Faith Like a Spider Web spiritual spider web

Is Your Faith Like a Spider Web? —

Beware of the three main spiritual spider webs, religion, commercialism and the Ego.  They are counterfeits, forgeries, and substitutions, and they all come from the same source.  Do you what it is?  Do you know how to avoid it?

The Great Spiritual Experiment

What is The Great Spiritual Experiment? ―

What is the great spiritual experiment? Well, it’s a quest or odyssey conducted within a holographic universe.  It would be a good idea to learn the rules since you are already taking part in this experiment.

Select a Religion Like Buying A Hat

Why Smart People Select A Religion Like Buying A Hat

If you can select a religion and choose your spiritual path, that is a privilege many do not have.  Choosing the right approach is like buying a hat; it needs to fit.  We have questions to help you in this process if you can choose.