Supernatural and Paranormal Activity Paranormal Beliefs

The Truth About Supernatural And Paranormal Activity

Do you believe in Angels, Aliens, Demons, or Ghosts?  What about the existence of the bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster?  Learn how our cultural narrative affects our beliefs on supernatural and paranormal activity.

Strengthen The Spiritual Energy Between Two People

Strengthen The Spiritual Energy Between Two People —

We are living energy vibration.  And this vibration has a name; we call it soul or spirit.  Enhancing the spiritual energy between two people is a part of our mental and physical health.  When we isolate, we cut off this energy, learn how to build it.  You can do it.

The Truth Seekers Guide a Catalog of Mantras and Sutras The Tools of Consciousness

The Truth Seekers Guide A Catalog of Mantras and Sutras

Mantras of the Indian Sanskrit language are energy-based sound formulas. Here is what we call “the truth seekers guide.”  It’s a catalog of mantras containing those which are the most potent and easiest to use.    Learn how this ancient spiritual technology can benefit your life.

Brief History of The Craft and Magic A Search for the Magic

A Brief History of The Craft and Magic

The terms “the craft” and “magic” are still considered off-bounds, evil, and taboo in many cultures.  Where does this negative judgment originate? 

Sigil Magick ― Ritualistic Magic

Learn How To Use Sigil Magick Symbols

A Sigil is a form of hieroglyphic writing that blends creativity, calligraphy, and ceremonial magic.  Some add a dash of runes and some Hermetic magic.  Learn how you can use these symbols to enhance your spiritual practice.