The practice of the processes for expanding awareness and investigating other states of consciousness is what we call “Spiritual Exploration.”

Spiritual Exploration

It’s important to understand that the procedures of spiritual exploration are the product of generations of practical research.  These methods have ancient roots and come from cultures around the globe. We are here to provide a safe forum to transfer this valuable knowledge. Learning these processes enables you to develop your own path.  These proven processes facilitate the safe investigation of awareness and consciousness.  We call these methods, “spiritual technologies.”

To make things easier to talk about, we can divide these spiritual technologies into five categories.  This is just one way to categorize them.  Some of these ancient technologies could be included in more than one category. Here are the five categories:

  1. progressions of seated meditation from techniques of mindfulness through the use of Japa meditation and Sutras Patañjali (Siddhis)
  2. progressions of moving meditation and energy collection (Qigong, Tai Chi)
  3. several natural healing modalities (Reiki, Shiatsu, Pejut, etc.)
  4. analytical tools to understand the psyche, the Enneagram Personality Profile and critical thinking – inductive and deductive logic
  5. awareness expanding progressions including Lucid Dreaming and the Shamanic Journey

We teach all these above “spiritual technologies” in a blended learning process.  Follow the link to find out more about this unique process. Additionally, we now offer this same process in a virtual learning form.  Check out the Learning options available for this online training.  Donate to our cause and we’ll send you the link to the live virtual learning event of your choice.