the mind is like a garden what are you growing you mind is a garden the mind is a garden

If The Mind is Like a Garden ― What Are You Growing?

We create everything we experience in our minds.  So, if the mind is like a garden, what are you growing?  Is that why people don’t produce what they want?  Learn how to fix the soil and plant seeds that yield the harvest you desire.

are you an empath do you fit the empath definition want an empath test

Does the Empath Definition Fit You? — An Empath Test

Psychologists say that one in five identifies as someone that senses the emotional state of others. We’ve put together answers to the common questions about this subject.  Find out if you are one and what you can do to make life easier with this gift.

Live with Intention Move Beyond Your Limits

How to Live with Intention — Move Beyond Your Limits

When we live with intent, we are mindful and present, and this is the goal.  Conscious intent makes you aware and mindful.  Mindfulness is the key that helps you move beyond your limits.   You can learn how to live with intention, all you need are the right tools.  Are you ready to begin?

integrate ego soul and self how to balance head and heart

How to Balance Head and Heart — Ego Soul and Self

Learning how to balance head and heart is the process of integration involving Ego, soul, and self.  This is one of the primary goals of spiritual development. It makes mindfulness and presence a part of your routine mindset.  You can learn how to do it.

How to Use Your Ego is not the enemy use ego

Learn How to Use Your Ego — Ego is Not the Enemy

The Ego is not our enemy. It’s a tool, but most people live with this mechanism turned on all the time so they confuse it for themselves.  However, the real you would like you to take off this mask and be fully present more often.  Learn how to use your Ego.