Watching the Thinker Freedom Starts with You

Watching the Thinker — True Freedom Starts with You

Some sages say true freedom is learning to observe the active mind, the “thinking machine,” the Observer.  Others say to be free, we must reject the cultural narrative.  Both agree freedom starts with you.  Which approach is better? Are they two different things or just different methods?

Perception is Power But Perception is not Reality its an individually crafted fiction What Factors Affect our Perception

Perception is Power But Perception is not Reality

What we perceive, we think, is true.  But, our view of reality is an individually crafted fiction.  Perception is not reality, it’s a product of the mind.  Learn about the factors that affect our perception and take control of our minds.

How to Use Your Ego is not the enemy use ego

Please Learn How to Use Your Ego —

If you are like most people, you think you are your Ego.  However, this is an incorrect assessment. The Ego is just a mask.  The real you would like you to take off this facade and be fully present.  Learn how to use your Ego.

the mind is like a garden what are you growing you mind is a garden the mind is a garden

If The Mind is Like a Garden ― What Are You Growing?

We create and experience everything in our minds.  So, if the mind is like a garden, what are we planting?  Is that why people don’t produce what they want.  Learn how to fix the soil and plant seeds that yield the harvest you desire.

The Repeating Question Your Inner Work Tool

The Repeating Question ― Your Inner Work Tool

This technique is a powerful tool for self-discovery.   Every serious explorer needs this for their spiritual toolbox.  See how you can use it to enhance several spiritual exploration tools.

The Real Magic Take Back the Wheel

The Real Magic — Take Back the Wheel!

The moment you take the steering wheel, that’s when the real magic begins.  It’s like magic when you become the driver of your consciousness instead of the passenger.

Moving Beyond Your Limits of Victim and Surviror Learning to Thrive

Moving Beyond Your Limits — Learning to Thrive

Moving beyond your limits is worth the effort.  The transition from victim to survivor is a big step. However, the goal is not just surviving, it’s learning to thrive. Are you ready for this journey?