What is The Common Ground of Common Sense and Logic What is The Answer

What Is The Common Ground — Common Sense And Logic?

What is the common ground?  These are the shared opinions about a subject.  Finding these common interests makes it possible to discuss other topics with less friction.  If you learn how to do this, then you can influence others more effectively.  Come and see how it can be done.

Clash of Paradigms The Inclusive Worldview vs A Tribal Worldview

Clash of Paradigms The Inclusive Worldview vs a Tribal Worldview

We are living in the middle of a clash of paradigms.  It’s a tug of war between ideologies.  Most people don’t see it because it’s been going on for so long.  However, learning to recognize and handle this conflict is a necessary skill in our modern world.

integrate ego soul and self how to balance head and heart

How to Balance Head and Heart — Ego Soul and Self

Learning how to balance head and heart is the process of integration involving Ego, soul, and self.  This is one of the primary goals of spiritual development. It makes mindfulness and presence a part of your routine mindset.  You can learn how to do it.

The Inverse Relationship of Faith and Reason

The Inverse Relationship of Faith and Reason —

The inverse relationship of faith and reason is a disturbing but predictable finding.  The more you rely on belief, the less you use rational thinking processes.  Scary, isn’t it?  Find out how you can minimize the effects of this condition.

Examples Of Analytical Thinking Illogical Thinking

Practical Examples of Analytical Thinking and Illogical Thinking

The framework of spiritual exploration might seem to be an odd place for the study of logic and rational thinking. However, these mental skills are essential.   Let’s look at examples of analytical thinking and illogical thinking.  The goal make better decisions by avoiding common pitfalls and errors.

Substitute for Common Sense and Logic or common sense versus intuition

What Else Can Substitute for Common Sense?

We seek breakthroughs of insight to solve problems.  We can use reason and logic to find the answer, but sometimes the answers appear because of an intuitive leap.  Does intuition complement, or is it a substitute for common sense?