Your Advanced Guide to Forest Bathing or forest bathing guide

Your Complete Forest Bathing Guide —

Forest bathing is a process that combines mindfulness meditation with nature.  It is an easy process to connect us with nature and unlock its healing properties.

Who Profits From The Creation of Evil and the Problem of Evil

Who Profits From The Creation of Evil?

An evil entity or devil is a cornerstone concept for belief systems with a dualistic framework.  It presents some theological issues that require circular logic and misdirection to compensate.  Examine the problems with the creation of an evil protagonist.

Intelligence Is No Match For Self Hypnosis

Intelligence Is No Match For Group Hypnosis

Everyone believes they are too smart to be swindled and manipulated into thinking or doing something.  But, even the smartest people are no match for the hypnotic power of mind control techniques.  You may be a victim of tactics and not realize it.  Want to find out?

Exploring Memories ― What We Value and What We Fear

Exploring Memories To Understand What We Value

“Sometimes we don’t know the value of the moment… until it is a memory. Exploring our memories and the emotions attached to them is key to finding out what we value, and what we fear.” ― Guru Tua