Symbols as Psychological Principles — Fear Triggers

Words are symbols for everything.  And some symbols are links to powerful psychological triggers. That’s why you need to learn about symbols.  They affect your life.

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Living out of Intent instead of Habit — Moving Beyond Ego

Living out of intent rather than habit is the goal.  Living with conscious intent will benefit our lives in many ways.  But, to do this we need to deal with any bad habits.  We can do this with the right tools.

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Virtues of the Spirit — Opening the Path

It’s hard to find teaching about the virtues of the spirit.  Our Western culture focuses on expanding, conquering and controlling.  This mindset puts the individual in a state of continual tension.  Not much room for cultivating the virtues of human nature.

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Ego Is Not Your Enemy

Ego as a Tool

If you are like most people, you probably identify with your Ego as “you.”  But, is this a correct assumption?  Maybe not…  What if there are other options for thinking, other vistas of perception within your reach.  Maybe Ego is just a mask, and all you need to do is find a way to unmask the real you.

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