Moving Beyond the Veil of Faith and Ignorance the fears we don't face

Moving Beyond the Veil of Faith and Ignorance

Faith and belief are the basis of religious insanity.  They use these as tools to install harmful values and judgments which prevent us from finding solutions to our global problems.   Moving beyond the veil of faith and ignorance is the only way to solve these issues.

Learning How To Practice The Art of Living

Do You Practice The Art of Living? —

Lawyers practice law.  Doctors practice medicine.  They never claim to be perfect.  Learn to do the same.  Learn to practice living.  What does the art of living mean? Can I learn how to do it?

The Practice of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation the fourth state of consciousness

The Beauty of Sahaj Samadhi The 4th State of Consciousness

The world needs more people who bathe their minds in the partition of awareness we know today as the fourth state of consciousness, the state of Sahaj Samādhi.  Entering this mental sanctuary provides health benefits for yourself and the world.  Are you interested?