it? This love and fear relationship is a part of our instincts.  Understanding how this works helps us to control this automatic reaction.