True Freedom Starts with Observing the Thinker

True Freedom Starts with Observing the Thinker

Some sages say the beginning of freedom is learning to observe the active mind, the “thinking machine,” as separate from the Observer.  Others say to be free; we must reject the cultural narrative. What do you think?

Learn How to Use Ego

Learn To Use Ego — Remove Your Mask

If you are like most people, you think you are your Ego.  Is this a correct assumption? The Ego is just a mask.  The real you would like you to take off this facade and be fully present.

The Mind is a Garden of intention What are you Planting

The Mind is a Garden ― What are you Planting?

We create and experience everything in our minds.  It is a garden where life grows, but most people don’t produce what they want.  Learn how to fix the soil and plant seeds that yield what you want.

The Real Magic Take Back the Wheel

The Real Magic — Take Back the Wheel!

The moment you take the steering wheel, that’s when the magic begins.  It’s like magic when you become the driver of your consciousness instead of the passenger.

Moving Beyond Your Limits of Victim and Surviror Learning to Thrive

Moving Beyond Your Limits — Learning to Thrive

A victim mindset is unhealthy for you and everyone in your life.  The transition from victim to survivor is a big step. It takes a lot of inner work.   But it’s worth the effort.  However, the goal is not just surviving. It’s learning how to thrive.

The Enneagram of Personality Shining a Light on Ego Personality and Instinct

The Enneagram ― Shining A Light On Ego

This cognitive science tool shines a light on the “mechanisms of the mind,” our Personality and Instincts.  Find out how you can use it to create positive change.