an empath definition empath test

Does the Empath Definition Fit You? — An Empath Test

Psychologists say that one in five identifies as someone that senses the emotional state of others. We’ve put together answers to the common questions about this subject.  Find out if you are one and what you can do to make life easier with this gift.

The Symbols and Cognitive links that Trigger Fear

The Most Powerful Spiritual Symbols Trigger Fear

Some symbols are powerful psychological triggers.  The most powerful spiritual symbols are the tools religions use to trigger fear and anger.  They use these strong emotions to control people.  That’s why you need to learn about them.

Live with Intention Move Beyond Your Limits

Live with Intention — Move Beyond Your Limits

When we live with intention, we are mindful and present, and this is the goal.  Conscious intent makes you aware and mindful.  Mindfulness is the key that helps you move beyond your limits.   To do this, we need the right tools.

integrate ego soul and self how to balance head and heart

How to Balance Ego Soul and Self

Balancing Ego, soul, and self is one of the primary goals of spiritual development. It makes mindfulness and presence a part of your routine mindset.  You can learn how to do it.