create a vision board notebook key to picturing life beautiful

See Why You Should Create A Vision Board Notebook —

Create an image in your mind, picture the life you want, document it, speak positive words, then allow the Universe to do its thing.  When you create a vision board notebook, you put the focus on all of these things.  This formula is the essence of the law of attraction.

The Truth Seekers Guide a Catalog of Mantras and Sutras The Tools of Consciousness

The Truth Seekers Guide A Catalog of Mantras and Sutras

Mantras of the Indian Sanskrit language are energy-based sound formulas. Here is what we call “the truth seekers guide.”  It’s a catalog of mantras containing those which are the most potent and easiest to use.    Learn how this ancient spiritual technology can benefit your life.

curious paradox words can change the world words shape reality words are spells

Curious Paradox — Words Can Change The World

Our thoughts and words are powerful tools for shaping reality.  Shamanic tradition recognizes words as tools for shaping our world.  If words can change the world, why isn’t the world a just and equal place for everyone and everything?