Inspired Living This is Living In Spirit

Inspired Living — This is Living In Spirit

To be inspired means to dwell in your spirit. It is our natural state.  So why is it so hard to live in this space?  Find out how you can learn to “live in spirit” instead of from the Ego.  If you can do this, it will change your life.

Watching the Thinker Freedom Starts with You

Watching the Thinker — True Freedom Starts with You

Some sages say true freedom is learning to observe the active mind, the “thinking machine,” the Observer.  Others say to be free; we must reject the cultural narrative.  Which approach is better? Are they two different things or just different methods?

Exploring Memories ― What We Value and What We Fear

Exploring Memories To Understand What We Value

“Sometimes we don’t know the value of the moment… until it is a memory. Exploring our memories and the emotions attached to them is key to finding out what we value, and what we fear.” ― Guru Tua

Spiritual Life Coach Certification

Trying to Find a Spiritual Life Coach? —

The term “spiritual life coach” is a new hot commodity.  There’s also a lucrative market for those who provide a certification to provide this service.  What’s behind this role?