Important Life Lessons ― Stepping Stones to Wisdom

Creating lasting value in your life is about developing wisdom.  Many believe the path to wisdom is found by mastering important life lessons.

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Benefits of Meditation ― Gateway to Spiritual Exploration

You’ve probably heard that meditation is good for your health.  Fact is, the right type of meditation can open doors to a number of health benefits.  Because of this, many are learning a specific type of meditation to obtain these gifts.  So, read how you can make these health benefits a part of your own wellness program.

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Balancing Your Health and Wellbeing

Balancing your health and wellbeing while shacked with the weight of cultural and economic expectations is exhausting. As a result, many people suffer from depression, anxiety and lack of inspiration. There are five practical things you can do which will provide relief in just a week. Continue reading “Balancing Your Health and Wellbeing”

Side Effects of Awakening — The Growth of Awareness

A true awakening opens our heart and our mind.  There are some intended and unintended consequences.  These are side effects that in some cases are irreversible.

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Nine Elements of a Healthy Spiritual Practice

This is a visual aid showing the nine elements that make up a well-rounded spiritual practice. Not coincidently, these elements are also the foundation of a well-balanced health and wellness program. So, spiritual practice and wellness go hand-in-hand.

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Experience isn’t a measure of Truth

“What you experience isn’t a measure of truth.  Your experience is the sum of your expectations less the health of your awareness and level of consciousness.” ― Guru Tua

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